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Long Hair on a mid-30's woman

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ChablisLover · 01/02/2012 08:16


I am turning 36 next month and am fed up with my hair style.

I have had long (past shoulder length) hair for at least 10 years if not more and I fancy a change.

However, I do like the length - others not so keen- but I would like to keep it longer.

It is generally straight with a slight wave and is highlighted (but not overly so - just enough to give a lift - roots are not overly obvious growing out) and is quite fine.

Last time I tried a long fringe but after i left hairdressers it never really sat right.

I like layers to give a bit of body other wise it just sits there

Generally I am asking what style should I go for if I leave it long or should I chop it to shoulder length and see what happens.

All and any advice greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
drywhiteplease · 01/02/2012 08:44

I clung onto my long hair for years, thinking it made me look younger (have had "Rachel"do,fringe,no fringe,layers,flicked out ends every option poss)!always wondered how a graduated sleek bob would look on my hair but never had the guts.then I don't know what came over me in the gym one day 2yrs ago but I just thought "this is it" and walked into a salon and stunned the hairdresser by saying I just wanted it cut( sure he thought I was having a crisis!)I can't tell you how much I love my hair now. I feel chic rather than "classic" and people have said it makes me look younger and thinner too.
I am not suggesting you do something so drastic but I took the view that I did not want the same(ish) hair do for the rest of my life and that hair grows so if I hated it I could just grow it again. If I had never done it I would have never found out that, I fact ,an angled bob suits me much better and when I see photos of myself ithink "great hair, shame about the rest!"
Good luck, sorry for ramble.

drywhiteplease · 01/02/2012 08:45

Oooh have just noticed your name !think we have something in commen!lol

SlinkingOutsideInFrocks · 01/02/2012 09:52

For the first time in my life I absolutely freaking love my hair - it is very thick, coarse and frizzy and I have finally been given a style that renders it chic, as drywhite says - something I never thought was possible. It is just above shoulder length - all one length but massively thinned out at the ends so that it sits and swings just so.

It is lovely and so much more flattering than when it was longer and I always just ended up pulling it back into a boring ponytail.

SlinkingOutsideInFrocks · 01/02/2012 09:52

I have just turned 38, by the way. :)

MissFoodie · 01/02/2012 15:26

cut it - it's only hair!

ChablisLover · 01/02/2012 19:40

Am sorely tempted to

Want to begin to look chic and classic in my 30's

Dh would hate it as he thinks long hair = sexy and therefore I am not sexy with shorter hair.

Just think it would suit me better about 4 or 5 inches shorter than it is.

OP posts:
ChablisLover · 01/02/2012 19:44

Slink and drywhite - would love to have chic hair

Missfoodie you are right cut it its only hair

Plus would save on drying time

Off to trawl Internet for chic hair dos

OP posts:
Oubliette0292 · 01/02/2012 19:52

I have a DH who thinks like that too. Didn't stop me cutting my hair last spring and I love it shorter (shoulder length, no fringe and layers to give it some body).

BTW - DH now agrees that I was right to cut it...

MissFoodie · 01/02/2012 20:01

all men prefer long hair - it's prehistoric
he's not going to love you or fancy you any less with short hair, and anyway, you will probably feel and look a lot better anyway!

AndiMac · 01/02/2012 20:17

I went from shoulder length terribly-blah outgrown highlighted hair to bleach blonde super short hair last year. It was fantastic. I felt like, "Here Comes The Hotstepper" was playing every time I walked down the street.

MissFoodie · 01/02/2012 22:25

lol andimac

drywhiteplease · 02/02/2012 09:08

andimac am loving "blah hair" sums it up exactly. My dh v tactfully said when I asked whether he pref it longer or shorter "it would be nice to see it long again one day"!!!!when I am an old granny and can wear it in a bun!

SlinkingOutsideInFrocks · 02/02/2012 09:26

The thing is, if you get a fab shorter haircut, your DH will love it. Plus, you'll feel great and that will make such a difference.

If it doesn't work, it doesn't work and you grow it out again.

QueenCadbury · 02/02/2012 09:35

What is it with men and long hair? My dh has asked if I can grow mine for his 40th birthday. If that's the only present he wants that's fine by me!

OracleInaCoracle · 02/02/2012 09:37

DH loves my hair short. he has a real thing for women with short hair though. do it!!

QueenCadbury · 02/02/2012 09:38

Sorry' just realised that I didn't actually answer your dilemma. Get it cut-even if it's it's just a couple of inches to begin with if you're not feeling totally brave. The if it's it just above your shoulders you can still do stuff with it and put it up etc if you want to.

Pinot · 02/02/2012 09:47

Oh god yeah cut it - go for a change. Change is GOOD! And the nape of the neck is soooooo sexy. Especially with necklaces that have a slight chain drop at the clasp.

MissFoodie · 02/02/2012 11:12

I used to have it cropped, then spent 4 years of misery growing it out only to wear it in a ponytail everyday - I cut it short (a la Sharon Stone) last week and cannot believe I waited so long! takes 5 mins to style and always look like it's in an actual style, plus, shows off earrings ;)

PrettyCandles · 04/02/2012 07:37

Try this.

I've had all sorts of styles over the years. One of my favourites was a very angular, elegant, bob, but I just don't have the time or inclination right now for all the styling it requires. Generally speaking I prefer having long hair.

6m ago I shocked everyone by having it all cut off into quite a severe crop. I was fed up of my hair. I have lost masses, what with having children and various health problems, it was lank and frizzy, and had completely lost its natural wavy bounce. I thought I would hate my short hair and regret cutting it, but OMG I love it! It suits me far better than I ever expected, and it looks healthy again.

bucketbetty · 04/02/2012 07:52

Do whatever you like, do what suits you and go for quality. My cousin has very long dark hair and she looks stunning, she's 44. Age really had very little to do with it. In the words of gok wan, its all about the confidence.

savoycabbage · 04/02/2012 07:58

I felt years younger when I got my hair cut short. My dh didn't want me to but I went for it anyway and he loves it now. I had mine cut like Kate Lanphear who I had never heard of but saw in a magazine.

MissFoodie · 04/02/2012 09:27

her hair is fab, I coudn't have it like that though, all that hair in my face!


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savoycabbage · 04/02/2012 09:30

You can tuck it behind your ear or put 'product' as they say in it and sort or ruffle it and it stays out of your face.

bucketbetty · 04/02/2012 09:30

ooohhh.... loving Kate Lanphear hair - gorgeous (although has now shaved it all off according to her facebook account)

ameliagrey · 04/02/2012 09:35

It's not an age thing at all- and even if it were, 35 is young. if you think you are old at 35, god help you when you hit 55!

Hair that is long needs to be in good condition, no split ends, nice and shiny and have some bounce.

Very few women look good with the Alice in Wonderland look, but think of Twiggy- 60+, Jane Asher 60+, Jerry Hall 55+ - who all have long hair and look great.

I used to have short hair- think Princess Diana- and have now grown it in my mid 50s to just above my shoulders, with long layers and a side fringe- and I get loads of compliments. I do look younger than I am anyway, but even so....

Just do what suits your hair type and face shape- forget about age.

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