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Shopping trolleys - naff or good idea to carry kids stuff about on days out when you no longer have a buggy ?

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CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 19:09

I am now buggyless . It was very usefu for loading up when on days out with two children ( eg Legoland etc ) for food, coats ,drinks etc etc.
I dont fancy humping round a big bag or rucksack so was thinking of getting a shopping trolley to carry everything in.
Good idea or naff ?
Have seen some really quite nice funky ones on web but they are very pricey. Any thoughts ??

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 25/04/2007 19:11

I have one. Don't use it now, as I have a pram.

I think I'd feel silly at Legoland etc with one, though. Can't you put medium-sized backpacks on everyone's backs?

(Somehow, from the thread title, I thought you were suggesting using stolen supermarket trolleys to transport your children around in the street.)

F&Z's DS is mad for you, by the way, I'm told.

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 19:16

I have a 6 yr old and 4.5yr old and I know that I would end up carrying the bags if they had one each , its a bit of a pain aswell when you go on rides as you would have no where to leave them.

At least if they were on the buggy they were relativelty safe - I always carried purse etc round with me in small bag .

I though I could dump the shopping trolley along the the buggies in the buggy parking areas at the rides.

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 25/04/2007 19:18

I think I would feel odd and conspicuous. Also wouldn't the 4.5-year-old want to ride on it sometimes?

I'd get them their own special knapsacks which are special and important, and put their stuff in their bags.

I do often use giant knapsacks, though - but then, I have no car and often do my shopping on a pushbike [weirdo].

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 19:22

He may want to ride on it , but he will not be riding on it .

OP posts:
Aefondkiss · 25/04/2007 19:58

I think they are fairly inexpensive as bags go... so I would be willing to give it a go, if it didn't work you could keep it for your dotage

I would have to get a habitat one, methinks at least it is an attempt at urban cool whatever that is...

I have a bike buggy and a car, so seldom need huge amounts of stuff for any length of time, have not been on lego land excursions or the like yet

Aloha · 25/04/2007 19:59

Naff...but wierdly tempting...

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 20:03

I just thought it was a practical solution to all the kids stuff you can end up with on a day out , especailly with food & drinks .

OP posts:
lostinfrance · 25/04/2007 20:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney · 25/04/2007 20:19

Mine isn't urban cool, it's naff old lady (when we bought it, ages ago, there were no nice ones).

There is a local art (performance?) group called the trolly dollies.

FrannyandZooey · 25/04/2007 20:19

I have one

I love it

Pollyanna · 25/04/2007 20:20

I saw some in Habitat a while back. I am tempted to get one

FrannyandZooey · 25/04/2007 20:21

and I do put it in a buggy park sometimes, although if I was going to take it somewhere like Legoland I might take a padlock - after all it will have all your gear in it!

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 20:21

Where did you get yours from Franny ?

OP posts:
TinyGang · 25/04/2007 20:22

Old lady = tartan

What do the funky ones look like?

TeeCee · 25/04/2007 20:23

I intend to make them very fashionable when I no longer have use of a buggy.
I figure if I look cool and my kids look cool and my DP looks cool and I look confident I can get away with anything!

FrannyandZooey · 25/04/2007 20:24

mine is fairly cheapo one from local luggage shop

there was a thread with links on, will search

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 20:24

funky but expensive

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 25/04/2007 20:25

look here they are

when my one breaks I will get one of those sort

the current one was an experiment

FrannyandZooey · 25/04/2007 20:27

I fancy this one

Hillls · 25/04/2007 20:29

Arn't they for old people?

TinyGang · 25/04/2007 20:33

They look really handy, just what I need etc, but somehow I just can't not think of old ladies.

lostinfrance · 25/04/2007 20:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Aefondkiss · 25/04/2007 20:48

that is the one I want losti, I saw it in my dd's copy of "the tiger who came to tea" - though in an ideal world I would need a rainy day one

anyhow when was th elast time anyone saw someone out with one of these?

in the day of the car and internet shopping? are they still "common"?

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 20:54

Some of these trolleys are quite funky I cant imagine an OAP with one of these , so there must be a market for them.

OP posts:
Chocolateface · 25/04/2007 21:01

I don't tink I've gone out without a pushchair in the last 8 years. If I tried to walk down the street with out a pushchair now, I'd fall flat on my face.

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