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'Trends' I just don't get..............................

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DrNortherner · 27/05/2007 15:46

Crocs of course - they truly are a crime against footwear and Radley bags (what is with that stupid dog?)

Grown women should realise neither of the above are stylish. So there

Anyone think of anymore crimes to add to the list?

OP posts:
Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:47

agree iwht htose
odnt liek radley bags
stocked in john lewis - nuff siad

DeviousDaffodil · 27/05/2007 15:47

Don't get the Radley bags AT ALL..
Why do you want cutesy little dogs all over you?

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:47

vest tops adn jeans
if its that hot put shorts on fgs

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:47

vest tops adn jeans
if its that hot put shorts on fgs

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:48

combat trousers in crumpled shit material whith huge thigh enhandcing pockets
they lookliek a rnage fom millets imfo

RosaLuxembourg · 27/05/2007 15:48

No idea what a Radley bag is. Loathe Crocs - appear to be the only Mum at school not to wear them however.

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:48

gyspy skirts

( harldy aspirational is it)

VeniVidiVickiQV · 27/05/2007 15:48

uggs....never got those.

Porpoise · 27/05/2007 15:49

big furry/woolly boots and mini skirts
er, either it's summer or it's arctic winter - make your mind up!

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:49

young girls in mini skirts and americna tan tights

Imawurzel · 27/05/2007 15:49

Don't like my legs.
shorts don't duit me so i wear vest tops and jeans.

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:50

women int he same jeans as their daughters
they are Trying TOo hard
you aint got i any mroe darkling

DrNortherner · 27/05/2007 15:51

radley bags

Also folk who wear regatta raincoats as an every day jacket. No no no.

OP posts:
Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:51

oh yes
purely for rain

althoguht soe folk cant aford mroe than one coat so in that respect its a GOdo choice

DeviousDaffodil · 27/05/2007 15:52

Smock tops. If you want to look 5 months pregnant, stroll on.
As for leggings?

DeviousDaffodil · 27/05/2007 15:53

Sportswear -

on folks who clearly do no sport at all.

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:53
DrNortherner · 27/05/2007 15:53

Saw a kids fashion show today - all the kids had crocs on. They are taking over the world.

OP posts:
lissie · 27/05/2007 15:54

footless tights with high heels, its not the 80's anymore!!

tho i do wear vest tops with jeans. not strappy ones tho

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 15:54

we will lahev the last alaugh
its a mass hysteria akin to diana

laneydaye · 27/05/2007 15:55

I love them but agree some of them do look like pregnancy clothes....
Love leggings (so comfy) wear them inside with a baggy jumper and going out with stilettos and a sexy top.... Think you need to be the right shape aswell...

RosaLuxembourg · 27/05/2007 15:55

Skirts and boots with bare legs.

GrandMasterHumphreyLyttelton · 27/05/2007 15:55

I have seen an upsetting number of teenage girls in mini skirts and popsocks recently.

binker · 27/05/2007 15:55

I've seen so many women in Crocs and can't bring myself to want to wear them - ok for kids though -thought I might get some for ds for beach...I've gone off my Birkenstocks and am preferring a pair of Havaiianas
Uggs are silly and my biggest hate are those baker boy caps and trilbys and flat caps - they just look plain stupid on anyone....

DrNortherner · 27/05/2007 15:56

They look like special uniform shoes for when you work in a factory or something - crocs that is. And the whole family in crocs? LMAO.

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