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Peircing babies ears- how young?

138 replies

kayjaybabe · 21/01/2012 12:58

i want to get my DDs ears peirced she is 5 weeks old but conicidently today was my due date (5 weeks premi) im not sure if that makes a difference.

What age do you normally get their ears peirced? As i dont want to do it when she is too young but i dont want to leave it to late as the later the more painfull for her!! :)

OP posts:
CupOfBrownJoy · 21/01/2012 13:00

er, never?

And it WILL be painful for her, no matter how young. It will hurt and lot and she won't understand why mummy is hurting her Sad

Newtothisstuff · 21/01/2012 13:01

Why on earth would anyone get a 5 week old babies ears pierced !!! Surely that's illegal !!! Sad

PaschaAndChips · 21/01/2012 13:01


FreddieMercurysBolero · 21/01/2012 13:02

I would leave it until she's old enough tbh. I don't feel its right to put a baby through unnecessary pain.

FannyFifer · 21/01/2012 13:02

When she can ask to get them pierced herself. Hmm

HeidiHole · 21/01/2012 13:02

I'd say 16...years not weeks.

FreddieMercurysBolero · 21/01/2012 13:02

I would leave it until she's old enough to decide for herself tbh. I don't feel its right to put a baby through unnecessary pain.

ameliagrey · 21/01/2012 13:03

OMFG! I was 24 and that was traumatic.

My DD was 13 and I would not have let her a day sooner.

What on earth are you thinking about?

Chavvy or what? Shock

Surely ear piercing is a persoanl choice when she is old enough to make that choice? It's not something a mother should do for her child. IMO.

Haziedoll · 21/01/2012 13:03

I would say around 10 years +

Why on earth would you put a baby through unnecessary pain? Angry

danceswithyarn · 21/01/2012 13:03

15 or so. Old enough to have an opinion on it and to keep them clean herself for the healing periodGrin

Newtothisstuff · 21/01/2012 13:05

Is peircing some new fangled thing ?? Where I come from its piercing ??? Or am I just being a cow Grin

ameliagrey · 21/01/2012 13:05

what's even more weird is that you have the energy to even think of this.

I was so knackered with a 5 week old baby , BF every 2 hrs, that I was just thinking about surviving, from one feed to the next.

Byeckerslike · 21/01/2012 13:06

Wow op, i suggest you get a hard hat, there really should be a list of threads not to start on mumsnet!

Oh and in answer to your question, let her decide, when she is old enough, do you not think your baby girl is beautiful enough without driving a piece of metal through her earlobes, which incidentally will GROW and then the holes may be uneven! Confused

Hulababy · 21/01/2012 13:08

Babies don't need their ears pierced at all. It can lead to infections and can get caught leading to earrings being ripped out and damage to ears. Not to mention the actual pain when it is done.

Before getting your little one's ears done I recommend you go and spend some time in somewhere like Claire's and listen to what happens when a baby has their ears pierced. can still remember the heartbroken cries, screams and sobs of a young baby having their ears done when I was in their once :(

My DD will not be having hers done just yet and she is 9y. I had mine done at 10y and I think that is early enough. I was old enough to want them done, to save up to have them done, to know how to look after them and my ears, etc.

startail · 21/01/2012 13:08

9/10/11 years round here.
DD is in hot water for loosing her Christmas earrings and she's almost 11.
Just don't.

marshmallowpies · 21/01/2012 13:09

I was 14. My mum was reluctant but I talked her into I guess I'd have to let a daughter have hers done at the same age.

Certainly no younger than that, though!

MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe · 21/01/2012 13:09

Let her decide when she's old enough Smile

coccyx · 21/01/2012 13:09

10 years. looks chavvy in a baby

Hulababy · 21/01/2012 13:09

Newtothisstuff - although I disagree with babies having their ears pierced I don't really like the picking on people for spelling errors tbh. Just always seems very unnecessary and on MN it seems to be getting way too common to see if happen.

SoupDragon · 21/01/2012 13:12

Why the hell does anyone want to get their baby's ears pierced? Utterly dumb and ugly IMO. I know it is sometimes "culture" but i still think it's foul.

Is your daughter not beautiful enough?

Bratella · 21/01/2012 13:13

is this a cultural thing? I know some Indians have their babies ears pierced this young but if not then wait until she can decide for herself.

FunnysInTheGarden · 21/01/2012 13:13

the accusations of chavviness are a bit off TBH. Nasty term at the best of times. IME certain 'ethnic' groups pierce their babies ears at a very young age. The Portuguese community seem to and I would never think of their children as 'chavvy'. In fact some of their babies look lovely with jewellery on.


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Newtothisstuff · 21/01/2012 13:13

Oh well !! Grin

Hulababy · 21/01/2012 13:15

I still don't buy the cultural argument tbh.

ginmakesitallok · 21/01/2012 13:15

about 11 years. I hate hate hate seeing wee beautiful babies with their perfect little ears pierced.

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