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Next Sale

51 replies

Chipstick · 20/12/2006 20:20

For those of you who went to the summer Next sale and were disappointed (I certainly was!) I can tell you the winter sale looks fab.

I've received the sale sheet today for the directory and there is masses - and a whole variety of sizes. Childrens wear also has lots available.

Happy shopping! {grin}

OP posts:
BlueDaisy · 20/12/2006 20:22

Wish I had the energy to face a Next sale!!

It certainly is worth it though if you can do the jostling about bit!

pelvicfloorSNOWmore · 20/12/2006 20:25

Didnt someone on here find a way of ordering sale stuff online ?

pelvicfloorSNOWmore · 20/12/2006 20:26

I think it was the summer sale

divamumdiva · 20/12/2006 20:31

i found code but its changed already. they must found out.

BlueDaisy · 20/12/2006 20:32

God that would be GREAT

pelvicfloorSNOWmore · 20/12/2006 20:34

Oh no
Where do you look?
Damn it, they must never find out!

onzephyrstdayofchristmas · 20/12/2006 20:36

I found a code to get ito the online sale early - might be worth a try.....

the next sale does not start online until 27th december, but i have the code so you can shop at the sale prices now. What you need to do is...

1,go to this site and write down a list of the items you wnat, write down the cat numbers. | 2, log in and go to quickshop | 3, enter all of the cat numbers, replacing the last 3 digits with GP4 this will let you have them for the sale prices.

  1. The next online sale officially starts on the 27th dec at 10am.

  2. Next send random people an invite to have a VIP slot.

  3. A VIP slot is a 30 minute pre booked time slot in which the person can view and buy the sale items before everyone else. The VIP slots start tomorrow.

  4. You need an account to shop at the next online sale.

  5. you enter the discount(free delivery) codes in the same box as when you sign in.

  6. The code

  7. This code allows anyone with an account to buy at the sale prices brfore the sale officially starts.

    8)The code is usually 3 digits long.

  8. To use the code, you need to sign in at (remember any free delivery codes) And then go to quick shop.

  9. Then you need to enter the catalouge numbers of the items you wish to buy. But you need to replace the last 3 digits of the cat number with the special code.

  10. When you checkout it should have the items at the sale price.

  11. If we have no code, the only way to buy at sale prices is to be picked for a VIP slot. Or wait til 27th December 10am.
divamumdiva · 20/12/2006 20:37

check on moneysaving expert. the code was gp4 but its not working now. i guess they found out and changed the code now. i have slot day but i had a go, thought ill get some before they are out of stock.

Chipstick · 20/12/2006 20:37

You get invited to take part online - I've been doing it for so many years I now get invited to take part in the 'vip' sale which starts tomorrow - the proper sale is not until next Wednesday.

They email the invite, you accept then they send you a password which is valid with your account number for 30 mins at an agreed time. A sale sheet is also posted to you.

I'm guessing it may be dependant on how much you use the directory throughout the year?

I've never been to the sale in store I love my bed too much to get up at 5am to go shopping!

OP posts:
pelvicfloorSNOWmore · 20/12/2006 20:47

Its like the holy grail isn't it?
Everyone join forces and find the code

FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs · 21/12/2006 14:39

Can't be doing with Next, its like a jumble sale.

Gingerbear · 21/12/2006 14:47

Agree with fimbo, I hate fighting through next sales.Also the outlet stores are just depressing.
And my DH works for them!
Staff shop at leisure much better
did I mention the 25% discount card?

FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs · 21/12/2006 14:54

And why oh why is it always full of prams at sale time. You cannot move. My ds is still using a buggy but I leave him at home with dh during the sales.

Gingerbear · 21/12/2006 14:57

Easier for stashing shoplifted goods?

FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs · 21/12/2006 14:59

LOL . Mind you, a buggy is handy for storing all those bargains on it!

Gingerbear · 21/12/2006 15:04

true, you could take the buggy without the child, or perhaps just invest in an old lady shopping trolley. (Marsy swears by hers)

FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs · 21/12/2006 15:09

Those trolleys make me laugh. They became a fashion item a few years ago too. I remember a thread on here about them. Not quite the same though unless they are tartan and boxy. Ahhh now I know what dh can buy me for Christmas - they sell them at the local market.

FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs · 21/12/2006 15:15

There is something cutesy about this!

Kelly1978GotRunOverByAReindeer · 21/12/2006 16:08

GP4 is workign again now, I've jsut placed an order.

WHEELYbahhumBUG · 21/12/2006 16:32

bum bum bum - have just felt all smug about getting 5 things in the sale for £22 when I realise I haven't changed my delivery address and moved a couple of months ago and you can't change it on line only in writing.

How annoying is that ?

StarlightStarbrightSKYTVtonite · 21/12/2006 16:40

Great thanks

I've just placed a huge order for maternity things in the sale following the instructions and they say they will be delivered tomorrow!

Kidstrak · 21/12/2006 16:45

i got an invite to shop tonight at sale prices, but i can't be bothered so never registered for my slot


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macwoozy · 21/12/2006 16:46

When do you put in that code? I can't see where they're asking for it.

laneydaye · 21/12/2006 16:48

just tried to place an order and they havent come up with the sale price....did i do something wrong?

Kelly1978GotRunOverByAReindeer · 21/12/2006 16:49

you have to get the item code number of what you want, then go to quickshop, its on the home page, down the left hand side at the bottom. You put the item code in quickshop, changing the last three digits to gp4.

The best way to do it, is have two windows open, one to browse, and the other on quickshop to add your purchases.

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