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I Had A Good Chuckle At The Style Mag for Men In The S.T. This Week..

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Fimbo · 02/10/2006 13:35

Sir Geldof de Bob didn't look any better. Dh would probably wear a couple of the work shirts and shoes and thats it.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 02/10/2006 14:37

I tried to show it to my husband.

He wasn't interested, needless to say.

I did manage to show him some of the photographs with, 'Would you ever wear something like this?'

His response, 'Would I f*ck!'

expatinscotland · 02/10/2006 14:38

Bob Geldof looks like a train wreck.

nailpolish · 02/10/2006 14:39

well i find him sexy

FIMBOnABroomstick · 02/10/2006 14:42

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NP now repeat after me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Kind hearted he certainly is, a good dad most probably but please somebody give him a good wash.

nailpolish · 02/10/2006 14:43

ok you can wash him but dont shave him, i cannot stand clean shaven

he has a lovely soft accent

i like it when he swears

nailpolish · 02/10/2006 14:45

its when i heard he had taken in whassernames and micheal hutchence's daughter Tiger Lily after they both died - i just thought it was the most unselfish act any father could have done

aDAdOnMumsnet · 02/10/2006 14:48

Lol lili.

Yes cupcakes, one interpretation of interesting could be Boden's luvvverrly designs. You see what we're up against!!

expatinscotland · 02/10/2006 14:50

You put polish on your NAILS! You need to stop inhaling that stuff and maybe you'll see reason and see just how much of a tragedy Bob Geldof looks.

FIMBOnABroomstick · 02/10/2006 14:55


nailpolish · 02/10/2006 15:01

lol you 2

uch hes loverly

like a faithful auld dug

and hes v cool

expatinscotland · 02/10/2006 15:05

Well, you're quite right in that, NP, I mean, the dog part .

Arf arf!

He looks like one, in need of a good scratch.

He's foosty.

nailpolish · 02/10/2006 15:08

i bet hes a dirty bastard in bed

FIMBOnABroomstick · 02/10/2006 15:12

H E ' S M I N G I N G. E N D O F.

(Fimbo is in dire need of something for a sore throat due to shouting at NP)

expatinscotland · 02/10/2006 15:14

Thanks for that visual, NP. I was just about to eat a chocolate.

But now I've lost my appetite entirely.

I'd rather have ALL David Tenant's babies, be pregnant to him every single year from now till menopause, before I got w/i ten feet of Bob Geldof.


nailpolish · 02/10/2006 15:16


hes all mine then, by the look of things

FIMBOnABroomstick · 02/10/2006 15:21

I'm scratching just thinking about it. He looks like he has a least 10 years supply of heidlice in his locks.

Next you will be liking Keith from Eastenders.

Now repeat:-

I Lurve Robbie, I Lurve Robbie (because I can let you off with him, just..............)

expatinscotland · 02/10/2006 15:21

He always sounds like he's smacked out, too. That slurry, junkie voice.


nailpolish · 02/10/2006 15:22

oh alright then, ill stick with Rob

he definitely is a dirty boy in bed

nailpolish · 02/10/2006 15:24

nah hes not smacked out hes just a laid back irish dude

and he has such a big heart

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