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Would you spend £35 on a blusher brush?

31 replies

ameliagrey · 13/02/2012 09:04

A Bobbi Brown one.

It seems OTT but then I remind myself that a pot of night cream last me 3-4 months and foundation the same- all around the £30 mark, and a brush should last for years.


OP posts:
MsF1t · 13/02/2012 09:05

I have a full set of Bobby Brown brushes I bought new on Ebay for a fraction of the cost. No need to spend that much!

ameliagrey · 13/02/2012 09:05

I have been told by wise MNs that the ones on Ebay are fakes.

OP posts:
ImpatientOne · 13/02/2012 09:07

Yes I would/have done - investment purchase Grin

Hopefully · 13/02/2012 09:07

I have a couple of expensive make up brushes (Mac) and they are SO much better than the cheap ones I have. Actually don't have a decent blusher brush, but I think it will be my next brush purchase.

MsF1t · 13/02/2012 09:13

ameliagrey - mine were genuine. :)

Kaloobear · 13/02/2012 09:21

Yes. BB brushes are brilliant and if you clean them regularly will last for decades.

ameliagrey · 13/02/2012 09:43

MsF1t- sorry to be picky, but how would you know? I spent ages looking at the BB brushes on ebay and almost bid- then asked here and everyoone said they were good fakes.

OP posts:
Forrestgump · 13/02/2012 10:15

unless they were second hand BB brushes, i suspect they are fake, i too did the ebay hunt, I bought my brushes from body shop. (My dh bought me a bb powder brush for christmas)

ameliagrey · 13/02/2012 10:30

I have a BS blusher brush which is ancient- it's okay but a bit "flat" whereas i want one that is rounded all the way round IYSWIM.

OP posts:
Pinot · 13/02/2012 10:31

I agree there are alot of (very good) fakes on eBay.

If it looks too good to be true...yada yada.

Yes I would spend ££ on a blusher brush, especially if it's tapered. Blush gives so much youth to a face - it's a really important part of your make-up.

Pinot · 13/02/2012 10:32

My fave brush ever is from the Body Shop Forrest - great quality.

MsF1t · 13/02/2012 10:39

Make up artist seemed to think they were. Maybe they aren't, then- but they're certainly pretty bloody good, and plenty good enough for me..! :D

MeltedChocolate · 13/02/2012 10:39

If the fakes are THAT good then surely they are good enough?

badtasteflump · 13/02/2012 10:43

Yes I would/do. Cheap make up & make up brushes are a false economy as you can really tell the difference IMO.

I do shop around though and usually manage to save a bit - not on ebay as I don't trust it (for that kind of thing), but on discount cosmetics websites (there's loads of them)

EnjoyResponsibly · 13/02/2012 10:47

I would. A few months ago I would have been Confused but I invested in some fancy eyeshadow brushes from Clinique and am converted to the power of the socket brush. Tis a revelation I tell ye.

MissFoodie · 13/02/2012 11:27

it is worth spending money on good brushes, but not necessarily BB, Sigma or Royal & Langnickel are professional, you can get online

MooMinCow · 13/02/2012 16:02

have you looked at Real Technique brushes? they are designed by Samantha Chapman (one of the YouTube makeup artist Pixiwoo sisters). I ordered her stippling brush and it's great (£10!). the range is now available in larger Boots I think.

valiumredhead · 13/02/2012 16:18

No not from BB as I think everything is over priced.

I got a set of mac brushes from ebay which are fabulous and it included big brushes for powder and blusher. I read up on what to look out for wrt fakes beforehand.

BellaVita · 13/02/2012 16:39

It would probably irk me to part with my cash but then again I spend £31 on a ByTerry mascara and £30 on a small pot of cream blush by the same make, so I suppose yes I would.

Becaroooo · 13/02/2012 16:43

Virgin vie brushes are v good OP

MaMattoo · 13/02/2012 19:30

No I would not. Not in the current economic situation, no. I have bought one from body shop recently. And have an old set, which I look after, by Clinique which have lasted forever.

Minstrelsaremarvellous · 13/02/2012 19:36

MooMinCow what is a stippling brush. I would spend money on a decent brush every time. The hair doesn't fall out for a start!


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TangerinePuppet · 13/02/2012 19:49

Not likeley.

But then I use a cream blusher and apply with my fingers Smile

EllenParsons · 13/02/2012 20:04

I probably would spend that for a really good brush. It's something you use every day and does last for ages, so it's true really that it's better value than a moisturiser or something. Saying that, I also have the Body Shop blusher brush which I think was only about a tenner!

MooMinCow · 13/02/2012 21:38

Minstrels - Stippling brush fab for foundation, cream blush, cream highlighted etc. here's the link. There's some videos demonstrating the brushes too. Got my eye on the blusher one next...

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