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Chub rub shorts other than Snag

57 replies

GayPareeee · 15/06/2023 11:31

I like their short ones better but they're a bit expensive and roll up, anyone else do short ones that do stay put?

I am now happy to wear dresses after not wearing them for years due to the discomfort of the rubbing

OP posts:
ToBeOrNotToBee · 15/06/2023 11:32

No shorter here.

I use chamois cream on my thighs.
A tiny bit of it lasts all day and all my legs get to breathe.

Toddlerone · 15/06/2023 11:32


endofthelinefinally · 15/06/2023 11:34

Another vote for sloggi. Light weight and cool.

HappiDaze · 16/06/2023 09:18

I've got a pack of 3 from Amazon that don't ride up. I bought them a couple of years ago so not sure if they still have them. They might but be long enough

I'm currently trying out around the house done £4 cycling shorts I bought from Primark. They didn't have my size so I had to go smaller with a medium and it's rolling Dian my tummy whereas the Amazon ones don't roll but they're XL

Simiya - smoothing collection

Annoyingly I can't upload a photo for some reason

FriendsDrinkBook · 16/06/2023 09:20

Perhaps tmi , but I spray deodorant between my thighs , it's works pretty well.

Danikm151 · 16/06/2023 09:21

Primark do some control chub rub shorts

AnnaMagnani · 16/06/2023 09:21

I use Bodyglide stick. Works really well and one lasts forever.

kittykarate · 16/06/2023 09:24

Sloggi basic long - cotton rich, soft material, less sweaty than others. Gentle elastic that doesn't roll or pinch. I had some 'tights based' shorts from Evans and I always found that it was a bit tropical down there.

Wishihadanalgorithm · 16/06/2023 09:25

Good old M and S and Popsy (online) are effective as well. The stitching on my Snag shorts comes undone and they then roll up. Maddening!

silentpool · 16/06/2023 09:27


musicalold · 16/06/2023 09:29

TKMaxx had some in the other day so worth a try?

HappiDaze · 16/06/2023 09:30

I can't find any Sloggi ones that could be worn as chub rub and the Snag ones have a hefty postage fee esp as one pair could fit easily through a letterbox. The Snag ones look great though

The Primark cycling shorts keep riding down my tummy but are fine on my thighs. I know they're a smaller size than usual. The material is thickish so they might get too hot

Im going to wear the Amazon ones later when I walk to a meeting.

HappiDaze · 16/06/2023 09:32

Danikm151 · 16/06/2023 09:21

Primark do some control chub rub shorts

I'll have to have a proper look for those

MillicentTrilbyHiggins · 16/06/2023 09:34

Snag and Popsy are the only ones I've found that don't roll up/down and are actually long enough.

Meanoldlady · 16/06/2023 09:35

I've just spent a bloody fortune on snag ones this week but my summer wardrobe is unwearable without them. I've always found primark too thick/hot but would love a cheaper alternative.

FlappyFish · 16/06/2023 09:36

I do like the Snag ones for lightness, but there’s two things that really annoy me.

  1. the seam straight up the middle of the front
  2. the rasping noise when you walk! They don’t glide over each other, you can hear them. (I’m a 16 and quite chunky of thigh) Maybe I should size up so it’s not stretched as much?

I’m trying some random Amazon ones
cocksstrideintheevening · 16/06/2023 09:37

Got some from next, they are nicer material than snag, which I find a bit sweaty, not the 1 degree cooler they claim

Maddy70 · 16/06/2023 09:38

I use dove stick deodorant on my legs. No more chub rub

whoruntheworldgirls · 16/06/2023 09:38

Are any of these shorter than Snag? I love my Snag ones but they are a bit long for me (5'3) great for knee length dresses but i need something for a mid thigh length dress

HappiDaze · 16/06/2023 09:39

I think I'll try out my Mitchum cream stick later and report back

BelindaBears · 16/06/2023 09:39

I’ve had some for years from the big bloomers company which stay up really well on my (large, jiggly) stomach. I seem to remember them being quite expensive though, although they have lasted really well.

Marcipex · 16/06/2023 09:40
Cotton and v comfortable. A pity they aren’t in a better range of colours. Only white, black and beige.
Can’t bear snags or popsy.


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VillageLite · 16/06/2023 09:48

I use seam free shorts, the sort sold as underwear rather than anti chafe shorts. I just bought 2 pairs for £5 from Tesco.

They are much shorter and much lower rise, and therefore much cooler.
I find I don’t need them very long, just a couple of inches at the top of my thigh does the trick.
I have experimented with cutting down leggings, cycle shorts, tights material anti-chafe shorts, but found them all a bit hot and sweaty.
I used to find tight fitting men’s boxer shorts were the best, but now they all seem to have keyhole flap instead of buttons, and I can’t bring myself to wear them.

GracePalmer33 · 16/06/2023 09:48

Yep the snag ones rolled up on me too. And I don't like that they are tights material. These ones from matalan are AMAZING. I basically scoured the internet and tried ones from all kind of places so believe me I've tried them all and these are the best 😂 they're silky stretchy material, don't ride up and a little longer than most which is better for me.

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