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where do you buy nice jewelry?

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LaCerbiatta · 22/02/2007 14:05

I'd like to buy a couple of necklaces to make my boring clothes more interesting. Biggish ones but not too long iyswim. I can't afford too expensive either. Thanks!

OP posts:
LaCerbiatta · 23/02/2007 10:48

danceswithboots, just sent you an email. I'll have a look in bhs this we; I'm a bit sceptical though....

OP posts:
TheodoresMummy · 24/02/2007 23:53

I got some lovely necklaces from Oxfam a few weeks ago. New stuff they had in for Christmas, but reduced from £10ish to 99p !!! They had loads left in my store, so might still be worth a look I reckon.

FluffyMummy123 · 25/02/2007 10:12

Message withdrawn

Whizzz · 25/02/2007 17:08

I've been frantically making stuff for a craft fair next weekend & I think Ive got some better pics too what do you think?

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