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Have you found your signature fragrance?

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cupcakes · 25/06/2005 15:53

I'm still looking.

If you have found the one have you been wearing it for years? I tend to get bored after a year/ one bottle and want a change. But maybe I haven't found the 'one' yet.
Am currently using...
Stella McCartney Rose Amber
Paul Smith Woman
Ralph Lauren Glamourous

I would like to find something unusual (ie that you can't find at Boots) but don't have the time to go hunting.

So, what do you all wear?

OP posts:
katierocket · 25/06/2005 19:05

citrus and bergamont by Fresh. Gorgeous.

lou33 · 25/06/2005 19:12

chanel no 5

cupcakes · 26/06/2005 17:50

chanel no 5 must be the original classic perfume. My gran always wore it so it has rather 'old' associations for me. V nice though!

OP posts:
Hausfrau · 26/06/2005 18:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

applemummy · 26/06/2005 18:59

Have been wearing Obsession for years and don't feel dressed without it. Three ds's love it too!

golds · 26/06/2005 19:07

I wear Boucheron when I go out. Discovered it when somebody I worked with wore it, its very expensive so don't use it alot, but feel good in it when I do. Also the colour of the bottle matches my bathroom which I find helps a great deal

marthamoo · 26/06/2005 19:15

Yes I think so...

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

And sometimes Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.

JoolsToo · 26/06/2005 19:17

ds2 and his gf recently bought me Kenzo Flower - its beautiful

ivy3 · 27/06/2005 10:00

Clarins Eau Dynamisante

Marina · 27/06/2005 10:04

Summer - Acqua Allegoria Pamplelune, Guerlain
Winter - Mitsouko, Guerlain
I love Guerlain
Slapped on the old Eau Dynamisante when pregnant and b/f though, nice to see how popular that is too

leosmummy · 07/07/2005 13:02

orginal anna sui purple bottle can't always but it every where and people never recognise the name when they ask so they can't copy.
love the smell..

Gillian76 · 07/07/2005 13:11

Have just tried Clarins par Amour Toujours (the pink one) and I think it might be the one for me!

spangles · 07/07/2005 16:24

For evening I love Dior's Tendre Poison and for daytime I like Lacoste. My best friend wears opium and it smells lovely on her but bloody awful on me

Iklboo · 07/07/2005 16:26

I wear Noa (comes in a round bottle with a little 'pearl' inside the perfume. Lovely.

MaloryTowers · 07/07/2005 16:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Enid · 07/07/2005 16:38

love Guerlain too Marina

wore Apres L'Ondee on wedding day

had never smelt it, just liked the idea of it

pinkmagic1 · 07/07/2005 16:46

At the moment I wear Addict by Dior in the evening and flower by Kenzo in the day but I do tend to get bored and keep swopping and changing.

anchovies · 07/07/2005 16:49

Vera Wang is my fave at the moment

Kelly1978 · 07/07/2005 17:04

im using JLo Glow, Givenchy Amerige, and Lancome Treson. My fav is the JLo, I like sweeter perfumes.

Kelly1978 · 07/07/2005 17:05

Lancome Tresor even.

Flum · 07/07/2005 22:30

Dolce and Gabbana - everyone always says how nice I smell when I wear it.

Used to be Giorgio - men always commented on that one.

MarsLady · 07/07/2005 22:42

I wear Eclix by La Perla. I can only get this in John Lewis. It's a lovely scent!

Puff · 07/07/2005 23:06

My perfume history (1981 to present day), although not in strict chronological order:

Chanel no 5
Chanel no 19
Anais Anais
Mystere du Rochas
KL by Karl Largerfeld
Arpege by Lanvin
Oscar de la Renta
Givenchy III
Joy by Jean Patou
Tresor by Lancome
Caroline Herrera 212
Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien
Clinique Aromatics Elixir many memories

AnnaInManchester · 08/07/2005 12:26

Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez

smells divine!!!!!!!

CarolinaMoon · 08/07/2005 12:36

Dior Pure Poison at the mo. Used to love the original Poison when I was a kid and this one is a more wearable version that doesn't make people near you pass out.

have had loads of different ones recently - before that I loved Dune and wore it for years.

cupcake, have you tried mixing a couple of Jo Malone ones together? they are a bit pricey, but lovely and unavailable in boots. They mix really nicely cos they aren't too complex iykwim.

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