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Dear god - let it be true...skinny jeans are dead?

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TinyGang · 07/06/2007 19:50

And yes I know I know it's the DM and it's Liz Jones saying it but hallelujah!

(Now to get rid of those horrible maternity tops in 70's wallpaper designs and I can go shopping again)

OP posts:
lou33 · 07/06/2007 19:52

oh i will still be wearing my old ripped ones, i like them with loose flowing tops

NoodleStroodle · 07/06/2007 19:52

Ooo noooo I really love them

francagoestohollywood · 07/06/2007 19:54

When I first saw skinny jeans I was horrified. But then I started to like them, esp on not so skinny women. ANd then I gave in and bought a pair. And today, for a first time in years I felt quite glamorous!!! Which is something not at all usual. But never mind, I also love oversized jeans...

Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 19:59

They are only unflattering if you have a fat arse, large amouns of back fat, are pear shaped or squat. Liz Jones is soooooo wrong and I shall wear mine forever - and have been wearing them for 6 years or so, so before they became 'fashion') In fact, Kate Moss obviously saw me in mine and thought I looked so fab she'd copy me - the cow bag does it all the time, I keep telling her to stop but she won't listen

indiasmum · 07/06/2007 20:03

nooooooooooooooo! oh well i dont care, i love mine and i'm far from skinny and i will carry on wearing mine til they no longer fit or something. and also, those hight waist jean things- what the hells that all about? theyre in the shops in devon but noones brave enough to try out that particular trend!

and today i too felt glam in my skinny jeans franca with my new lovely wedges. you know when youre a kid and you get new shoes and you cant stop looking at them? thats been me all day, gazing down in a wistful manner at my feet looking so pretty in my lovely shoes! tragic i know!

TinyGang · 07/06/2007 20:03

Nope I'm not convinced by the 'Max Wall wearing a dress on top' look.

OP posts:
francagoestohollywood · 07/06/2007 20:04

she does the same with me Gingermonkey. Perhaps we should speak to her and kindly ask her to stop being so obsessed

francagoestohollywood · 07/06/2007 20:05

I like high waisted trousers... bought a pair in topshop this winter !

Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 20:06

I did that today too!!!!!!!! Had some silver shoes on and someone told me they were the most beautiful shoes they had ever seen. I felt like a little princess!!!! And the high waisted jeans BTW, soo wrong. I tried the ghost ones on that have been raved about in mags and I looked hilarious - DH wet himself. The shop asst told me I looked lovely so I knew she was a lying cow. They make your arse look 10 ft wide and have a tendency to camel toe - not attractive

Bouquetsofdynomite · 07/06/2007 20:06

Nooo! I'm finally a size 12 and can wear them with pride (if with a maternity top to hide the muffin top) - I had a great winter strutting about with them inside heeled boots like an 80s groupie. And I just have to bend over slightly for my DH to go crazy with lust!
I don't believe it anyway, it's purely a temporary thing due to the hot weather. Baggy isn't attractive on anyone what with crotches between the knees - the Pete from Boogie Beebies nappy effect if you ask me.

lou33 · 07/06/2007 20:07

lol @ max wall

i wear heels with my max wall look

Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 20:07

france - next time I see her in a mg wearing something she has blantantly copied off me I shall go round and slap her with my oversized it bag (whichever one it is of the season of course ). Highwaisted trousers are much more flattering than jeans - think it's the stiff denim that makes them so wrong!

Bouquetsofdynomite · 07/06/2007 20:08

Right you two, links to your beautiful shoes please.

indiasmum · 07/06/2007 20:08

but franca i am sure if one is as slender as you one would loook utterly divine in high waisted trousers but they are not for one with a tummy or fat fanny area (not me btw!!!!)

Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 20:08

franca not france - my typing is awful!

TinyGang · 07/06/2007 20:08

You are excused lou - I know you don't look like 'ol Max

OP posts:
Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 20:09

I'll try and find a pic of mine - but may not have any luck......hang on!

lou33 · 07/06/2007 20:10

phew, i was worrying then, i have a lunch date on monday and thought i might wear that kind of ensemble!

then again he might love max wall!

seamonster · 07/06/2007 20:11

I bought some at christmas having lost lots of weight then found out I was pregnant.
I may never wear them again!

indiasmum · 07/06/2007 20:12

i tried bouquetsofdynamite but they arent on the website. but trust me, they are very nice!!!

francagoestohollywood · 07/06/2007 20:13

I'm intrigued by your silver shoes now...

electra · 07/06/2007 20:14

I like skinny jeans - they make my legs look good. Also think that they actually look great on a lot of women.

Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 20:16

Mine are vivienne westwood silver t-bars with a small heel. They are lovely! (even if I do say so myself!)

francagoestohollywood · 07/06/2007 20:39
Gingermonkey · 07/06/2007 20:41

Franca, I have a little bit of a fetish, but it is mainly under control these days!!!!

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