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Have I been parting my hair on the wrong side for years?

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Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:17

Ok i've just noticed that every woman on tv that has a side part has it swept to her left so people view it from the right, then I thought about my girl friends who have side parts and they part theirs to the left too and I couldn't imagine it looking good on the otherside. All the men i've seen that have parts go to the right. I've always parted my hair to the right have I been looking wrong for years?

OP posts:
Next · 12/05/2006 22:23

I don't think there is a wrong or right way,

Saying that mine is parted to left.

Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:24

See it's just me isn't it? I'm parting from the left from tommorrow even if it feels strange!

OP posts:
kid · 12/05/2006 22:25

mine is parted to the right.
DD has her hair parted to the left.

Bozza · 12/05/2006 22:26

I part mine from the left to the right. Is that what you mean? I do DD's the same but that is only because her crown is wonky and on the right. Bit of a pain when it comes to bunches.

QE · 12/05/2006 22:28

I part mine from left to right - it just feels that's the right way to do it. Might try it the other way tomorrow too and see how I go!

I realised that the reaon I always thought my photos never looked quite like me is because I'm used to seeing what I look like from the other way round in the mirror so when I see myself the right way round as others see me like in a photo, it doesn't look right. Grin

ps why is it bothering you now which way your is?

Kidstrack · 12/05/2006 22:29

mine is to the right and so is dd's, have tried serveral times to have mine to the left as i had noticed this too, but mine doesn't look right

colditz · 12/05/2006 22:29

I part mine from left to right.

QE · 12/05/2006 22:30

There you are ledodgy, maybe you're not sucha minority after all!!!

Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:31

I just suddenly thought about it today like you QE it looks right from the left on everyone else and looks right to me in the mirror from the right but probably not when people look at me if you followed that LOL.

OP posts:
Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:33

i meant from the right then not from the left. im confusing myself now lol.

OP posts:
Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:33

I part mine from left to right.

OP posts:
brimfull · 12/05/2006 22:43

does that mean the parting line is on the left?If it's parted to left as you say everyone has.I'm getting confusedSmile

Bozza · 12/05/2006 22:53

I've posted wrong. I mean the parting is at the right with the hair swept to the left which is not what I wrote at all. Blush Same for DD.

Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:54

I mean that it ends up with most of my hair is on my right so i part the hair over from my left to my right and everyone else seems to do it the other way round.

OP posts:
Bozza · 12/05/2006 22:54

When I was a kid my mum reckoned there was a male side and a female side but I had a centre parting for years (with a fringe) and can't remember which was which.

Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 22:56

I think I do mine the male way, tommorrow i'm going to try the lady way Grin

OP posts:
Bozza · 12/05/2006 22:57

No actually I have a feeling my Mum's is the same way as yours. I will examine her head on Sunday...

brimfull · 12/05/2006 22:57

Ledodgeyherring,that's how I part mine,I'm gonna have to change mine tomorrow

Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 23:10

ggirl it will feel strange but I think we'll probably look better Grin

OP posts:
mummy2jake · 12/05/2006 23:14

hi im a trained hairdresser and its not a case of male/female partings you parting is decided by which way your hair falls naturally .
if you brush all your hair back from face then slowly push it back it will fall into a parting and its much easier to go with ih thanagainst.

Judd · 12/05/2006 23:29

nooo don't change. Mine is most hair on the right and if you two change, I'll be the odd one out

Ledodgyherring · 12/05/2006 23:30
OP posts:
jetsetmum · 13/05/2006 00:17

mummy2jake - you are right that is what hairdressers do to me - I'm a most of my hair on the right girl. I am also lefthanded - wonder if that is what makes me odd.

Tortington · 13/05/2006 01:06

it eans your a lentil weaver

the other way round means your a mason

BudaBabe · 13/05/2006 06:47

I used to part frm right to left but had an accident and now have a scar on my forehead and I changed it to the other side then.

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