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What is the current consensus on showing Bra straps?

35 replies

Katymac · 19/04/2007 17:11

Is it

Only if it matches your outfit?
or what the hell - who cares?


OP posts:
Imawurzel · 19/04/2007 17:13

I'm normally a what the hell who cares, but i rarely wear strappy tops.

Idreamofdaleks · 19/04/2007 17:15

Best avoided - and see thru straps are no better - unless the straps are fabulous and tie in with the rest of the outfit and you are very young...

serenity · 19/04/2007 17:16

IIRC we had a thread about this last summer, and the general concensus was, black or bright coloured straps that look deliberate were OK, white, dirty grey, motheaten boulder holder type straps, not good.

edam · 19/04/2007 17:16

Agree with daleks.

IntergalacticWalrus · 19/04/2007 17:16

Ok if matches your outfir.

Black top with red bra is NO NO

LucyJones · 19/04/2007 17:18

definiteyl never, don't get the 'ok if matches your outfit' it is UNDERwear for a reason... lol

Mumpbump · 19/04/2007 17:34

Generally no, but I confess to having a few tops where visible bra straps are inevitable. More excusable in the summer if you're in very casual gear...

IntergalacticWalrus · 19/04/2007 17:36

Thing is though, if you are bog and saggy of nork, like I, then a bra is an integral part of your daily attire.

Worse than visible bra straps is saggy untethered bristols jiggling about with gay abandon

Califrau · 19/04/2007 17:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NadineBaggott · 19/04/2007 17:40

same as Calif

but women don't seem to care these days. I remember me and my mate in the 70's having halter necks and cut away shoulders and we used to tie our bra straps together at the back with wool

mrcandmre · 19/04/2007 17:42

I'd say no.....but sometimes with black you can get away with it.

If you have one of those bras where you can take the straps off, then I'd reccommend contessa, cus they do clear straps that will fix on to any bra with detatchable straps

LucyJones · 19/04/2007 17:43

lol IGW

IntergalacticWalrus · 19/04/2007 17:43

clear straps aren't good though, they go manky.

I don't care id people can see my bra straps, because it's that or they get knocked ut by my bosom

pointydog · 19/04/2007 17:45

never. it's scuzzy

Flamesparrow · 19/04/2007 17:47

I really don't give a sh*t.

NadineBaggott · 19/04/2007 17:49

I'd agree with daleks if I could see what she'd said

dionnelorraine · 19/04/2007 17:54

I would say its ok, sometimes better than strapless bras cos boobs can look saggy!!!

Flamesparrow · 19/04/2007 17:55

She said:

Best avoided - and see thru straps are no better - unless the straps are fabulous and tie in with the rest of the outfit and you are very young...

Beetrootccio · 19/04/2007 17:56

no horrid horrid

Flamesparrow · 19/04/2007 17:56

Sorry, I didn't elaborate on my response - large of nork, don't often find sleeved tops I like, so bra it is... black with dark tops, white with light. I have no other options!

Flamesparrow · 19/04/2007 17:57

I am obsessive about my washing though so white is always white iyswim.

Oh, and where possible I yank em together with said bit o' wool for racer back tops

IntergalacticWalrus · 19/04/2007 17:57

Me neither FS

If I wer strapless, my norks end up looking like a weird shelf type thing.

I make suer straps match top.

I'd NEVER have my brassiere on show in formal gear.

NadineBaggott · 19/04/2007 18:01

aaaaaaaaaaaaah - gotcha

serenity · 19/04/2007 18:17

Well, being a bit of a slappy old goth in my youth, my bra was often the focal point of my outfit anyway, so showing a bit of bra strap now really doesn't bother me (and I only have black underwear anyway)

Flamesparrow · 19/04/2007 18:45

Oh god yes, never formal!

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