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Need posh christmas party wear for short woman with big arse and no tits

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morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:25


OP posts:
Californifrau · 13/11/2006 21:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:30

that's not quite slutty enough

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 13/11/2006 21:32

When you say big do you mean J-Lo or fat?

Californifrau · 13/11/2006 21:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 21:35

mmmm lots of helpful suggestions so far.....
need more info:
budget / what colours suit / what styles suit / does it need to have sleeves????

morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:38

right well

colours: dark colours as I am pale - dark reds, black, dark blue all fine

doesn't need to have sleeves - all of body is ok really except for lack of norkage

arse is large but looks best surrounded by something tight

Shall be wearing fishnet tights and v. high black heels

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 13/11/2006 21:41

Something tight fitting all over then if you are unflabby

Was thinking tight skirt and boots

A well-fitting but not low cut top half, or some sort of gathery frilly bit or something

Or tight skirt and boots with a crinkly sort of top

controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 21:48

knee length or loooong?

morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:49

I have a variety of short tight skirts

which boys seem to like

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 21:50

and are you bright young thing or frankly forty??

morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:50


OP posts:
morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:50

so neither

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 21:51

lol. posted my 2nd ? before read your comment re "boys"!

controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 21:51

32 is def on bright young thing side of things....

morningpaper · 13/11/2006 21:52


OP posts:
JackieNo · 13/11/2006 22:06

And what size? Do you want a dress, or a top that you can wear with existing skirts?

JackieNo · 13/11/2006 22:10

Was wondering about something like this , but tighter fitting around the bottom half (or shorter). But that sort of neckline? Or possibly a halter neck?

JackieNo · 13/11/2006 22:20

How about this or this - the shape would be right - do you like the colours?

controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 22:25

that first principles one is lovely jackieno. could wear with slinky skirt and heels

JackieNo · 13/11/2006 22:29

Or this dress - simple but sexy, imo. Maybe a bit too plain for Christmas.

JackieNo · 13/11/2006 22:32

Mmm - shiny - but what about the colour? Too bright?

controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 22:33

how about
glam number

TheHighwayCod · 13/11/2006 22:34

no wear a burka


JackieNo · 13/11/2006 22:35

Comes in purple too. How good are your legs?

controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 22:35

v v shiny jackie... may reflect strangely from large arse of op

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