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where do you buy nice jewelry?

54 replies

LaCerbiatta · 22/02/2007 14:05

I'd like to buy a couple of necklaces to make my boring clothes more interesting. Biggish ones but not too long iyswim. I can't afford too expensive either. Thanks!

OP posts:
Lucycat · 22/02/2007 16:25

What about catting Whizzz, her stuff is gorgeous - keep meaning to treat myself when i have a few pennies!

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 16:27

My stuff is like Whizz's but without Cod's blessing...

Lucycat · 22/02/2007 16:36

sorry dances i hadn't read your post when I posted mine!

Do you have a link to your jewelry?

funkimummy · 22/02/2007 16:38

danceswith - have sent you a mail.

Tirnanog · 22/02/2007 16:45

twocatsonthebed · 22/02/2007 16:55 - a bit of a treat but wonderful modern stuff. Also take a look at Lisa Hendry's stuff on the same site - some of her necklaces are not that expensive at all.

Tirnanog · 22/02/2007 16:58

Pilgrim do lovely jewellery too

Whizzz · 22/02/2007 16:59

LOL - thanks for remembering my stuff - still a mad hobbyist at the mo - but happy to make stuff to order
LOL also at the Cod Blessing !!

TinyGang · 22/02/2007 17:03

I like Silver by Mail - they're online.

FluffyMummy123 · 22/02/2007 17:13

Message withdrawn

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 18:17

I've put them on my profile oh fishy one.

FluffyMummy123 · 22/02/2007 18:18

Message withdrawn

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 18:19

£10 usually, £20 for you
I do a nice one on wire too but can't find decent pic. If I have time once dcs are in bed I'll take a pic of one.

Whizzz · 22/02/2007 18:31

Love your pics Dances (& your stuff of course) - I need to get some decent pics sorted

bundle · 22/02/2007 18:43

saw some nice jewellery in debenhams the other day, in the kaliko bit i think. also some lovely coats in the betty jackson diffusion line (called black)

BodkinVanHorn · 22/02/2007 18:58

I was going to suggest Pia and SilverByMail as well. I've had some lovely things from them. Wallis sometimes has nice jewellery too.

mommajools · 22/02/2007 19:05

saw some nice necklaces


TLV · 22/02/2007 19:10

if you are on a budget try BHS and they tend to have 15% off or something like that, I bought a lovely necklace a few weeks back and had a lot of people comment on how lovely it was, you should have seen the look on their faces when i said it was from BHS

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 19:12

Paint shop pro is the key whizz. You can download a trial version on line. Then you can 'clean up' your pics by altering the contrast then use the erase tool on the background. I'm going to put up the pre-cleaned version of the earrings photos so you can see the difference!

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 19:16

It's up now...

Whizzz · 22/02/2007 19:19

Wow - thats what my pics look like. I have Coral Paint Shop Pro but have never really mastered it - will have to have a play

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 19:23

corel shmorel....this is what you want: just click on the download button

This is only the trial version though, I dread to think how much the real deal costs!

FluffyMummy123 · 22/02/2007 20:06

Message withdrawn

danceswithnewboots · 22/02/2007 21:37

Yep, classroom assistant at school had nice necklace and matching bracelet from there.

anniemac · 23/02/2007 10:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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