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Nice hats for Winter that aren't knitted bobble-type ones

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SherlockHolmes · 07/12/2018 15:34

Any suggestions? I'm not great with hats, but my hair goes so frizzy and horrid in this damp weather that I'm thinking of getting one.

I quite like the "bucket" style, but are they a bit old lady?

Doesn't have to be waterproof, just need it to keep my hair away from damp air. If it rains I can put my hood up, but that looks a bit daft when it's just moisture in the air.

I have a black wool coat, so probably need a black hat, although I'm open to suggestions.

Anyone seen anything nice or have one that they love please?

OP posts:
MaudesMum · 07/12/2018 16:38

I've just bought this beret Other colours are available, but I rather liked the studs! You can tuck most of your hair under it

cornflower123 · 07/12/2018 16:47
ChishandFips33 · 07/12/2018 20:09

Try TKmaxx - they have a range of style in

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