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Too fat to be a bride?

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Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 16:22

Friend said today - i think brides who are a size 16 or over look awful. Fuck.

Am size 18 [fatty emoticon] and I am loosing weight and have 2 years but I have never ever as an adult been thin, smallest size i have been is size 14 which is not exactly tiny is it? And my arms are ming ming ming (full of scars)

So say I am a size 16 on my wedding day will it be hideous? Have HUGE boobs and fat tummy but am not flabby kwim?

Am going to be minger yes?

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 09/11/2006 17:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 17:31

I do want a bit of a meriange (sp) none of this slinky rubbish! Its my wedding day and i will only be 24 and so i feel like i am sort of the prefect candidate for a white fluffy thing.

I feel better hearing from some people who were not a size 8 on their wedding day.

I like that dress a lot MrsB was thinking maybe Bolero for Catholic Church wedding (more appropriate IMO) something like this - bolero then take it off for meal/evening when its more casual.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 09/11/2006 17:41

bolero might be a good plan - sheer ones are v flattering as less bulky round the armpits than satin
ideas from my (now fairly ancient) 'Wedding Dress Sleeve Solutions' folder!

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 17:44

love no.6 and 7!

What did you wear in the end MrsB?

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 09/11/2006 17:59

that one called Gala at 4:57:17 - to my shame I have cut out, scanned and kept the catalogue pic out of sheer sentimentality ....

Seven was one of the ones that squeezed me in slightly unpleasant and distorting ways - needed more norkage than I had to give...

Tommy · 09/11/2006 18:06

a friend of mine went for a top and a skirt - not actually a dress (it looked like address though IYSWIM)

She looked gorgeous and stunning - as will you

beckybrastraps · 09/11/2006 18:11

Mine was a top and a skirt. The top was boned - highly recommended for large breasts! The skirt was A line (more flattering than a meringue for me) and there was a sort of a short train which came down from the top of the skirt (hiding the bum most effectively).

normalness · 09/11/2006 20:15

I am v.skinny and had to get the dress maker to make fake boobs in my dress. You won't have that problem lucky you . Wedding dresses need filling up imo.

estobi1 · 09/11/2006 21:08

I was a size 14/16 on our wedding day and I was told all day how beautiful I looked. My dh's first words (so i am told) when he saw me were "wow"! It will be exactly the same for you so stuff your friend you will be gorgeous! I am normally a 16/18 and in the three weeks before the wedding weight just dropped off me (mainly due to nerves and rushing around). Have a fab day and remember that you and your dh are the important ones.

chipo · 09/11/2006 21:25

I am a size 16/18 and everyone said I looked a size twelve in my dress. I had a maggie sottero dress which was corseted and they also normally come with a shall which can be draped around your shoulders. I did this on the way to the church as it was a bit chilly. I tied it in a knot at the front so it wouldn't fall of and looked really nice.

themildmanneredjanitor · 09/11/2006 21:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch · 09/11/2006 21:42

aAAGH, WROTE YOU oops, a long post and it disappeared.

I hate my wedding photos and think I look an absolute fright of a heifer. I wish I'd either waited or had no photos tbh. But, but, but, it was about BEING married for me, not GETTING married so actually, I couldn't really care less, I'm very glad we did it. Although there's the odd flattering one, I mostly think, nope, you should not have worn that. Oh well!

But I think a 16 is perfectly acceptable and lovely and you have youth on your side too iirc so I bet you'll look fab.

moondog · 09/11/2006 21:45

Wot are you on WWW?
Your wedding photos were gorgeous-and so were you.

Very sensual.

Nemo1977 · 09/11/2006 21:54

Not hideous at all..when I got married I was a size 20/22 and flet fab..regardless of size it is all about the dress and underwear.

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 21:59

Am def slimming so hope to be size 16 with huge boobs, am pretty um firm so no sagging its solid fat.

I never saw your wedding photos www but bet you looked fab, incedicnetally what was the dress like?

Have been recommended a corset style, my prob area is my tummy so if it can be pulled in then that should be ok!

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 09/11/2006 22:01

Smurfgirl, size 16, solid fat, big boobs sounds lovely to me!

My dress was an ill advised long dark purple number with a cream shrug. The shrug was the very wrong bit, make my arms look even bigger than they are.

sansouci · 09/11/2006 22:02

wow, cantsleep, what a babe!!

WideWebWitch · 09/11/2006 22:02

I mean it btw, just realised you may think I'm being sarky, am not, at all.

Smurfgirl · 09/11/2006 22:05


Am def going for structure think slinky does my figure no favours!

Do you think a bolero jacket would be ill advised then?

OP posts:
sallystrawberry · 09/11/2006 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Macdog · 09/11/2006 22:18

Loads of bridal shops(Pronuptia for one) do dresses up to a size 30.

I was a lot bigger than you when I got married.
I chose a flattering frock and actually look thinner in the photos than I was in RL.

You will look FABULOUS and she's just

Wilbur · 10/11/2006 10:22

Have you seen that Dove ad with the generously endowed woman poured into a strapless black dress? It says something like yes they're real in the tagline. She (and her norks) look utterly amazing - she must be well over a size 16, at least on the top half. She's beautifully made up, her skin has been buffed, yes, but her body is fabulous and the corseted dress she is wearing makes the most of it. I'm sure you will be able to find a frock that makes the most of your assets and makes you look and feel a millions dollars. Good luck and enjoy planning your wedding!

Noodlekitty · 10/11/2006 12:50

You'll look fantastic! I was an 18/20 on my wedding day, didn't bother me a jot. As soon as you put on that big white dress you'll feel like a million bucks!

becaroo · 10/11/2006 15:24

I was 9 stone when I got married and a size 10. My sister was about 14 stone and a size 22. She looked so far as I am concerned much nicer than I did! She had her dress made and borrowed the jewellry I had worn to my wedding two years previously. It was a very simple dress, and slightly fitted. Good underwear is VERY important though - get fitted properly. It is not about how much you weigh, or what the scales say. It is your day...I am sure you will look stunning.

becaroo · 10/11/2006 15:26

Also you so called friend needs a good slapping Little green eyed monster rearing its ugly head methinks!

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