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It's just not true that wrap dresses suit everyone, is it?

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oranges · 13/10/2006 18:07

Why do magazines always go on about how flattering they are? I've never found one to suit me, but shop assistants always bulldoze me into trying them on as I have a big chest and curves. I had 20 mins to find an evening dress yesterday and failed because I was stalked by an assistant insisting those damn dresses were the ones I should try on. GGRRR.

OP posts:
oranges · 13/10/2006 19:39

or do they? (one little bump before this thread vanishes into obvlivion)..

OP posts:
tonton · 13/10/2006 19:43

I agree. Last year I was out of work for a bit and celebrated by buying a not-at-all cheap diane von furstenburg wrap dress. Its gorgeous but really does nothing for me - I am very skinny with no boobs as such. It looks lovely on another friend who is also v skinny but has nice big boobs.

irishbird · 13/10/2006 19:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrannyandZooey · 13/10/2006 19:52

No, they look like shit on me. I am a size 8 - 10 with no waist and they make me look like a sack of potatoes too.

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore · 13/10/2006 19:52

I tried one on yesterday, and I looked 7 months pregnant

spagbol · 13/10/2006 19:55

Tonton, get a bra that fakes boobs, otherwise would be a big shame not to wear a real dvf dress.

Mirage · 13/10/2006 21:06

Me too Tonton.I'm a size 8-10 with miniscule boobs & those dresses just gape folornly at the chest on me.

EmmyLou · 13/10/2006 21:17

No always gape open at chest and show off jelly belly.

Pollybloodyanna · 13/10/2006 21:21

I got a really nice one from French Connection yesterday - but for me (not exactly umm toned), some of them are too unforgiving. My French Connection one does look really good - I am a size 12 and 5.9 mediumly norked, but if it is too clingy and short I look awful.

lucykate · 13/10/2006 21:22

i have never felt comfortable in wrap dresses or skirts, they gape open and show off too much leg on me

80sMum · 13/10/2006 21:24

Anything in a wrap style looks awful on me. Just emphasises my flat-chested frontage! DD looks good in them though, but she's 3 sizes bigger than me!

FrannyandZooey · 13/10/2006 21:29

However I do think they look fantastic on most larger curvier people, don't they? I have seen some women who clearly do not have 'perfect' figures look very arresting and attractive in them.

Bozza · 13/10/2006 21:29

My problem with wraps, and empire lines as well, is being fairly slim with small norks but a broad back and shoulders. To get them to fit across the back they will gape at the front, or be too tight on the back/upper arms and fit on the front. In fact TBH this extends to almost all shirts/blouses/jackets so is a significant issue for me clotheswise.

hoxtonchick · 13/10/2006 21:33

i'm a 16 with big norks & skinny legs & they look pretty good on me. which i deserve, frankly .

MadameMorticiaMills · 13/10/2006 21:42

Goodness me, I'm a size 16 with large norks and skinny legs too.

(Sorry just had to mention that.)

controlfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky2 · 13/10/2006 21:46

dvf making gorgeous silk jersey knee length a line shirt dresses this season.... i am 16 / medium norks and unskinny legs... suits me v well (but love wrap dresses too...

flutterbeebonfirebanger · 13/10/2006 21:49

I actually reckon they are the biggest swindle of this year, I really don't think they suit that many people at all. In fact I bloody hate them.

HorrorMatopoeia · 13/10/2006 21:49

I'm a size 16 with huuuuuuugggggeeeeee norks and I just end up looking like my chest is making a bid for freedom. Always wear vest tops underneath and then feel frumpy. No, they're not for me!

controlfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky2 · 13/10/2006 21:50

shirt dresses or wraps flutterbee??

sarahalloween · 13/10/2006 21:50

Ah but for this size 16 big norked one they look awful. Bought one to wear for a couple of Christmas dos last year and cringe now as to how unflattering it was! Sold it on Ebay before i could be tempted that it was ok really.

hoxtonchick · 13/10/2006 21:53

shall we start our own club mmm?!

i wear vest tops under them too. but there's still a fair amount of cleavage action. don't dare stop b-feeding though...

MadameMorticiaMills · 13/10/2006 21:56

I'm 5ft 10 too,I don't suppose you are too, are you?

hoxtonchick · 14/10/2006 09:18

1.73 metres. not sure what that is in old money. 5ft7 or something?

TinyGang · 14/10/2006 09:25

I think wrap dresses look nice as long as you don't have to move at all.

I don't feel comfortable because they need constant re-adjustment and fiddling with. I'm always looking down to make sure it's not gaping open somewhere.

merlotmama · 14/10/2006 16:16

Boobs look OK but I thought I had a waist until I tried some wrap dresses. Not an edifying sight.

I have a friend who has two people's bodies: her top half is nice and slim (medium norks) but all her life her bottom half has belonged to some other girl two sizes bigger than her. She loves wrap dresses and is dreading them going out of fashion.

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