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Expensive Moisturisers - are they worth it or should I just buy Olay??

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RnB · 27/06/2006 08:45

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
MeAndMyBoy · 27/06/2006 08:46

They aren't all the same, you need to find what suits you. I have one that I certainly wouldn't change from, but it's not cheap .

moondog · 27/06/2006 08:47

Dermatologists say over and over that there is no difference.You are essentially only greasing down the top (dead) layer.

TheBlonde · 27/06/2006 08:47

I use clinique but only buy duty free or when they give you free stuff

Some of the olay stuff is 20 quid!!

RnB · 27/06/2006 08:49

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
megglevache · 27/06/2006 09:03

Message withdrawn

puff · 27/06/2006 09:08

Tbh, if you have to be v careful about what you put on your face, I would stick with the origins stuff - how long does it last? £25 isn't cheap but price per use is probably low if you work it out.

snowleopard · 27/06/2006 09:12

I'm exactly the same RnB, and I've just gone back to origins Have a Nice Day after a miserable experiment with trying to find something cheaper I like. All that's happened is my spots came back with a vengeance and Ikept getting rashes. Back to Have a Nice Day and they're gone again. Sooo annoying as it's so expensive, but I reason I don't go out much like I used to before DS and I can afford it if I stop buying unnecessary stuff like toenail polish! Plus I was spending £5 a time on cheap moisturisers I never used up because they gave me spots...

I would love to believe there's no difference but it can't be true. Origins is the only brand that doesn't give me spots, makes my skin feel nice and also has an SPF in it. (I love Dr Hauschka too but I find the face mouisturisers too rich - spots again.)

The only solution is for us to buy shares in Origins ...

MeAndMyBoy · 27/06/2006 09:14

No Rnb it's this


it's lovely, works for sensitive skin, has vitamins A C & E in all of it. Moisuriser is spf 15 as well and the face mask is fab, it dries soft so you don't end up with that horrible stiff face feeling when you use it. I ran out and went back to nivea visage that I used to use and it was so greasy and felt so heavy I was really surprised. Definately won't be using anything else.

pickle100 · 27/06/2006 09:18

Olay products such as total effects are about £15 - £20 anyway so no real saving! I really love dermologica products and find they do not irritate my skin with rashes/spots etc. IMO if you have sensitive skin you have to accept that you pay a bit more to keep problems at bay. Not fair but after 20 years of bad experiences with cheaper brands I have learned acceptance.

Cappucino · 27/06/2006 09:25

unless you made your own.. I know Neal's Yard sell blank creams etc for you to mix

bet expat would know, she's a mixing genius

expatinscotland · 27/06/2006 09:26

I make my own body lotion now, I'll post the recipe when I get home.

Right now I'm still using Oil of Olay Regenerist b/c I got a big supply last year in Costco, but once it runs out I'll probably start making my own.

lorina · 27/06/2006 09:26

If you have sensitive skin and have had bad reactions in the past then dont risk it! Your face is going to have to last the rest of your life so its worth taking really good care of it

In the past when I have been hard up I have used E45 cream because I found that was better than cheap face cream. Now I have a bit more cash I use decleor and the difference in my face is noticable.

Cappucino · 27/06/2006 09:28

god expat that was quick

CountessDracula · 27/06/2006 09:30

I have tried lots of expensive ones and always come back to Vaseline DermaCare Lotion which is about £3 for a big thing. I do have dry skin though, don't know if it would be any good for your skin but you could try it.

I use Clarins toner/cleanser and eye stuff and Beauty flash balm.

expatinscotland · 27/06/2006 09:31

i'm bored

Enid · 27/06/2006 09:32

according to my best friend, if you have regular botox you have no need of expensive moisturiser

Enid · 27/06/2006 09:33

I am not using a moisturiser at all atm

just eve lom cleanser (have post baby breakout skin )

Kaz33 · 27/06/2006 09:40

I use Nivea oil free mosturiser - cheapish, but actually my skin prefers it to the more expensive oily products. I have sensitive fair skin. Worth a try its about £5.

JackieNo · 27/06/2006 09:40

I like the Liz Earle stuff - not very cheap, but lasts well.

serenity · 27/06/2006 09:50

I get really dry patches and find it hard to find something that works on those patches, but doesn't make the rest really greasy. E45s OK, but seems to take 5/10 minutes to sink in and makes everything really shiny. Atm I swear by Johnsons Baby Moisturising Cream (a whopping £1.20 )

Sugarpop · 27/06/2006 09:58

Almay do a really good range for sensitive skin, the Kinetin one is great.

MeAndMyBoy · 27/06/2006 09:58

Serenity - the Nourifusion I use works really well for patchy skin, but you'd probably need the normal to dry range - doesn't leave your skin feeling oily after and is absorbed quickly too. Have a look at the link further down

vitomum · 27/06/2006 10:01

I've read articles by dermatologists that say the olay rengenerist one is excellent and i have used it a few times and found it really good - it has the peptic thingumys in it which are importanat. It's not that cheap though - £19.50 most places but usually £14.50 in superdrug.

serenity · 27/06/2006 10:19

I don't spend that amount of money on clothes, never mind moisturisers! Thanks Meandmyboy, but I'll stick with my cheap and cheerful one.

bundle · 27/06/2006 10:21

i'm using the boots time delay stuff (supposed to be the poor woman's eve lom!) which is only about £7

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