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despairing about my fine hair! tell me how you style/cut/wear yours?

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mmmgoats · 30/12/2018 09:46

Have always had fine hair but a decent amount of it but it still just hangs so limply!
I’ve tried bazillions of shampoos and conditioners and sprays etc and nothing makes any difference. I currently wear it just below my shoulders but I’m at my wits end with it - it never looks nice or polished or styled.

if you have similar hair do you have any tricks/styling tips or hair cuts that transformed your hair into swishy wonderfulness?

goes off to google swishy hair jealously

OP posts:
Calvinsmam · 30/12/2018 09:57

My hair is sooooo fine, I need to wash it daily too because it looks like a child from a horror films hair if I don’t.

Babyliss big hair.

Life changer!

CatsGoPurrrr · 30/12/2018 10:38

Mine is fine but curly/wavy

Have you tried a salt spray to add body?

A bit permanent, but colouring/highlighting also adds volume and body to fine hair. Something about roughing up the cuticle.

mmmgoats · 30/12/2018 11:43

thanks for replies! I do highlight and do see a bit of a difference it’s mainly the bottom half of the hair length that seems so limp.
will check out Babyliss big hair thank you!

OP posts:
OnlineAlienator · 30/12/2018 11:45

Another vote for babyliss!

SagelyNodding · 30/12/2018 11:49

Mine is v fine, but there is a lot of it! Had it cut from mid-back length to shoulder length in a blunt Bob and it looks much better. I will be booking balayage highlights soon to disguise greys and hopefully make it look a bit more fashionable!
I'm very intrigued by babyliss big hair...

Vinorosso74 · 30/12/2018 11:51

Having mine cut in a bob by a decent hairdresser works. However I'm currently trying to grow it for various reasons but it's at a shit inbetween stage where it kinks out especially with any hint of dampness in the air!
Am all for tips on easyish ways to wear it up as it grows out!

BangingOn · 30/12/2018 12:11

My hair is super fine, has a bit of a natural wave but not enough to look anything other than messy. It works well in a low ponytail that covers my ears, Olivia Palermo style. Oribe texturising spray works well but is expensive and leaves lot of residue.

What has genuinely transformed my hair is that Dyson Airwrap, but it’s expensive so a pretty serious investment as far as hair products go.

mmmgoats · 30/12/2018 12:15

@bangingon how did I transform it? volume wise or just generally! I am intrigued by the air wrap but had read it was better for curly thick hair so am interested!

OP posts:
minipie · 30/12/2018 12:29

Can I ask, what does your hair look like after using the babyliss big hair? How is it better iyswim?

Ditto for Dyson air wrap?

I tried buying a toni & guy waver tong thingy to give my fine flat hair a bit of glam but the effects looked terrible...

Calvinsmam · 30/12/2018 12:51

My hair looks like I’ve had a professional blow dry when I use my babylis and I am so shit at hair

Calvinsmam · 30/12/2018 12:53

I use the Percy and Reed ‘perfect blow dry’ spray and it really works

Calvinsmam · 30/12/2018 13:07

I did my hair this morning with it and this is what it looks like now.

It would normally look plastered to my head like the grinch.

despairing about my fine hair! tell me how you style/cut/wear yours?
BangingOn · 30/12/2018 13:30

@mmmgoats I have the Volume and Shape Airwrap which is for fine and flat hair. I’m still experimenting with the different ways to use it, but so far I’ve dried it with the round brush and my hair has been lovely and bouncy, then I’ve curled it and let them drop into loose, bouncy waves.

To start with the curls were dropping out completely within an hour, but my hair is really slippy. Yesterday I used Ouai Dry Texture foam first and my hair still has beachy waves this morning.

OnlineAlienator · 30/12/2018 13:31

The babyliss gives the top a boost and smooths the frizz out of the rest for me. Yes, i have fine, frizzy hair Hmm

Conseulabananahammock · 30/12/2018 13:57

Mane and tail shampoo and conditioner and biotin supplements. Along with folic acid. I have thicker hair and also new hair growth around hairline after a month!

Calvinsmam · 30/12/2018 14:10

I would love the airwrap but it’s so expensive!

I don’t think I can justify it when I got the Babyliss for £27

Piffpaffpoff · 30/12/2018 14:13

I have shoulder length quite fine hair. This is what I do..

Aussie mega volume shampoo and conditioner.
Roughly dry it upside down
Babyliss Big Hair to smooth it out and give volume
Put it in Velcro rollers while it’s still warm and leave for 10/15 mins.

This gives me a reasonable amount of oomph!

Justgivemesomepeace · 30/12/2018 14:18

My hair is very fine and not much of it. Best cut for me is a graduated bob with no layers in front of my ears as its so fine it ends up see through. Highlights help, salt spray, thickening powder and dry shampoo help. Mine is better the day after a wash when there is a build up of product thickening it. It can be quite soft and floppy after a wash no matter how much i blow dry volume in.

Sitranced · 30/12/2018 14:22

Mousse is the one product which gives my hair volume. Salt spray is good for creating texture but I find it just dries out my already dry and frizzy hair too much. I've got a short blunt cut just below my ears but im at the begining of trying to grow it out. It needed to be kept short because of the damage from dye but I no longer have dye so I'm hoping it will grow stronger and won't break so easily. Either way, blunt cuts with no layers make it appear fuller.

Babygrey7 · 30/12/2018 14:27

I use the same tricks as piffpaffpoff Grin

Aussie Mega shampoo

Drying upside down

Use big rollers or the Babyliss big hair

I also like to use Kerastase Vollumising mousse if I know I have time to style it (then you get excellent second-hair-day the next day)

minipie · 30/12/2018 16:49

Mmm thanks for the pics! Babyliss big hair looks like it’s def worth a try.

To be fair I don’t even blow dry at the moment so anything would be an improvement!

Lwmommy · 30/12/2018 16:57

Mine is fine but lots of it, i used to find it would look really greasy and flat within 24 hrs of washing.

A couple of years ago i ditched conditioner and stopped washing it daily. Now i wash twice/ 3 times a week with a kids 2 in 1 shampoo, the loreal cherry amd almond one.

Its much better condition and no where near as flat and greasy looking. If i ever use conditioner now i notice straight away how much heavier and flatter it feels. If it starts feeling dry at all, then i just put a tiny amount of conditioner just on the very ends.


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tierraJ · 30/12/2018 19:08

Mine is fine & frizzy & highlighted.

It's mostly shoulder length but the front is shorter as I lost the front of my hair due to medication in 2011. It's taking literally years to grow.
Sooo frustrating!!

I'm also anaemic & take iron tablets.

All the hairdressers I've tried in the past get frustrated when blow drying my hair as there just isn't enough of it. My latest hairdresser is very good though & blow dried it straight then curled it, still looked fine though.

I'm happy with the colour but I'm just frustrated that I hardly have any hair. When I tie it back for work I get comments on how thin it is at the front.

I have to wash it daily unless I'm going to work. Blow drying it & then a bit of styling with the ghds makes it look marginally better.

TheEndofIt · 30/12/2018 20:32

I've gone for a chin-length graduated Bob (slightly shorter at the back).

I use John Freida blonde volume mousse & hang upside down to dry it with a Parlux hairdryer & a carbon-coated barrelled brush (like one attached)

I finish with Pantene hairspray (strongest hold).

It needs daily washing or is limp, flat & greasy.

despairing about my fine hair! tell me how you style/cut/wear yours?
Acopyofacopy · 30/12/2018 20:40

My scalp when crazy at some point and I had to give up on hair products and colouring. All I used was Moogoo shampoo and conditioner.
The scalp is all better now but I stuck with the shampoo and conditioner and my hair is the best it’s ever been!

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