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Yellow shoes to wear with lemon coloured work suit

38 replies

speedymama · 19/03/2007 11:30

I recently purchased a lemon suit and have been scouring shops to find some yellow shoes to go with it to no avail.

Just been checking out ebay and came across these . They are very stylish but unfortunately, they are not leather. I do have some non-leather shoes which are comfortable to wear so I'm not that hung up about it.

Just interested to hear the views of the style gurus because I would like something stylish but don't have an eye for these things (I know it is down to personal taste but most of the decent stuff in my wardrobe is chosen by my DH - that is how bad I am!)

OP posts:
Muminfife · 19/03/2007 11:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MyPartnerDavidFurnish · 19/03/2007 12:01

I may have misunderstood the term "Lemon suit."

mumto3girls · 19/03/2007 12:02

Why not just coordinate your shoe colou to your accessories? navy?

Wouldn't all yellow be a bit overkill? jmho

JackieNo · 19/03/2007 12:02

I suspect that yellow shoes with a yellow suit could be too much. Though I'm not sure what other colour to suggest - maybe dark blue? Grey? Black probably too harsh. (sorry, can't see the shoes as I'm at work, and they don't allow us to look at ebay). Sorry this isn't very helpful.

brimfull · 19/03/2007 12:02

Are you serious,lemon suit AND shoes???/

Soapbox · 19/03/2007 12:03

I'm not sure lemon suit and yellow shoes will be a great look tbh.

MrsBadger · 19/03/2007 12:05

any chance of a link to the suit?

sleepycat · 19/03/2007 12:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paulaplumpbottom · 19/03/2007 12:12

HMMMM have you though about white shoes?? Yellow shoes with a yellow suit might be a bit much.

Soapbox · 19/03/2007 12:15

I'd wear a flesh coloured beige shoe with a lemon suit.

Elongates the leg too

twelveyeargap · 19/03/2007 12:17

Very light tan/ "natural"/ off-white coloured shoes for a suit of that kind of colour, I would have thought. Sometimes it's hard to find white shoes that don't look cheap.

Lemon shoes and lemon suit might look a bit "mother of the bride" imo.

speedymama · 19/03/2007 12:21

Unfortunately, H&M do not have an website showcasing their clothes so no link to suit I'm afraid.

I had not thought about the fact that too much yellow would be over-whelming. I was going to buy a yellow baker hat to go with the outfit but maybe that is not a good idea. I have yellow blouse that I was going to wear with it too so maybe I should wear something else for contrast like black?

I told you I was bad. Even the guys at work comment about my loud ensembles!

OP posts:
speedymama · 19/03/2007 12:23

Mypartnerdavidfurnish, fortunately the suit is not as bad as that one

OP posts:
JackieNo · 19/03/2007 12:26

Definitely nothing else in yellow with the suit, I'd say (maybe some beads if you must). I'd go with a white top, dark blue shoes and accessories - or nude as soapbox suggests, but it will have to be the right sort of nude, so as not to clash with the yellow of the suit, imo.

BizzyDint · 19/03/2007 12:32

yellow suit, yellow shirt, yellow shoes AND yellow baker boy hat??!! oh my goodness me. please don;t say you had a yellow bag in mind too??!

is the yellow very soft? the ebay shoes are a very bright yellow.

zippitippitoes · 19/03/2007 12:35

would it be incredibly rude to say that I thought I was on the 1070s thread for a minute..

I'm thinking this look is rather Middle of the Road chripy chirpy cheep cheep

it's not a hot pants suit is it?

zippitippitoes · 19/03/2007 12:35


cathcart · 19/03/2007 12:38

I had a gorg pale lemon dress that I bought for a wedding last year and to with it I bought a pale minty coloured bag and shoes from ravel, or perhaps, if you can find some that are not trashy looking (not suggesting you are of course! ), white could go nicely.

speedymama · 19/03/2007 12:38

Dizzy, I bought a lemon bag from Clares Accessories (I think that is the name) after buying the suit and they had these mini coloured calculators by the till so I bought a yellow one.

The suit is gentle yellow, like lemon.

In my defence, I tend to shop once every three to four years for clothes because I'm hopeless at it.

DH revamped my wardrobe after we had been dating for a few years. He could not take it anymore.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 19/03/2007 12:39

or a light grey maybe?
eg good grey suede shoes in Boden - suede or fabric shoes are always more subtle than leather - and there are some fab grey bags about at the moment.

speedymama · 19/03/2007 12:39

Zippi, it is a skirt suit. I'm still waiting for DH's verdict.

OP posts:
paulaplumpbottom · 19/03/2007 12:40

I am jealous though Speedy. I could never get away with yellow I'm way to pale.

JackieNo · 19/03/2007 12:42

Listen to MrsBadger, speedymama - she knows her stuff.

speedymama · 19/03/2007 12:42

Out of interest, does anybody like the shoes or are they are fashion faux pas?

OP posts:
BizzyDint · 19/03/2007 12:42

i bet you have yellow earrings as well don't you? oh bless you. do you have any friends who can have a look in your wardrobe and help you put your suit together nicely?

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