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Hourglass mascara disappointment

46 replies

SpamChaudFroid · 03/12/2018 09:27

I'm a complete sheeple and after seeing peoples' amazing beautifully transformed, reaching-for-the-sky-yet-natural-looking lashes bought some. Utter disappointment, lashes looked like a dead spider.

It feels like too much product is delivered by the brush, so tried again after wiping much of the product off the wand. Still clumpy, claggy spider legs.

Anyone worked out a way to use this stuff without photoshop/personal MUA?

OP posts:
thedevilinablackdress · 03/12/2018 11:39

I have it and find it good. A single stroke and very light touch gives a more delicate finish.

Villanelley · 03/12/2018 11:44

I found it excellent, lengthens and thickens. Possible holy grail for me.

GlasgowWorrier · 03/12/2018 11:47

I had the same thing with the Benefit Bad Gal mascara - fat spider leg lashes, even after wiping the brush. When I looked online to see if I was doing it wrong, I saw only page after page of bloggers with Incy Wincy Spider squatting on their faces, raving about the 'volume' and 'thickness'. Hmm

Onthebrink87 · 03/12/2018 11:56

I saw the post too! I swear by eyeko sport. It's never let me down, applies lovely, super waterproof and doesn't flake or clump on my lashes and they sell 4ml travel size mascaras or around £10

SpamChaudFroid · 03/12/2018 18:36

So mixed thoughts on it....

To the those who like it - how do you apply it? I wiggle the brush at the base of the lashes then through to the ends.

I guess I'll be going back to Revlon masterpiece then. I really don't know why I bother trying anything else. My brain is an advertisers dream tho, I believe practically everything I'm told! Grin

OP posts:
SpamChaudFroid · 03/12/2018 18:41

You see, I've heard that phrase "Holy Grail" used an awful lot Villanelly amongst the reviews.

OP posts:
mumto2babyboys · 03/12/2018 18:43

The best mascara I've used is

benefit they're real

All the rest of benefit mascaras are rubbish but this one is different in a good way

You need to use the remover to take it off though

SpamChaudFroid · 03/12/2018 18:49

I wasn't bowled over by They're Real either, mumto. For some reason I don't get on with tubing mascara.

OP posts:
mumto2babyboys · 03/12/2018 19:53

Was it the genuine one?

I only buy from boots now as I've been using it for years and purchases from amazon or eBay were definitely not the same formula.
Mac also do a very black one that's good but tended to flake off on me

Workreturner · 03/12/2018 19:56

Totally and completely agree OP

I bought 4. 3 I won’t open.

Back to Lancôme

MissMarplesKnitting · 03/12/2018 19:57

Try the l'oreal infallible one. Has a bendy wand so you don't put too much on. I really like it.

Hate all benefit ones, they flake off. If not, good old Maybelline pink tube one is my backstop always works and stays put mascara.

Workreturner · 03/12/2018 19:57

Lancombe hyponose

sensational. Why I’m tempted by others is beyond me

BuffaloCauliflower · 03/12/2018 20:01

Let it dry out a bit. Some mascaras are too wet to start but after a couple of weeks they’re perfect

readyplayer · 03/12/2018 20:03

Lancôme Hypnose for me, too. Bloody amazing.

SpamChaudFroid · 03/12/2018 20:11

I'd say so mumto, bought from Feelunique.

OP posts:
mumto2babyboys · 03/12/2018 20:40

Feelunique usually genuine. Em maybe try a few trial sizes then which one works for you

itsfuckingnotducking · 03/12/2018 21:15

Eye of Horus mascara is my holy grail. Smooth non clumpy and separates lashes beautifully

verite · 03/12/2018 21:19

I use Lancôme hypnose as my day mascara. Still searching for the perfect dramatic evening mascara. Have just got by terry double twist mascara which seems promising but only used it once. Have seen some photos of hourglass mascara and it looks too fake to me.

SpamChaudFroid · 03/12/2018 21:28

The shape's uncomfy too - like holding a Toblerone.

OP posts:
Violetroselily · 03/12/2018 21:32

Too Faced Better Than Sex is my holy grail mascara

Nothing else comes close

Judystilldreamsofhorses · 03/12/2018 21:35

I actually gave my Hourglass mascara away on Instagram after using it a couple of times. Awful.

LucheroTena · 03/12/2018 21:42

I’ve never found a mascara that I’ve raved about. DD has a Dior one and her lashes look amazing though.


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Villanelley · 03/12/2018 22:21

You see, I've heard that phrase "Holy Grail" used an awful lot Villanelly amongst the reviews.

Busted. I'm clearly just making it for marketing purposes. Hmm 'Holy grail' is a term commonly used in the beauty community, fuck all suspicious about it.

itsfuckingnotducking · 04/12/2018 02:26
GhostCurry · 04/12/2018 08:27

But if you let them dry out for a few weeks BuffaloCauliflower you have barel any shelf life left! Isn’t the Period After Opening guidance 3 months?

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