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What is the current consensus on showing Bra straps?

35 replies

Katymac · 19/04/2007 17:11

Is it

Only if it matches your outfit?
or what the hell - who cares?


OP posts:
kookaburra · 19/04/2007 19:01

Not formal obviously, but otherwise yes - I avoided strappy tops for years because when I were lass you didn't show straps, and strapless bras were horrible, shelf-like - had a moment of real liberation when DSD sanctioned her approval and have never looked back - just wish there was a better choice of straps.
So called 'see thru' straps NEVER - height of chavtascity - was on hols and a woman in the hotel had gorgeous strappy dresses entirely spoiled by yucky plastic straps

Blondilocks · 19/04/2007 19:04

Not formal... for balls & posh dos I will wear a strapless one (or with my current dress a strapless bra with one strap!) but for casual bra straps (although nice pretty ones, not washed out white/grey ones) are ok. Don't find strapless bras comfortable... they are ok for a few hours but not for a whole day.

DimpledThighs · 19/04/2007 19:05

agree with both of serentiy's posts.

those clear ones look stupid and do you know that they are not invisible.

Blondilocks · 19/04/2007 19:06

OOOH and definitely not for halternecks.., have a fab wonderbra that goes halterneck & is very comfy & flattering.

nallydoolally · 19/04/2007 19:10

I am guilty. Can't go without a bra, but like to wear strappy tops, so brastraps are always on display in the summer. What choice do I have?

Flamesparrow · 19/04/2007 19:13

Oh no - not with halternecks... I tend to go with "hidden support" which doesn't support an awful lot and not care because I tend to be in em when I'm just too bloody hot!

Halternecks as a rule hurt me, so I tend to avoid.

Scree · 19/04/2007 20:22


nallydoolally · 19/04/2007 20:27

i don't wear halternecks specifically because of the bra issue

RustyBear · 19/04/2007 20:30

Ok if you're young enough - DD chooses her bras to be on show anyway, & she doesn't do matching - but it all looks fine when you're 17 and tall & slim.
I'd never do it though.

morningpaper · 19/04/2007 20:35

Hmm well

What if you have NO norks without significant scaffolding courtesy of Gossard's Magic Mirror Cleavage wire department and cannot POSSIBLY go with a strapless bra?

Do I have to wear proper shirts all summer?

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