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you all said he sales were starting

30 replies

poisson · 05/07/2006 19:50

and they arent

OP posts:
Alan · 05/07/2006 19:51

they ahve down here

marthamoo · 05/07/2006 19:51

They are...but mostly in kids' shops for some reason. Adams and Mothercare have sales on.

MrsJohnCusack · 05/07/2006 19:52

some have

Lemmingswife · 05/07/2006 19:53

Some places have started their sales. French connection have started their sale, including an on-line sale. They have lots of half price clothes. Warehouse also have a 50% off sale. I have ordered bits from them.

megglevache · 05/07/2006 20:01

Message withdrawn

mumfor1standfinaltime · 05/07/2006 20:02

Debenhams have...mind you they have permanent sale..!

Lemmingswife · 05/07/2006 20:02

Zara have a sale, Oasis have a sale & Jones shoe shop do too.
Warehouse & French connection have on-line sales, as well as sales in their stores.

bubblerock · 05/07/2006 20:07

There's a good list here of the summer sales!

megglevache · 07/07/2006 08:33

Message withdrawn

biglips · 07/07/2006 09:14

monsoon either starting today or tmrw

sales on everywhere here

biglips · 07/07/2006 09:15

sorry not tmrw but monday

hulababy · 07/07/2006 09:16

A lot of sales on in shopping centre near here. Not Monsoon though (typical I bought from there yesterday). I did go in Debenhams and I did get a dress, but I hated the shop. Why do sales racks just look like jumble sales? I am not a natural shopper, lol!

bubblerock · 08/07/2006 10:19

Good Morphy Richards sale here Prices include delivery!!

crunchie · 10/07/2006 11:02

Biglips, not today (unless website haven't got it!)

Anyone else know about the Monsoon Sale???

TheLadyVanishes · 10/07/2006 13:53

john lewis sale, m&S sale (i think) fenwick sale and quite a few clothes shops have sales on

oooh and dune sale has started (saw some lovely shoooeess today)

Fimbo · 10/07/2006 13:54

Any shop in particular, Cod?

I am waiting for M & S - anybody any idea when?

Earlybird · 10/07/2006 14:04

I'm waiting for the Monsoon sale to begin. They currently have a big sign in the windows "1/2 Off", with 'on all jewelry' in tiny print. Misleading.

laughinglil · 10/07/2006 14:05

m&s sales last year wasn't until late august if I remember correctly!

Fimbo · 10/07/2006 14:07

Thanks Laughinglil

foxinsocks · 10/07/2006 14:08

was in Kingston this morning and virtually every store had a massive sale

Gap has a huge 75% off sale - loads of jeans £12.99 and lots of strappy tops from £2.99 - £6.99. Clarks has a big sale - kids and adults shoes.

Didn't go into M&S or Monsoon so didn't notice whether they had one on or not.

neena28 · 10/07/2006 14:12

Have just phoned my local monsoon (leicester) about something else and asked about the sales. Was told they were expecting to be told in the next week and thought it would be middel to late july. She said wouldn't be for a week at least though. Will keep an eye though in case they do.

cardy · 10/07/2006 14:16

I've just been to the Gap sale, bought a pair of Jeans, a pair of linen trousers and a vest top all for £28.97! It should have been £110.50. Gap have great sales.

poisson · 10/07/2006 16:45

hmm are those dresses in there?

OP posts:
cardy · 10/07/2006 16:58


foxinsocks · 10/07/2006 19:35

the drop waisted dresses are in the sale - I think £19.99 and the other strappy dresses were in the sale for £9.99

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