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See through white trousers with no knickers....

80 replies

fastasleep · 12/07/2005 18:37

Or a really bright g-string showing through - is it just Liverpool?

(can't help but look..)

OP posts:
Tissy · 12/07/2005 19:29

exactly, vyy. Beige (or "nude" if you prefer) underwear is far nicer under white clothes, as it really becomes invisible. Sorry to be boring np.

Tissy · 12/07/2005 19:30

sorry, actually meant fastasleep!

spidermama · 12/07/2005 19:39

Am I alone in finding thongs disgusting? I can't help being preoccupied that someone has chosen to put a thin bit of underwear up their very crack. Eugh!

I wouldn't want to be doing the laundry for thong wearers.

Tortington · 12/07/2005 19:40

i am emploed as a thong washer - theres nothing wrong with it

spidermama · 12/07/2005 19:41

Maybe you're more comfortable around other people's cracks than I. Call me prudish ...

Whizzz · 12/07/2005 19:42


giraffeski · 12/07/2005 19:42

Message withdrawn

spidermama · 12/07/2005 19:44

I'm wearing white trousers with white knickers but, crucially, a top which goes right over my bum.

compo · 12/07/2005 19:44

agree Giraffeski. White trousers don't look good unless you're a model. Only good quality ones aren't see through. And they're a pain to wash. Don't know why people buy them

starlover · 12/07/2005 19:44

i actually wore white trousers when i was pregnant. no idea why...

compo · 12/07/2005 19:45

hope you burnt them starlover!!

starlover · 12/07/2005 19:46

gave them away... i really don't know what posessed me to buy them... especially when pg!!!

WideWebWitch · 12/07/2005 19:46


Hermione1 · 12/07/2005 19:47

Oh god, saw this young girl, and don't mean any disrespect to her for this, but she was a big girl should i say, i am myself. but she had these white trousers on a a g-string and she had a cellutite bottom it looked awful.

Tortington · 12/07/2005 19:50

be proud of your fat pimples i say!

nailpolish · 13/07/2005 09:27

hi spidermama, no, dd1 is not 3 yet

Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 09:29

Why wear see through white trousers anyway???

Only wear white gypsie skirt if its lined.

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:31

Lots of girls around here seem to like wearing say a bright blue top, bright blue bobble, and then a matching bright blue thong/g-string clearly showing under their see through's some kind of trend...

OP posts:
Nbg · 13/07/2005 09:34

This thread has made me pmsl!

I've bought a load of them seamless boy short things from M&S and they're great.

But I have to say I like me thongs!

Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 09:35

Oooh - matching tackiness!!!

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:40

Yes 'scallies' are all like that, but it's so much fun to try and spot the non matching ones!..Ahem

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 09:42

I wanna come visit now

They are all in the trackie bottoms round here... no knickers showing at all, or teeny tiny denim skirts.

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:43

They wear velur trackies too, with mathcing lurid thongs poking out of the top...I like to count the matching bits on lazy days in the park...

OP posts:
fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:43

Typing's gone to pot. Melting fingers..

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 09:45

Do they not get hot in the trackies?? I'm normally in floaty skirts to keep cool, and it just seems too hot for em!

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