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Do you drive in your flip-flops?

44 replies

ChippyMinton · 19/04/2007 13:54

I don't. I can't because it feels really unsafe, i'm scared my feet will slip out of them.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 19/04/2007 13:55

one pair yes (good straps and suede inners hence no slipping), others no

anotherfoodaddict · 19/04/2007 13:56

No I don't go out and about in mine. To quote Mrs Badger 'they are monstrously unflattering' - great for bunging on to go out to the garage etc though.

FioFio · 19/04/2007 13:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

anotherfoodaddict · 19/04/2007 13:56

Oooooooh Mrs B and there you were. I know I'm misquoting you though, you were on about ballet pumps at the time I think. I just thud around in flip flops.

Kelly1978 · 19/04/2007 13:56

only in my car, (auto). I struggle a bit with a clutch and flipflops.

bozza · 19/04/2007 13:58

Yes regularly without a second thought.

LadyMacbeth · 19/04/2007 13:59

yes, did so for the first time this summer today

MrsBadger · 19/04/2007 14:04

not quite as bad as ballet pumps IMO, foodaddict (who are you normally btw?)...

princessCROComel · 19/04/2007 14:05

I do but I shouldn't really.
A lady drove her car into the window of our local bakery while wearing hers. The toe bit got trapped under the pedal.
She was ok but the bakers were shut for ages.

winnie · 19/04/2007 14:06

How? (I am a new driver & I have ONE pair of shoes I can drive in as yet)

PestoMonster · 19/04/2007 14:08

No, I can't manage it. But I always keep a pair of flip-flops in my boot as I hate wearing anything else if it's really hot. And we live near the sea, so I have to be prepared for all those unplanned trips to the beach.

nearlythere · 19/04/2007 14:08

god, i live in my flip flops from april to september/october, i hate shoes, but i do buy decent quality ones that don't slip.
never really thought about the safety of driving in them!

DrNortherner · 19/04/2007 14:09

Yes I do and I only passed my test in December. Funny cause when I had lessons I could only drive in my trainers. Since I passed I can driv ein anything including very high heels and flip flops.

Think it depends on how flippy floppy they are though!

hunkermunker · 19/04/2007 14:10

No, I drive in my car.

mumfor1standfinaltime · 19/04/2007 14:12

No, I don't. But do drive in flimsy flat pumps which could, I suppose, also slip off! I do drive an automatic car at the mo though, so not too much 'leg work' involved.
I do find it hard to drive in my heeled boots, so usually have one bare foot and one with boot on!

When I learnt to drive (almost 2 years ago now) I was told that there are no laws to say what you must wear on your feet. You can be bare foot if you like, or wear wellies!

oliveoil · 19/04/2007 14:16

Northerner are you enjoying driving? I detest it with a great passion and hatred

pile of cackaroo

MrsBadger · 19/04/2007 14:19

mmm, driving barefoot in the summer with the footwell blowers on full blast...

alittlebitshy · 19/04/2007 14:19

olive - me too.
i passed in august and am hating it. i am so scared i'm gonna have an accident and kill everyone

and i tried driving in my birkies yesterday and almost had a stalling disaster when i missed the accelorator!!

oliveoil · 19/04/2007 14:20

Me too

have zero confidence

need to FORCE myself to get in the heap of shit


PenelopePitstops · 19/04/2007 14:31

i drive with ballet pumps all the time, and occasionally flip flops though i dont wear them much

drivin barefoot is very wierd and with wellies is soooo difficult!

TheBlonde · 19/04/2007 14:39

I'm more likely to go barefoot
I recall the worst shoes for driving in were clogs

lou33 · 19/04/2007 14:41

i can drive in heels and flats, but not flip flops for some reason, so i take them off

i passed in august too, but i love driving

MegaLegs · 19/04/2007 14:41

No - I spend the whole summer driving barefoot which my dad says is illegal can't think why but that's just my Dad.

lou33 · 19/04/2007 14:42

is it?

Blu · 19/04/2007 14:44

I have routinely driven in flip flops and birkies, but no more - I stalled yesterday because my birkies got wedged between the floor and the clutch - and I thought 'bloody hell, what if that had been the brake?' and decided it was potentially dangerous.

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