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Bare I missing something?

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Bucharest · 16/03/2012 12:39

Okaaaaaay. Following the advice of approximately four and a half million MNers, I took the plunge and bought some BM and am seriously I doing it wrong????

I just feel like I'm missing the foundation stage out and just wearing loose powder....the colour is spot on, and my face feels nice and smooth, but only like it would if I had my normal face powder on,but minus foundation.

OP posts:
headfairy · 16/03/2012 12:41

what does it look like though?

TBH I never liked Bare Minerals, it gave me an odd metallic shiney face. I much prefer LilyLolo. I know with most mineral powder foundations you have to really buff it in. Buff buff buff and then buff some more.

tethersend · 16/03/2012 12:41

Did you get the matte or the pearl one?

I find the pearl one has much better coverage. Couldn't get on with the matte one at all.

Also, build it up in layers, it doesn't cake; perhaps you haven't got enough on?

NightLark · 16/03/2012 12:44

It gave me spots. E.l.f. on the other hand has been wonderful for me.

gregssausageroll · 16/03/2012 13:14

Do you buff and then buff more and then buff again. You need about 2-3 coats with at least 10 minutes of buffing. I sing happy birthday a few times to myself.

PrimaBallerina · 16/03/2012 13:21

I had the exact same reaction so went to see them at the counter. I wasn't putting nearly enough on. I'm going to try Lily Lilo next though to compare.

GetOrfMoiiLand · 16/03/2012 13:22

It's shite bucharest. A load of old emperor's new clothes imo.

I spaffed £45 on that lot last summer - it was so powdery, yes it made my skin look flawless but also looked like a painted lady, the insane buffing made my face sore (sensitive skin), I was allergic to the shit in it, and after a few hours the stuff oxidises and goes orange.

Bare Escentuals my arse. And learn to fucking spell.

Bucharest · 16/03/2012 14:22

Grin at Getorf.

Well, I've just been and slapped about half the pot on. and yes, I look sort of flawless, but yes, quite a lot powdery. I was definitely not using enough though, as it does look better now.

Oh well, I shall use it now I've got it (at this rate in about 10 days!)

I'm going to go and get a liquidy one though as well.

I take it I don'tneed powder on top of this? Otherwise if anyone pats me on the back my whole face will crack and fall off.

What are you using at the mo' Getorf? (apart from By Terry, which is not going to happen

OP posts:
singingprincess · 16/03/2012 14:39

I was given a freebie "pallette" and couldn't work out what it did. Apart from make my face look powdery.

It has sat there ever since...probably mouldy now...I'll go and look...

headfairy · 16/03/2012 14:42

Bucharest, to get rid of that powdery feel, I dampen my hands and then pat them on my face... Kind of "setting" the foundation.

MissFoodie · 16/03/2012 14:51

it's practice - and also the brush: I have both the BM brushes and hate them, make me look cakey and made up like an old lady

I use a tiny bit of foundation *original and apply in downward strokes using a large powder brush (Royal Langknickel), it gives a more natural finish;
I then use Tinted Mineral Veil and blusher

Also, I avoid eye area with it (cream concealer only) and don't buff!

ANOTHER TIP TO AVOID MESS: use a small bowl not the lid! :)

MissFoodie · 16/03/2012 14:52

ps other option is to apply foundation then spritz with face mist (or evian) , wait, then apply rest of face, gives a more creamy foundation finish

GetOrfMoiiLand · 16/03/2012 14:56

I use my John Terry for high days and holidays and weekends (am not wasting £100 makeup for work ffs, this would change if I had handsome colleagues).

I really rate Lancome stuff. teint Miracle is very good indeed. I can't use Chantecaille or Chanel stuff as they cater for yellowy Frenchy skintones and I am too english and florid pink.

Bourjois Healthy Mix is a good 'un. And - insanely because I always think max factor make up is bollocks, my dd's friend came round with some max factor ageless elixir foundation + serum. It is very good indeed, has the textrue of really expensive stuff. And after By Terry I am really addicted to the texture of foundation, it has got to be silky.

lilolilmanchester · 16/03/2012 14:58

I had same experience as you Bucharest initially, spoke to a friend who uses it and her skin always looks fab. Tips: use a primer (doesn't have to be BM - I use the BD one from Tesco and it is fine); after you've swirled the brush round, hold it bristle end up and tap so that some of the powder goes down into the bristles. Then as others have said, swirl, swirl, and swirl again - without adding more powder unless absolutely necessary. I have also used successfully on top of a tinted moisturiser.

axure · 16/03/2012 15:10

I didnt get on with BM at all made my pores look huge. Using Maybelline Eraser atm its like a big bingo dabber and rubs in easily, only takes a few secs to apply.

lilolilmanchester · 16/03/2012 15:14

I found that BM really accentuated pores until I started using it with a primer

QuinnFabray · 16/03/2012 15:37

Can't stand BM, or any other mineral foundation I've tried, including Laura Mercier and Lily Lolo. I'm a foundation whore and am forever on the quest for "the one". Mineral foundation isn't it.

ggirl · 16/03/2012 16:02

My first attempt with BE I felt exactly the same , it does take some practice.
Try using a tinted moisturiser underneath and I also avoid the under eye area , i do need moisture there.

salamanda · 16/03/2012 16:11

I've tried BM, Lily Lolo and various other mineral foundations and found them shite. Even when they've been professionally applied in the shop they just made me look so 'made up' and powdery. I hate being able to see make up on my face and would rather look fresh and dewy than flawless. Plus can't be arsed to buff for three hours when a few dabs of Armani Face Fabric takes 2 secs.

wools · 16/03/2012 17:37

I've got mixed feeling about Bare Minerals. Sometimes I like the way it looks and other times I'll catch sight of myself in a mirror and I look dreadful - very powdery and pores seem bigger than if I hadn't put any make-up on. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong in the application.

lololizzy · 16/03/2012 18:02

it's AWFUL on me, really obvious and makes my quite large pores stand out like volcanic craters. And super shiny. So i have to put mattifier over the top. Which gives it a caked on look. No, no no!

sobenobu · 16/03/2012 20:04

I never liked it either, sat in my wrinkles (esp around the eyes).

I like the bingo dabberGrin too (Maybelline eraser) but currently loving Liz Earle tinted thingy.

lololizzy · 16/03/2012 20:48

oh i forgot about the wrinkle sitting. I only (I like to think!) have fine lines around eyes.but using these , creates full on wrinkles...


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lololizzy · 16/03/2012 20:49

and I had to use powder on top of it, so I didnt look like Ms Supershine. Defeats the object, really.....

wools · 19/03/2012 12:21

I tried MissFoodie's tip of brushing it on downwards instead of buffing in circles and I think it looks much better now. My main problem is the oil on my nose starts breaking through around midday and the foundation starts looking a little patchy then although the rest of my face looks ok.

valiumredhead · 19/03/2012 12:59

wools that's why you need mineral veil for touch ups.

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