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Shopping trolleys - naff or good idea to carry kids stuff about on days out when you no longer have a buggy ?

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CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 19:09

I am now buggyless . It was very usefu for loading up when on days out with two children ( eg Legoland etc ) for food, coats ,drinks etc etc.
I dont fancy humping round a big bag or rucksack so was thinking of getting a shopping trolley to carry everything in.
Good idea or naff ?
Have seen some really quite nice funky ones on web but they are very pricey. Any thoughts ??

OP posts:
Caligula · 25/04/2007 21:05

They are practical, sensible and a perfect shopping solution.

I will buy one when I have stopped dying my hair and having periods.

FrannyandZooey · 25/04/2007 21:08

I am a total fantasist, but I do feel quite swanky with mine

makes life sooo much easier

(both being a huge fantasist, and having a shopping trolley)

paulaplumpbottom · 25/04/2007 21:09

I wouldn't think it starnge, go for it

Housemum · 25/04/2007 21:12

I just couldn't do it - I'm willing to risk the back/shoulder strain - my Mum uses a trolley as she hasn't got a car - she's allowed to, she's in her 60's (though she does still dye her hair...)

Perhaps they would catch on if they said "I'm not a jute shopping bag" on the front??!!

booge · 25/04/2007 21:20

I had one when I lived on an island where I had to walk along way home with my shopping from the boat, people laughed but I had the last laugh when I was trotting home with my lovely trolley behind me packed to the gunwales with goodies.

CaptainUnderpants · 25/04/2007 21:23

I think I will get one ( not an expensive one )

I dont care if I get funny looks , I dont want to have a big rucksack on my back when trawling around with the children ona day out.

I may even get one with a seat built in what do you think ?

then I will have nothing to carry and I can sit down when I want - whilst you are all ladden down with rucksacks , coats and your back and feet are killing you

This is for days out with the kids , not for everyday use , I have a bike and panners for that

OP posts:
CaptainUnderpants · 27/04/2007 17:11

Right , I got one !

I was in M & S today and they were selling fold away shopping trollies in their food hall , £8.49, so I bought one.

Just right for a day out with the children ,

so whats more embarassing - a shopping trolley or one with M & S all over it.

OP posts:
RosaLuxembourg · 27/04/2007 23:02

I have a Habitat one, it doesn't have a frame, just fold up wheels underneath so it folds down into a bag. I find it dead handy and the children are not old enough to be embarrassed by me so it is all good.

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