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biggboobers bra help please

39 replies

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 16:33

ok tried on 12 bras and non were any good
i want a back one to wear under evening stuff

seamless if poss

not too fancy

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TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 16:43


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Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 16:44

Where did you try em on? How big? Do you need "special" shops or can you get em in normal ones???

Tis great to be the one asking the questions

frogs · 09/11/2006 16:45

Rigby & Peller.

Go there.

You won't regret it.

CheeryGarcia · 09/11/2006 16:45


Changed my life

CheeryGarcia · 09/11/2006 16:46

Bravissimo now stocking Rigby and Peller I see

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 16:48

have been to normal bra shop
i didn tliek any of them

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TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 16:48


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Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 16:49

That's nice... I have a catalogue here... will look

PandaG · 09/11/2006 16:51

I love Bravissimo, they spend time getting the right fit for you. Katzg was recommending brastop the other day, but I have no personal experience.

marymillington · 09/11/2006 16:51

how big is big though?

freya ones seem to work for me and quite pretty.

don't waste any time in M&S.

Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 16:52


or this

CheeryGarcia · 09/11/2006 16:53

It's worth a visit to Bravissimo. Personal assistant to bring you every bra in the shop, if that's what it takes. I walked in a 36D and left a 34FF with a perky bosom. An uplifting experience!

Carmenere · 09/11/2006 16:53

Fantasie are made ny Rigby and Peller apparently and they are without a shadow of doubt the best bra I have ever worn. I wouldn't dream of wearing any other type now. I'm a 38F and they have loads of very flattering, pretty styles. They cost about £30/£40 but are worth it and House of Fraser stock them, as do many small underwear shops.

sassy · 09/11/2006 16:55

Oh Cod, you don't know HOW awful it is to be truly big boobed.

I am either a 32H or 32J a/c to lady who runs our local posh undies shop- she's had to order them in specially to see.

I long to be more normal.


(Bravissimo good, local inependent prob better, but avoid if they come at you with a tape measure - should do it by looking.)

Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 16:55

shove em forward

seamless but dull

very full cup

maggiesmama · 09/11/2006 16:55

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

marymillington · 09/11/2006 16:55

mmm yes, have a couple of fantasie ones too - John Lewis stock them.

Californifrau · 09/11/2006 16:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 17:01
Californifrau · 09/11/2006 17:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 17:23

Oi Cod - we shop for you, and you say nuffink!

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 17:33


Well I am broke and cannot afford Bravissimo prices, i have loads of Asda £6 jobbies - fab and they do nice dressy ones and i can afford the pants too. I am into volume over quality though.

I am currently wearing a nice black seamless one from Asda and it cost me £8 - bargin

Californifrau · 09/11/2006 17:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JackieNo · 09/11/2006 17:38

I have a couple of these and though not exciting, they are seamless, v comfortable, and give a great shape (I hate having pointy breasts, which many bras seem to give me).

natmeistergeneral · 09/11/2006 17:39

Freya from Fantasie do some bigger cupped sized bras. Most of them are very pretty and quite trendy.

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