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Is it possible to find decent-fitting shirts for those of ample norkage?

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yorkshirelass79 · 18/02/2007 15:48

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
JackieNo · 18/02/2007 15:50

Bravissimo do clothes for the large norkers among us - a bit pricey though, but might be worth investigating.

Aloha · 18/02/2007 15:51

I often wear a vest top underneat and leave it quite unbuttoned. I think that looks v nice.

yorkshirelass79 · 18/02/2007 15:54

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
janeite · 18/02/2007 16:05

Gap often do wrap shirts. I'm 34DD too and they fit really well. They're a bit low though, so I wear a cami underneath.

fizzbuzz · 18/02/2007 16:20

You have mysympathy, and I wish someone would do them. Bravissimo are OK, but I found they fitted really badly, and puckered.

I am a 32H, and I buy a 16 shirt, BUT sew up on placket where it gapes. This usually works, but sometimes gives a puckered effect.
That only usually happens when the shirt is a bit small. Safety pins inside work too.

Sheraz · 18/02/2007 16:23

I 'wonderweb' my cross over blouse closed and put them on over my head.

lackofgravitas · 18/02/2007 16:40

I have a couple of shirts from H&M that are particularly good with my chest (36G). One in particular has a really gathered front, plenty of space for the norkage, but because it has three tiny buttons instead of one it's well-secured and doesn't gape. The other one has groups of three tiny buttons all the way up, instead of single buttons, so again it cn be a bit tighter without gaping and showing excess bra.

yorkshirelass79 · 18/02/2007 19:05

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
shonaspurtle · 18/02/2007 19:11

I have to say that while the fit on the Bravissimo clothes was good I wasn't that impressed by the fabric. Felt a bit rough and cheap (which is a bit much given the prices).

I love their strappy tops though and haven't bought any of their clothes for a few years so perhaps they have improved.

Heathcliffscathy · 18/02/2007 19:11

sew em up. on inside. and put them over head. tis the only way (32/34 E-G depending on time of month!!)

fizzbuzz · 18/02/2007 19:23

Wonderweb is a fab idea! As a textile teacher I should have thought of that yonks ago

lisasimpson · 18/02/2007 19:55

I tend to go with fitted shirts but go for stretchy fabric without buttons if that makes sense. Next are quite good for those and I'm 34F size 14

Heathcliffscathy · 18/02/2007 20:04

what is wonderweb and has my life been empty without it???

Countingthegreyhairs · 18/02/2007 20:24

Yes, please enlighten us as to Wonderweb and what to do with it. I have exactly the same problem Yorkshirelass and although I have quite narrow shoulders, they are also quite rounded (terrible posture!) so low cut tops look awful on me too. The real problem comes in the summer when you don't particularly want to wear a couple of layers on top and yet you feel really exposed without ... pls forgive me if I'm hi-jacking ... but would love to know what you and others do when it's hot??

fizzbuzz · 18/02/2007 20:24

A strip of material that is sticky on both side with a glue which reacts to heat.

Slide it in between 2 fabric surfaces you want to join, and iron in place. Hey Presto!

Usually used for hems.

Seems to me there are a lot of people with this problem. Why can't the high street cater to this?

FioFio · 18/02/2007 20:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy · 18/02/2007 20:27

fio, read you as responding to previous poster!!!! haha!

congrats btw...very belatedly!


brimfull · 18/02/2007 20:33

I have been on a hunt for just this shirt today.I am a 36ff and had no luck whatsoever.
Tis a conspiracy.

yorkshirelass79 · 18/02/2007 20:59

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
brimfull · 18/02/2007 21:03

I agree,personally I don't feel that I am a freak of nature.If I had abnormally enormous norks then surely I would look out of place ,I don't feel I look any different from other women.Therefore there certainly is a HUGE gap in the market that bravissimo are the only ones to tackle as yet.
Bloody annoying though .

fizzbuzz · 18/02/2007 21:12

I also find it impossible to find wrap around shirts that fit. I know this is meant to be most flattering style for ample bosoms, but I find they just gape open, even with cami underneath.

Want fried eggs!

Aefondkiss · 19/02/2007 00:19

Hobbs is expensive (but worth it if you don't need to buy lots of shirts) - I got a shirt from there in the sale, 3 years ago, it zips up the side has a cross over on the bust and is fitted below, it has been fab and stood up to weekly wear, I wish I had bought more than one - haven't been in Hobbs to buy anything since due to poverty

sunnywong · 19/02/2007 00:24

I always wonder where the surgically enhanced moggels go for their non-glamour clothes, given that they have slim frames and lots of norkage.

As fio fio said it generally isn't possible unless you make them yourself and then you can fit the darts properly but who's got time for that?

harpsichordcarrier · 19/02/2007 00:25

no. I do what Aloha says, vest/cami with shirt over.

harpsichordcarrier · 19/02/2007 00:26

hey! I am LOVING The wundaweb idea! genius!!

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