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Style gurus - advice please as to cheap ?dress for nearly as formal as black tie occasion!

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mummytosteven · 27/01/2006 18:58

style gurus - your challenge for tonight is to give me some tips as to a suitable CHEAP dress/outfit suitable for a formal university guest night dinner.

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 27/01/2006 18:59

PS I am 5ft 3, 12 stone medium boobs, horrid tummy, but reasonable arse/hips.

OP posts:
MarsOnLife · 27/01/2006 19:00

tkmaxx if you can bear it.

Fab evening wear there, though you do have to sort through the rails.

Or are you looking for suggestions of what to wear?

mummytosteven · 27/01/2006 19:01

both really! will have to see if I can bear the thought of raiding the jumble sale that is T K Maxx. OOOh I should try the end of the Monsoon sale, shouldn't I?

OP posts:
MarsOnLife · 27/01/2006 19:05

absolutely. There should be some gorgeous things there. If you buy something that looks rather classic as opposed to trendy and now looking, you should get lots of wear out of it as well.

harpsichordenvy · 27/01/2006 19:05

H&M if you have the patience to look through the rails
some sort of cocktail dress is your best bet
maybe empire line to skim over the tummy and accetuate the boobs?
or maybe a pair of evening trousers and a sparkly top?

what shoes do you have

harpsichordenvy · 27/01/2006 19:06

definitely monsoon
the best place on the high street for ahem non-skinny lady seeking evening wear.
also, you will wear it again

MarsOnLife · 27/01/2006 19:06

Not trousers. So many go down the easy road and choose trousers.

I like the cocktail dress idea best

harpsichordenvy · 27/01/2006 19:07

at TKMaxx
yes, dress is best if you have the shoes already
let's talk about what shoes you have

mummytosteven · 27/01/2006 19:07

I have some nice plain black high heeled evening shoes, so the shoes are sorted. Just everything else . I will have a look in Monsoon and H & M tomorrow and report back

OP posts:
MarsOnLife · 27/01/2006 19:08

Make sure you do.

So... what about a wee look online at the moonsoon site to see what you might like, then harpsicord and I can guide you!

noddyholder · 27/01/2006 19:08

Black wrap dress with black boots and glitzy jewellery?

harpsichordenvy · 27/01/2006 19:09

mars - you and I are suddenly style gurus [proud]

MarsOnLife · 27/01/2006 19:11

just in case you thought you might like a wee look before tomorrow!

MarsOnLife · 27/01/2006 19:11

[very proud] lol

mummytosteven · 27/01/2006 22:54

they don't have the sale stuff online, unfortunately, so cannot submit it for MN style guru approval!

OP posts:
PeachyClair · 27/01/2006 23:30

Oh I've got one of these going on too (bloody thing). I bought for the last one, a black corset top with net overlay, black velvet skirt with hem like a salsa dress and black shoes for £44 fromAsda. Deal! And I am wearing again to the next do, albeit with pink hair and black nails, to make a friendly statement

MarsOnLife · 28/01/2006 00:14

what's a salsa skirt?

PeachyClair · 28/01/2006 10:24

Sort of a Spanish thing, hard to describe so that was the best I could come up with! Bit like a fishtail skirt, except the 'fishtail# flippy bit is at calf length around the back, then comes up to knee length at the front. In crushed black velvet. Or rather, for £12.99 velvet effect!

Hey, I'm a student- cheap is good!

georginars · 28/01/2006 10:28

there were still loads of lovely evening things in monsoon the other day, I got some nice things plus some new concert wear. deffo good for the not so skinny lady
other than that, sounds a bit mad, but there are still lots of nice Florence + Fred evening things (sale and non sale) in our local big Tesco, might be worth a look as well

mummytosteven · 29/01/2006 09:56

bumpety bump as our resident style guru seems to be in da house this morning

OP posts:
codnotmud · 29/01/2006 09:57

id do floppy trousers long stop wiht long beads adn pointy shoes

mummytosteven · 29/01/2006 10:00

not as exciting as going out and getting a posh frock from Monsoon sale, but I think you are probably right Cod. hmmmmmm. Presume floppy means wide legged but not elasto waisted?

OP posts:
codnotmud · 29/01/2006 10:00

thought you wanted cheap
oyu can get top form monsoon?
coloured littel shoes

codnotmud · 29/01/2006 10:01

liek the lolita top in monsoon
how spangly do you wnat

mummytosteven · 29/01/2006 10:01

only got black pointy shoes. but should be ok with black trousers. I definitely want cheap!!!

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