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Next Sale

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Chipstick · 20/12/2006 20:20

For those of you who went to the summer Next sale and were disappointed (I certainly was!) I can tell you the winter sale looks fab.

I've received the sale sheet today for the directory and there is masses - and a whole variety of sizes. Childrens wear also has lots available.

Happy shopping! {grin}

OP posts:
Kidstrak · 21/12/2006 16:49

you replace the last 3 digits for example x37 should be replaced by GP4 so everything you order at the quickshop should have GP4 at the end of it instead of the directory no

laneydaye · 21/12/2006 16:50


macwoozy · 21/12/2006 16:51


laneydaye · 21/12/2006 17:02

Done.....thankyou thats saved me a shitty boxing day morning getting shoved around in next....xx

xmasstocking · 21/12/2006 17:08

Thanks a lot for this thread - have just ordered a shedload of stuff at the sale prices - did have a VIP slot booked for tomorrow morning but was worried most things would have gone by then but have got most of what I wanted now!!

jenk1 · 21/12/2006 18:47

just ordered DH and DD some new stuff using GP4 code and i didnt get a VIP invite this year for the first time in 5 years, HUH

themoon66 · 21/12/2006 19:06

What time on boxing day morning do they actually open the doors? I thought I might give it a go if the weather isn't too bad.

laneydaye · 21/12/2006 19:08

5am at meadowhall!!!!!

themoon66 · 21/12/2006 19:26

Meadowhall is nearest big shopping centre to me... but still a 50 min drive. I'd have to be up at 3am to stand any chance of being in the queue for 4.30am. No way.

LadyTophamHatt · 21/12/2006 19:30

Good lord...if there was ever evidence needed that this pregnancy has sent me laa-laa I've just found it.

Got the sale listing out, catelogues at the ready to trawl through.

then thought "Ohhh fuck it...I can't be bothered!"

1st time in years that I haven't "done" the next sale!

lovelymoo · 21/12/2006 19:59

put my order in - think DH is going to go mad!!!!!

VersoWassailWassail · 21/12/2006 20:32

Thanks so much for this. Just ordered heaps of stuff for DD (and a bit for me too ). Can't believe I didn't get a VIP invite though - how much do you have to spend to get one???!!! The mind boggles!

macwoozy · 21/12/2006 21:29

Use promo code F8084 for free postage, but offer ends midnight.

gonechristmascrackers · 21/12/2006 22:37

Just been tyring it, but can't get it to recognise GP4 at the end of code. Has it stopped working again or is it just me ?????

gonechristmascrackers · 21/12/2006 22:38

sorry, should have said "trying" not "tyring"

spykid · 21/12/2006 22:59

thanks for this.

have saved myself the usual crush instore!

Twohootsunderthemistletoe · 21/12/2006 23:01

Worked for me before but I must be mad and have decided to go to the shop on the sale day - I like early starts lol!

Not being funny but you do know you have to take off the letters that are and replace with GP4 - not just add it on

eg - 996 704 GF2 becomes 996 704 GP4


LadyOfThePoinsettias · 21/12/2006 23:07

when does the normal rl next sale start?

themoon66 · 21/12/2006 23:24

Apparently boxing day, 5am. Well, at Meadowhall it does.

Twohootsunderthemistletoe · 21/12/2006 23:33

Is it defo boxing day? or the day after? I know last year it was the day after but was to do with BD being on a Sunday I think!

themoon66 · 21/12/2006 23:43

I've tried to find out on google, but they aren't giving much away. Do they not put posters up in the shops? I seem to think they used to.

IssyK · 21/12/2006 23:46

If you go to it takes you to a page advertising the sale as starting at 5am on the 27th...

possumhead · 21/12/2006 23:59

Thanks everyone, just put an order in, had a slot booked for tomorrow afternoon but guess alot would have gone by then as all mumsnetters are on the case!!

laneydaye · 22/12/2006 17:31

God my next delivery arrived this morning.... thats not even 24 hrs..

winterpimms · 23/12/2006 14:43

A big thank you to kelly (well, i think it's a thank you .) I put in a big order yesterday with code gp4 over the phone . They asked if i had had a phone call and i just muttered that my dh took the message .

Think i was lucky because he went off the phone for a while to ask

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