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*******MIRACLE SWIMSUIT********MIRACULOUS!*********

45 replies

controlfreaky · 18/07/2006 17:14

just spent (ridiculous) amount of money on miracle swimsuit (cant do links but you can see them on figleaves website). was not prepared to beleive would actually be more flattering than usual black costume.... BUT I WAS WRONG. it is black lovely material / underwired / drapey bit that covers saggy tummy in subtle flattering way / proper bottom that covers whole of area.... am v impressed (and poor)

OP posts:
LittleMerlin · 18/07/2006 17:15

i'm tempted to get one - but when I looked on figleaves the bra sizings seemed limited.

beef · 18/07/2006 17:16

is it one of these?

controlfreaky · 18/07/2006 17:24

its that captiva one, bottom right on page one....
cant really see the drapy stuff going on in the pics....
some of the others which i tried were a bit frumpy (but v supportive!)
am a fat wobbly 16 with beach exposure issues....

OP posts:
controlfreaky · 18/07/2006 17:25

ps who are you beef??

OP posts:
beef · 18/07/2006 17:28

that's a very flattering swimsuit but the cost

Snafu · 18/07/2006 17:30

Jeepers, for that price it ha better give me the body of Elle MacThingummy...

controlfreaky · 18/07/2006 17:37

didnt i mention that came as free gift??
i know the cost is RIDICULOUS but spending madness induced by having to go to swanky spa with lissom and lovely girlfriends in a weeks time... was getting quite stressed by whole thing. shall do the overused "what this old thing" routine on dh if he notices! and hide cc bill....

OP posts:
beef · 18/07/2006 17:40

at least try this !

controlfreaky · 18/07/2006 17:49

alas tis too late... i have my precious swimsuit in my clutches and shant be letting go... but it was a v kind thought beef
pps who the are you??

OP posts:
geekgrrl · 18/07/2006 18:02

wow, thanks beef and cf. I've not bought a new cozzie for years due to wobbly issues. It's still about 5 times more than I'd normally spend, but maybe I'll actually dare to brave the garden in a swimming costume over the summer now.

controlfreaky2 · 18/07/2006 21:38

exactly geekgirl! go for it.... at least have a laugh and try one on! got mine in house of fraser...

Toothache · 18/07/2006 21:39

£100 for a swimsuit? Sheesh!

walks off thread tutting and rolling eyes

crunchie · 18/07/2006 21:49

I can understand wanting to do this. A basic classic swimsuit will last you how many years??? I would think at least 10, so who would pay £10 a year for a swimsuit??

I bought one for £50 last year and I love it so much it always makes me feel good in it, and more importantly I managed to wear it up to a size 18 and now I am a size 12 it still fits and flatters. It is in a brown suede effect fabric with a miracle tummy thing that really holds it in

So go for it if you have the cash!!

controlfreaky2 · 18/07/2006 21:53

thanks crunchie. was beginning to feel really guilty / frivolous about the spending and about the posting re it... (but it is good)
also figured am much more lekely to get off my big backside for a swim in it compared to hideous old cossie that was source of shame and made me look like sack of potatoes...

geekgrrl · 18/07/2006 21:59

absolutely - my other swimsuit is at least 7 years old. I just feel so self-conscious about myself (am a size 14 at 5ft 10 but filled with complete self-loathing regarding my body) and dh always whinges about me just wearing baggy t-shirts and shorts in the garden. I can see myself just wearing a swimsuit if it keeps my belly tucked in and gives me a bit of shape.
(and if it doesn't I can always send it back)

controlfreaky2 · 18/07/2006 22:02

would reccommend size bigger than it says... still v firming but not like iron control underwear... came up quite small imo

motherpeculiar · 18/07/2006 22:14

had heard of these before but never of anyone who had one. agree massive amount of money but also that if well made and fits well and increases confidence on beach/by pool (eeeeek!) could be well worth it, especially with 30 quid off. I have just thrown my completely threadbare jjmb maternity cossie in the bin in a fit of madness and am off on holiday in two weeks so in a bit of a panic. Unfortunately bins have been emptied so can't even retrieve the bloody thing now.

I am not particularly large, however, as well as the regular two kids but no exercise saggy tummy I also have a tiny bosom and a big bum with thighs that the elastic on swimsuits ALWAYS cuts into in a spectacularly unattractive fashion.

is this swimsuit such a miracle that it might help even me?

(please say yes and put me out of this swimsuit buying hell)

(didn't mean to hijack thread, it just all kind of came spewing out...)

controlfreaky2 · 18/07/2006 22:25

well is first time i've looked even half decent in one in years... and i do understand mp... its so a confidence thing isnt it.... if i think i look ok i'll be far less self conscious and whole clothes off in public thing will be less awful... so if you can contemplate the price without fainting / going bankrupt...
reckon bottom coverage / non cutting into thigh aspects will be fine and saggy tum aspect definitely sorted!

motherpeculiar · 18/07/2006 22:51

ok, sounds good so far. so if I normally am between 12-14 on lower half but buy 14 in swimwear in vain attempt to minimise cutting elastic on thighs do you think I could go for 16? or will bust swim (pardon awful pun) on my negligable norks (either 34c or 36b depending on who is measuring, although I always wore 36a before anyone at M+S got their tape around them)

whaddya think? I guess because the fabric is tightening anyway it might be ok...


(sorry to lay this on you controlfreaky - I am just completely desperate)

motherpeculiar · 18/07/2006 22:53

am thinking of this for optimum nork enhancement - don't really like that dip between them though...

OppressedLiberalPinko · 18/07/2006 22:56

Glad you're so happy and fab looking in it, cf. Yes v v expensive but it'll last forever and it sounds lovely and confidence enhancing.

chipkid · 18/07/2006 22:58

i have one and i love it worth evry penny

motherpeculiar · 18/07/2006 22:58

which one do you have chipkid?

controlfreaky2 · 18/07/2006 23:02

i'd get the 12(us) size i think...
that style looks lovely, i saw it in shop but didnt try on only because didnt have my size... definitely the way to go for nork enhancement i'd say (i'm mor in need of nork containment myself!). wouldnt get larger size as underwired cups may be too big and wont then do boosting nork job.... really hope its a success (but dont blame me if its not pleeeeese)?

motherpeculiar · 18/07/2006 23:07

won't blame you I promise!

will check figleaves returns policy and might just buy it although dh thinks black won't suit me...


forgot to say am glad you love yours so much. it's great when that happens....

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