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biggboobers bra help please

39 replies

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 16:33

ok tried on 12 bras and non were any good
i want a back one to wear under evening stuff

seamless if poss

not too fancy

OP posts:
Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 17:39

Asda have a better fit than M&S when i flashed the other weekend (v.drunk) i was mucho complimented for my bra

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 17:48

i know mys size dont need to go to r and p
the three oyu linked to (ta) are no good
i tried htem on

  1. spaniels ears
  1. moulded cups are surely devisl work
  2. no good
OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 09/11/2006 17:50

I was feeling the same about the devils work...

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 17:52


TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 17:52

no asda here in poshland

OP posts:
holidaymum · 09/11/2006 17:53

Use Bravissimo. I love Panache they keep their shape and are so supportive nad pretty too.

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 17:55

You have a car travel

Come to Hull we have 2 massive George sections in our Asdas.

USAUKMum · 09/11/2006 17:57

This is the only one that's worked for me
seamless t-shirt
I'm a 36GG.

danceswithmonkeys · 09/11/2006 17:58

where is poshland? If anywhere near kent/bluewater go to Leia. Fantastic lingerie shop with very helpful assistants (am repeating myself from another thread I know but that shop is great!)

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 18:13

aha! now i HAVe that one
i was wondering whether just to get another on of thsoe

OP posts:
JackieNo · 09/11/2006 19:32

Yes - that's the one that I linked to too - I like them a lot.

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 19:34

sorry jackie

OP posts:
themoon66 · 09/11/2006 20:03

Never mind regional meet-ups, I reckon we should have a big norkage meet-up. Some of the bra links on here are fabulous.

TheHighwayCod · 09/11/2006 20:06

got that one
figleaves dotn stock it in balck

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