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Post Oscar Dress Analysis

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AbsofCroissant · 27/02/2012 12:50

I couldn't see one, so thought I'd start my own.

If you want a serious discussion about dresses, come here. About other stuff, go elsewhere.

Angelina - meh. It's the same old same old, and she was a bit obsessed with sticking her leg out
Michelle Williams - from the front, YES. From the back, what the frick? Did the run out of material? Forget to put the backing on? Eh?
Natalie Portman - LOVE but, disclaimer, I have a slight girl crush so am biased
Penelope Cruz - AMAZING. I love that dress, so much so, I want to get married in it

OP posts:
FauxFox · 27/02/2012 14:46

I did one here

I totally agreed with you on all counts Grin Penelopes dress would be a stunning wedding dress Envy

AbsofCroissant · 27/02/2012 14:49

I'm joining your thread.

I'll see you over there

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