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Anyone want to find me a wedding dress that isn't a wedding dress

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NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 20:42

I am getting wed in June, a fairly informal (humanist) do, and I need a frock. I don't want a wedding dress, and I don't want to wear a cream suit.

I am 5'2", I am now a size 10/12, and have size E/F norks.

I am thinking of some nice summery dress and want to spend up to about £100.

Any suggestions??

OP posts:
ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 20:44

Colours, my lovely? Fitted or flowy, funky or floral?

Chocolateface · 21/04/2007 20:45

I suspect if anyone can find you a dress it's viscountesspetitlapin!!

SugaryBits · 21/04/2007 20:45

Monsoon have some gorgeous dresses, most over them are around the £150 mark though. I have linked to the evening dresses page but they have some lovely more casual ones aswell.

ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 20:46

well, I suppose I could have my dressmaker whip something up for you... now, taffeta, I think, in a nice shade of cerise, with ruffles OF COURSE....

NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 20:47

Colour? I don't know - am open to suggestions. I have fairly dark hair with redish / blondish bits running through it (not dyed, just irish genes) and fairly pale skin.

OP posts:
ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 20:49

Does green look good on you? Or do you subscribe to the "unlucky at a wedding" theory...

Do you have an outlet mall near you? We are by one and you can get some fantastic bargains... we have a Monsoon and a Hobbs, for example, and lots of stuff is up to 70% off.

glassslipper · 21/04/2007 20:49

what about something like this

glassslipper · 21/04/2007 20:50

oh. is green unlucky at a wedding?

Chocolateface · 21/04/2007 20:52

My Irish FIL told me not to have green bridesmaid dresses!

NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 20:53

Oh - that looks nice.

I am maybe thinking of something that I could get use out of in the future (how much of a cheapskate am I? - I am very poor though). I am not sure how I look in green as I mostly wear blacks, greys or autumnul colours with berry colours occasionally, and the odd pink.

Not necessarily because they suit me - just cos that is what I have....

(I am not stylish)

OP posts:
ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 20:54

Yeah, my mum ranted on about green

Anyhoo, how about this? Might be a bit loud, just trying to get a feel for your tastes

glassslipper · 21/04/2007 20:55

i also really like M&S

Housemum · 21/04/2007 20:55

Try Debenhams Debut range - I had a registry office wedding and wanted something like a wedding dress but not a meringue (and not a cream suit!) - my dress was £70 six years ago. Mine was cream, 2 straps and a shawl over the shoulders (extra £20 for the matching shawl/wrap thingy), not-quite straight down - it flared gently from just above hips. Could have bought same dress in various colours. They have loads in there in "prom dress" style as a lot of the sixth-formers go there for their leavers' balls.

Housemum · 21/04/2007 20:56

Debenhams Debut range

NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 20:56

That too is nice, but I am a bit top heavy and so worry about the ruffle effect over the boobs, and would like something more fitted I think (and this only occurs to me as you offer up suggestions! you kind MNers) as I used to be a size 14 and am loving my slimmer self

OP posts:
NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 20:58

My reply was to the little aristocratic rabbit by the way

OP posts:
NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 21:00

I worry about the really long ones as I am so vertically defeated (no point in saying challenged - not going to grow any more at the age of 37)

OP posts:
ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 21:01

Wedding-y, but not ?

Sorry, must dash, DH is making for log off for dinner (honestly, some men! )

glassslipper · 21/04/2007 21:03

what about the floral one or cream mesh or pink

Chocolateface · 21/04/2007 21:04

Hwve alook at the whole Monsoon website, as they always do accessories for a dress. And little cardi's for the dress, which might be useful for the evening.

NormaStanleyfletcher · 21/04/2007 21:08

Log off for dinner!?!

They are great suggestions all of you

OP posts:
lulumama · 21/04/2007 21:14

your norks didn;t look that big !!

ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 21:14

making me lof off

{he's back in the kitchen doing the main course, so I am allowed back on for 10 mins )

ViscountessPetitLapin · 21/04/2007 21:15

log off!

Argh, it's the Curse of Cod!

Chocolateface · 21/04/2007 21:18

I really like the Next prom dress. I don't want to worry you, hell that's the last thing I's want to do to a bride to be, but.....aren't you worried a guest might wear the same thing? I really shouldn't have said that, should I.... but I would have worried..... Oh, do I sound like your mother now.....?

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