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Nail polish - reasonable brand

38 replies

Eesha · 14/12/2018 23:50

Very dull post but just wondering what is a reasonably priced brand? They use Essie and Opi in my local nail bar but I wanted to try and do it myself. Are Essie and Opi the best on the market or are there any other cheaper decent brands which come recommended

OP posts:
Chanelprincess · 15/12/2018 10:05

Zoya is by far my favourite brand. Definitely better than Opi in my opinion - a longer lasting and better formulation (e.g. toluene and formaldehyde free).

Mich0027 · 15/12/2018 10:08

I use Rimmel with a Sally Hanson base coat and here's the magic ingredient... Sally Hanson insta-dry top coat. My DIY nails last a week- 10 days. No more nail bars for me Smile

HeyMacWey · 15/12/2018 10:11

Having tried so many different brands, Essie is my favourite. Easy to apply (it has a wide brush), self leveling and long lasting when using a top coat.

I don't like opi as it's not as easy to apply.

MoltonSilver · 15/12/2018 11:11

I mostly habe Rimmel and Essie polishes. I find the Rimmel lasts longer without chipping.

TacoFlavouredKisses · 15/12/2018 11:11

I'm actually loving Primark's nail polish at the moment... specifically the shade Berry. I put two coats on over Nailtiques Formula 2 and a coat of Seche Vite on top and it lasts ages and applies really well.

It's unbelievably good for 90p!!

VanGoghsDog · 15/12/2018 11:15

I don't like opi at all. Essie is better. I also like Leighton Denny and Nails Inc. Seche Vite top coat for me.

jq28 · 15/12/2018 11:21

Barry M sunlight curing nailvarnish is great but they only do it in a few colours. It sets hard like gel doesn't chip but is easy to remove. Nails inc is also good.

Aria2015 · 15/12/2018 11:23

I second nails inc. Someone got me some and wore it for over a week with no chips!

Cheerbear23 · 15/12/2018 11:23

I don’t rate opi.
I find Rimmel & Barry M are reasonably long lasting. I use a tunnel base coat and sally Hansen or seche vite tip coat with them.
‘Jessica quick dry’ is good for drying them quickly too.

BentNeckLady · 15/12/2018 11:32

I’ve just discovered wilko gel nails polish. It’s £1.60 a bottle. The first nail varnish I have ever tried that’s lasted longer than 3 days!

VanGoghsDog · 15/12/2018 12:10

I use drying drops on top of the quick dry top coat.
Base coat is rubberised nail bonder. Can't think of the make off the top of my head.
I usually manage a week from nail varnish.

Amortentia · 15/12/2018 12:30

I’m rubbish at applying nail polish but can do it with Essie, I think it’s because of the shape of brush. Luckily, Essie tends to last longest in me too. I find opi chips and maybe I’ve been unlucky but I’ve had a few opi bottles go off.

incendio · 15/12/2018 12:44

Essie is my favourite. I don't know if the actual polish is any better than cheaper ones but the brush shape makes it so easy to apply and they have a fab range of shades.

VanGoghsDog · 15/12/2018 13:35

I find the opi bottles leak and the lids get crusted on.
The queen wears Essie.....

Lots have the wide brush now which does make life a lot easier.
I need to paint mine tonight, what colour......?

justforareply · 15/12/2018 13:55

Any old nail colour - rimmel etc - but Essie gel topcoat. Lasts me a fortnight.
Either the one in white bottle or clear bottle. I've not noticed a difference between these two.
I tend to use pale colours so not as unforgiving as dark ones

Kokoloco · 15/12/2018 14:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bookbuddy · 15/12/2018 14:55

I love Essie and use opi occasionally you need around 3 coats to get it even though I also rate mavala and their nail polish thinner is great.

thebigmaniswatching · 15/12/2018 17:48

My Essie in ladylike is on day four and still looks fresh

NotAColdWomanHenry · 15/12/2018 18:34

I always come back to Essie - long-lasting, massive range of colours (with cool names - don't know why i care about that but I do) and not outrageously expensive for the quality. I always use a clear topcoat for extra shine and lasting power. Sally Hansen, or Barry M Plumpy.

Other brands I love are Zoya, Nails Inc, and Barry M for a more budget option.

Ellapaella · 15/12/2018 19:18

Ciate is a great brand, it's very long lasting and doesn't chip. One of the best I've ever used.

YK84 · 15/12/2018 21:32


AllPizzasGreatAndSmall · 15/12/2018 22:25

China Glaze


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Chanelprincess · 15/12/2018 22:39

Love China Glaze as well - ruby pumps is one of my all time favourite Christmas colours.

Jenny17 · 15/12/2018 22:40


Parker231 · 15/12/2018 22:46

Sally Hanson - lovely colours and it lasts for ages.

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