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OMG! Boden summer preview. Truly and utterly and properly awful!

37 replies

AnonymousBird · 18/02/2012 10:34

For Mini Boden anyway, all just so OTT and bleugh. And I am usually (though less in the last couple of years) a fan.

I just want some shorts for DC and a couple of T'shirts - not a chance unless they bring out some more items!

OP posts:
polyhymnia · 18/02/2012 10:52

Realy disappointed in Womens stuff too. Surely there must be plenty of other women like me who DON'T want dresses, or tunics which are:

  • sleeveless
  • made of linen, so crease instantly
  • have huge garish patterns all over

Had really been hoping for a couple of dresses I could just fling on, as in other years, whith short sleeves and good quality jersey, or similar, with stretch and drape.

Can't believe there's nothing! Still, good for the credit card ...
AnonymousBird · 18/02/2012 11:03

You and me both... I haven't even looked at the women's stuff yet, was so horrified at the crazy kids' stuff (people also DO LIKE some plain items, Boden!) that I haven't dared look.

Yes, good for the bank balance anyway!

And it means I go back to Ebay to find the styles that I really want for DC, and spend about a quarter of the amount and get clothes I/they actually like

OP posts:
reikizen · 18/02/2012 11:09

Jesus. £15 for a kids t-shirt?

scarfaholic · 18/02/2012 11:15

What is the 20% off code? The discount doesn't show up for me.

IDismyname · 18/02/2012 11:38

I think the stuff for East is just AWFUL, too. I even sent them an email to say so.
Really 'bleurghy' colours... dirge like.

I used to buy quite a lot of stuff from them... but no more

MrsBovary · 18/02/2012 11:40

Gosh yes. It is all same-old.

Even if there had been something worth buying, I'm not sure I'd bother to buy now for the 20% off. They always seem to be heavily discounting anyway.

Parabolica · 18/02/2012 12:43

Curious after reading the above comments to check out the women's stuff and the dresses have really plumbed new depths (I thought last year's were bad).

Surely there are going to be bucketloads of these ones left in the sale:

Audrey Print Shift - all the colourways are just insane.
Beachcomber dress - in Airforce Tropicana. I mean WTF...?!
Holiday maxi dress - particularly in Khaki Deco Rose. It doesn't even look good on the model!
Summer sun shift - are they trying to put the biggest possible flowers on a dress!

Maybe I'm just getting bored of all the samey prints/styles season after season but really feel like they have lost their way. I'm 36 and not exactly trying to emulate Alexa Chung on the school-run but don't want to wear clothes that make me look like frumpy mum-who-has-given-up and scream 'Boooooooooden'.

FriskyMare · 18/02/2012 12:50

Oh- I have just ordered the canavs wedges Blush
Did fill in a questionnaire a few days ago whilst v. bored and said MORE PLAIN COLOURS PLEASE

polyhymnia · 18/02/2012 13:14

Another horror pattern-wise is this so-called fab jersey tunic -

Really annoying as I've had some good jersey tunics from them in the past but this season, apart from a nice breton stripe one in the Spring collection, the lurid patterns are rampaging out of hand!

AnonymousBird · 18/02/2012 13:15

Frisky - well done on the plain colours!

I've had their canvas wedges before and like them, but they've got bows on this year (which is so not me, unfortunately!).

Again, Boden we say PLAIN PLEASE. Less is more, they need to know (we know they read the threads on MN Wink).

OP posts:
Chickensinthekitchen · 18/02/2012 13:48

Never mind the clothes those girls Are super dark suntanned brown...shocking!

FriskyMare · 18/02/2012 14:02

What about the scary chest on the model wearing the "chic beaded top" Shock

FriskyMare · 18/02/2012 14:04

AnonymousBird agree about the bow thingies, but with free returns I'm prepared to take a risk:o

ameliagrey · 18/02/2012 14:41

I have yet to look but will. Was holding out hope that there may be something better than the spring collection.

Boden has become a parody of itself these days.

woopsidaisy · 18/02/2012 15:17

I quite liked a few of the things! Blush
I'm tall,5'8'',and really struggle to get nice longer length tops,and Boden have started doing some.
I'm going to get this top,and I had a pair very similar to these flip flpos from a few years ago which have finally died,and will probably get these too.
I'm pregnant at the minute,so won't buy any of the dresses,but I don't think they are all bad.

sobenobu · 18/02/2012 15:21

Anyone seen these adult towelling hoodys?
It looks exactly like a mini Boden one I bought for DD before Xmas which is velour.

I might splash out on a t-shirt.

mrsebojones · 18/02/2012 15:24

There was nothing I liked and this is unusual for me... still, at least I won't fall of the thrifty waggon I am currently supposed to be on!!!

ameliagrey · 18/02/2012 16:14

The dresses are a mish mash.

I like some styles- but not the colours. or vice versa.

I get a bit tired of their samey-samey styling. it's either empir eline with loads of fabric under neath for mummy tummies. or straight shifts with high necks, or the kind of V neck cross over bodice and A line skirt.

hattymattie · 18/02/2012 16:15

OMG Frisky - see what you mean about anorexic model - I would never have let that photo go out. Preview horrible - I too have put a note on questionnaire about maybe toning down patterns a bit. More classic and subtle designs. Find current output a bit frumpy and old fashioned and aimed at the older women and I am 47!!!

talkingnonsense · 18/02/2012 16:17

I wish they would stop making everything empire line- unless I want to look like a 9 months pregnant barrel, I need dresses with an actual waist ( and preferably with a v shaped dip at the front if anyone has seen one!)

SootySweepandSue · 18/02/2012 16:19

Yes I have yet to bite on the kids ranges and normally I have received 3 packages for now...

ameliagrey · 18/02/2012 16:21

I agree.

I have a wasit. I want a dress that shows it, and doesn't have a high neck that comes up to my chin.

I think every dress is the precise opposite of sexy- and I don't mean tits hanging out, Ijust mean flatteting in a not-having-tea-with-the -vicar way.


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hattymattie · 18/02/2012 16:25

I too am fed up with empire line it's dreadful on me. I would also like semi-fitted dress with v or scoop front. I like semi-fitted because it gives me a waist on my rather up and down shape. Pay attention to this thread Boden!

sobenobu · 18/02/2012 16:41

I have a wasit too Grin
But I do find that the v-necks are too low and a bit cor-blimey guvnor in my case so I stick to scoop necks.

polyhymnia · 18/02/2012 16:46

hatty don't know who this 'older woman' can be but I'm older than you and it certainly isn't me or my friends!Don't know why getting older should lead to a taste and subtlety bypass . Perhaps the target is the same elusive 'older woman' that Per Una and much of M and S Woman (eg ghastly dress currently being worn by Twiggy in ads) is aimed at.

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