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Can we please talk about H&Ms mental sizing?

31 replies

IsTheRainEverComingBack · 18/10/2018 13:22

I don’t mind if a brand all comes up small or big, I don’t care what number is in my clothes as long as they fit, but H&M seem to just pluck random numbers from a hat and stick them on the clothes. I have several XSs that fit, Ls that fit, 12/14/16s that fit.... it can’t all be drawn up to different fabrics surely?

OP posts:
lifebeginz · 18/10/2018 13:54

agreed! I have had to go 2 sizes up in jeans there....then size down in tops the next week. Crazy

MysteriousQuinn · 18/10/2018 13:59

Ugh completely agree. Their sizing drives me crazy, and I really like the clothes so I buy a lot from there. I usually have 2 small children with me as well so trying things on is a pain but I guarantee that I can't guess my size in there.

KipperTheFrog · 18/10/2018 14:02

Agreed. I stopped shopping there because it annoyed me so much!

georgedawes · 18/10/2018 14:10

Yes that's why I'd never shop online there, too much bloody hassle.

purpleme12 · 18/10/2018 14:13

Yes I've come away with clothes from there that fit me from size 6 to 12. Don't understand how that makes sense.

But I find it a lot in shops. Dorothy Perkins size 6 fits especially in dresses but it won't anywhere else. I just don't get it

megletthesecond · 18/10/2018 14:14

They are comedy gold with their sizing. I've given up on the labels and just use my eyes.

adoggymama · 18/10/2018 14:15

Debenhams have changed a lot recently too! I tried on a size 8 skirt- which usually would fit perfectly- if not a little tight depending on the size. And it was huge! Like gaping around my back

Violetroselily · 18/10/2018 14:19

I find the Basics range is a lot more generously sized than their other stuff

purpleme12 · 18/10/2018 14:38

I literally don't understand why sizes can't all be the same everywhere. Oh and by the way I'm sure shops in general have made their sizes bigger. Eg I used to fit size 6 jeans years ago most places when I look now I don't in most places by far.... But I still weigh the same? And also some of them I had years ago I still have and I can still get in them... Surely that proves it

IsTheRainEverComingBack · 18/10/2018 14:41

Comedy gold is definitely the way to put it. I love H&M clothes, I could probably live with only being able to shop there forever if it came to it, but the sizing is crazy. I don’t mind online shopping because I can easily pop to a store for returns, but it is madness.

OP posts:
IsTheRainEverComingBack · 18/10/2018 14:42

And yes, standardisation would be great across all brands, but the stores that vanity size wouldn’t like it.

OP posts:
holycityzoo · 18/10/2018 14:43

They have recently changed their sizing to supposedly try and stop this.
I've not bought anything yet so not sure if it's worked.

MysteriousQuinn · 18/10/2018 15:57

Well I had to buy a shirt in a size 8 in there the other day, I've got 38f boobs, never bought a size 8 shirt in my life 😂

BusterGonad · 18/10/2018 16:14

They've made their sizes bigger (July to August time) , so if you were previously a 10 then you'd now be an 8.

YesitsJacqueline · 18/10/2018 16:18

Last summer I bought a few items for my hols. At either end of the scale I had a size 8 t shirt and size 16 bikini Hmm
I'm a regular 10 !

Sitranced · 18/10/2018 16:19

I've stopped shopping at H&M because I can't be bothered with it. Got no chance of buying the right size when buying online and I haven't the time to be trying on in store every time. Their clothing line is much of a muchness compared to all the other shops on the high street so I don't even consider buying from there anymore.

Freshprincess · 18/10/2018 16:23

I have a cardigan and jumper from the children’s range, that are a little roomy. I’m a tall size 12. I’ve given up with trousers, I can’t be bothered with all the trying on.

SilverHairedCat · 18/10/2018 16:31

I'm a size 20ish. I buy in their plus range. I have had to go up to a 28 to get a pair of jeans on (FFS) , I have a pair of size 24 floaty trousers, some 20 tshirts, a 22 blouse or two and some large tops from the normal range. Barking.

jalopy · 18/10/2018 16:59

I ordered online recently and was totally baffled by the change in what I ordered, what size I received and what size they thought should be sent to me.

Everything was enormous and I had to size down to an 8 even though I'm always a size 10/12. Even that was a generous size.

The ordering process was more complicated than applying for a British passport.

JingsMahBucket · 18/10/2018 17:04

It's all the fast fashion stuff. I remember when different companies actually all had standardised sizing. You could consistently go The Gap, H & M, etc and things would fit almost entirely across the board. This all started to change around mid-2000s. Now because of fast fashion, all the different items are coming from different factories and so there's no consistency. A sweater on one rack will be from a different factory from the sweater right next to it on another rack. It's frustrating.

I have some early 2000s H & M stuff that's still beautiful and wears well. I wouldn't trust the same thing to happen now.

Prettysureitsnotok · 18/10/2018 17:16

The new sizes are ridiculous.

I ordered a couple of bits online, I'm usually a 10. Bought a dress which the reviews said to size up, so ordered a 12, got sent a 14. Bought a skirt in size M because I've found them narrow on the hips before, but the size M skirt was a good 2 inches wider than the 14 dress when laid on top. I didn't even try them on, got sent straight back.

lenalove · 19/10/2018 11:09

Yeah I can't stand them banging on about their new sizing and how "they've listened to feedback" eye roll still had to buy a size 14 pair of jeans the other day (I'm a 10 in literally every other shop on the high street...)


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Xjqcgwes · 19/10/2018 11:19

So glad it's not just me!

I bought a size 16 dress (I'm a size 14 but went up a size because it looked a bit small). It can't be bigger than a 10 (I have measured it against other sz 14 dresses I own and it's a lot smaller) so currently fits me where it touches me. I'm using it as slimming inspo!

ankasi · 19/10/2018 12:09

Last year I went into my local one and saw a pair of trousers in size 22 that might have just about fit my size 6 cousin, but only just. It's just completely bonkers.

I really liked H&M, but since they started popping up at almost every corner, quality has gone down a lot.

ankasi · 19/10/2018 12:10

Just to add, I'm a size 14 and just noticed these trousers as they were right at the front of the rack.

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