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£1 black Oodie- did anyone actually get one or was it just a data phishing marketing gimic?

35 replies

LittleOwl153 · 07/11/2023 19:07

Just that really, followed the link to register a few days ago... handed over my email address and other details.followed the countdown and link to the site - nope sold out.

I knowing shouldn't be surprised/annoyed. They're probably not even worth it.

OP posts:
LuckyLerwick · 07/11/2023 19:11

I managed to get one in my basket, but couldn't check out - the page kept crashing. Then when I tried again it was sold out 🤷‍♀️

It was probably just a marketing ploy, but I did fancy trying to get one - more fool me, I suppose!

lazysundaymorningcoffee · 07/11/2023 19:13

No joy here.

r0ck · 07/11/2023 19:14

Same happened to me

Cally70 · 07/11/2023 19:16

Got it in my basket and then I said I was in a queue to check out. Next message was 'sold out'. All in less than one minute 😠

LuckyLerwick · 07/11/2023 19:16

Actually, the more I think about it the more annoyed I am - so I've just unsubscribed from emails...petty but satisfying 😁

mindtheGAAP · 07/11/2023 19:17

Same here...very annoying!

whydoesitalwayshappentome · 07/11/2023 19:18

My timer kept going from 1 minute and back up and so I knew they would be gone, if they even existed in the first place.

JessieLongleg · 07/11/2023 19:18

In basket, said wait, then said no

CreativCarly · 07/11/2023 19:19

Same issue here, I wonder if it was a scam?

35965a · 07/11/2023 19:20

Probably all a lie

LittleOwl153 · 07/11/2023 19:24

I think it was a scam, and quite a nasty one with col in the run up to Christmas.

OP posts:
sushinelove · 07/11/2023 19:39

Same for me, in the basket then sold out straight away. Would be interested in hearing if anyone actually got one

Cowhen · 07/11/2023 19:41

In basket but then sold out.

IHavetoadmit · 07/11/2023 20:02

Got sold out at 702. Sureeee one way go lure us onto their website I guess.

bettynutkins · 07/11/2023 20:14

Was in basket. Then in "queue to check out" then sold out. Same with my other members of my family.

googledidnthelp · 07/11/2023 20:20

Not here.
Bet there was just 5 or Something

ObsidianGrape · 07/11/2023 20:22

Same. In basket, the sold out while waiting on a timer to checkout

ObsidianGrape · 07/11/2023 20:23

Funny how soon after you could buy a black one for about £35. Thought it was until they sold out!

NoDibbity · 07/11/2023 20:25

I got the sold out message whilst it was still 7.00!!

Def a scam.

Backfired as I was going to order 2 for Xmas but definitely not now and unsubscribing to everything as I don't think anyone got one!

Flippingfruitflies · 07/11/2023 20:31

I didn’t even get one in my basket! Clicked on add to basket and it crashed. By 7:02 all sold out.

LuckyLerwick · 07/11/2023 21:03

Has anyone seen their Instagram ? Absolutely loads of comments from pissed off customers...whoever thought this was a good idea was sadly mistaken - it's a terrible PR stunt.

I only recently bought a dressing gown in the sale from them...and now I'm even more annoyed as it's £10 cheaper today! Never again.

daffodilandtulip · 07/11/2023 21:09

Didn't get one in my basket. Sold out at 7:01


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LetsGoFlyAKiteee · 07/11/2023 21:11

Had in my basket and went to check out and bam page didn't load so no luck here

rubydoobydoo · 07/11/2023 21:30

Same experience here- the site went down twice, managed to get one in my basket but it said I was in a queue to check out - then it refreshed and said it was sold out.

I don't think it was a scam, just that there were only 1000 available at this price and lots of people clearly trying to get them at once!

egowise · 07/11/2023 21:34

I tried and no luck.

We love oodie type things in our house and these are just as good!

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