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Have you found your signature fragrance?

50 replies

cupcakes · 25/06/2005 15:53

I'm still looking.

If you have found the one have you been wearing it for years? I tend to get bored after a year/ one bottle and want a change. But maybe I haven't found the 'one' yet.
Am currently using...
Stella McCartney Rose Amber
Paul Smith Woman
Ralph Lauren Glamourous

I would like to find something unusual (ie that you can't find at Boots) but don't have the time to go hunting.

So, what do you all wear?

OP posts:

beetroot · 25/06/2005 15:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

charleepeters · 25/06/2005 15:55

i wear Este Lauder - beyond paradise its lush i love it its the only one i wear. and the bottles really pretty to!


jessicasmummy · 25/06/2005 16:01



charleepeters · 25/06/2005 16:02

Oh also avons 'little black dress' is dp's fave drives him wild


MistressMary · 25/06/2005 16:04

Anything I get as a pressie really.
Bit past the make up and perfume stage now.
Feeling decidely dowdy now.


MrsGordonRamsay · 25/06/2005 16:06


Eau de stress monkey


wheresmyfroggy · 25/06/2005 16:07

Lockets wears Armani she.


cupcakes · 25/06/2005 16:13

Who is it that wears Lynx Africa? - my dh has always worn it and I love it. Never smelt it on a woman tho.

OP posts:

happymerryberries · 25/06/2005 16:13

At the moment mine is bleach!!!!!


NomDePlume · 25/06/2005 16:13

DH bought me a bottle of armani she for mothers day. Almost out now though . I wear either Chanel Allure or Gucci's original eau de parfum for nights out. Gagging to try the jo malone ones, but am yet to drag my lazy carcass to Selfridges to try them out....


NomDePlume · 25/06/2005 16:14

I hate the smell of Lynx, makes me retch. It reminds me of high school boyfriends with cans of the stuff on their school uniform !


happymerryberries · 25/06/2005 16:16

Acturall wear Chanel no 5, Elixir or Eeau Dynamisante


cupcakes · 25/06/2005 16:27

Ah see, I didn't have a bf in High School so I only associate it with dh

OP posts:

oooggs · 25/06/2005 16:36

I wear 'Define' by Next and I love it (so does DH )


sammac · 25/06/2005 16:40

Another fan oF Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Have others that I like, but that is the one!


lunachic · 25/06/2005 16:56

been using kenzo flower during day as dp likes florals but its not great in summer for attracting wasps !
prefer oriental/floral myself anyone know a nice oriental type floral fragrance thats light enough for daytime use ?
havent got night scent at the mo cause i hardly get out
also like clarins eau dynamisante and issay miyake
anyone have the ghost perfume i suspect thats nice


Nbg · 25/06/2005 16:59

I always wore Armani she but I was bought the Narciso Rodriguez fragrance for my birthday and I love it.


spykid · 25/06/2005 17:54

My fave of recent years has been fifth avenue by e. arden, its the one I always return to.
Have also dabbled with R Lauren glamorous, DKNY Be Delicious, and a few more.
BUT I have found a new absolute fave which I think could be th one for me...Ralph Lauren Style, its classic and gorgeous!....Just like me...ahem..


lilaclotus · 25/06/2005 18:00

i wear 'miracle'
i actually used a different one for years but they discontinued it :/


colditz · 25/06/2005 18:00

Lalique, I was given a small bottle by a french woman when I was 17, but now I can neither find nor afford it.


turquoise · 25/06/2005 18:27

I've worn Eau des Merveilles by Hermes for a while now, nobody else ever seemed to know it which was nice, and now they're suddenly relaunching it and advertising it all over the place .


giraffeski · 25/06/2005 18:39

Message withdrawn


Dahlia · 25/06/2005 18:48

Calandre by Paco Rabanne. Someone gave it me as a present when I was 21 and I have worn it on and off ever since. Its discontinued but I get it from Rainbow Flowers who sell loads of discontinued perfume really cheap!


Dior · 25/06/2005 18:55

Message withdrawn


Blossomhill · 25/06/2005 18:56

Issy Miyake, I love it.

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