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Where does your hubby buy his suits?

38 replies

morningpaper · 28/12/2005 09:22

Where does your hubby buy his suits? DH is in sr management but I've still got no idea where men buy nice suits from without spending a fortune. Please advise!

OP posts:
merrySOAPBOXingday · 28/12/2005 09:27

DH usually goes to Slater's menswear in Glasgow when we are visiting my DM.

I think there is also one in Manchester.

They do good designer makes of suits at considerable discounts.

lucykate · 28/12/2005 09:28

boden (in the sale, never full price), he's an odd shape but they fit him well from there.

ThereWASaGiraffeInTheNativity · 28/12/2005 09:28

The one in Manchester is on Lever st in the northern Quarter btw.

Hulababy · 28/12/2005 09:30

DH has given up buying expensive suits as they still wear through as quickly for him. He now just buys his suits from the high street - Next, M&S, John Lewis, etc. He always looks smart and well tailored, but means he no longer minds having to but new ones every 6 months or so.

foxinsocks · 28/12/2005 09:45

M&S do some nice suits - always a good idea to check them in the sales. The Italian collection ones (can't remember the name) and the luxury ones are normally good quality material (pure new wool) that last well and don't cost the earth.

I agree with Hulababy - dh seems to wear through his suits quite quickly no matter how expensive they are - but I would go for good quality material otherwise they can look quite shoddy when worn.

Hulababy · 28/12/2005 09:49

Yes - look for the material for those which wear best. DH is a nightmare and goes through suits at a shocking speed!

foxinsocks · 28/12/2005 09:52

I don't know what men do to suits - mine always last for years and years. Dh also wears through his shoes at an alarming pace.

Hulababy · 28/12/2005 09:54

LOL fox! I am the same - mine last ages. And yes, DH goes through his shoes at an alarming rate also. I have no idea how!

merrySOAPBOXingday · 28/12/2005 09:58

DH's suits last him for years!

He is still wearing suits he bought 10 years ago! I think perhaps the trick is to have several and circulate their use. He probably has about 20 or so.

I do think that the fabric quality on a quality branded suit is better than the high street by a long way. The suits that DH wears would have cost about£800-1000 at full cost, although he probably paid around £300 - 400 for them. I think this is probably why they have lasted so long!

Hulababy · 28/12/2005 09:59

No idea soapbox but Dh always has at least 6 or 7 suits, and in the past has spent several £100s on individual suits - but they just wear through, esp on the inside leg. It is working out finacially better for him to do it this way now. No idea how he manages it, but suits just go!

NotQuiteCockney · 28/12/2005 10:02

We generally try to buy two pairs of trousers for each suit. As the trousers wear through first.

Also, if you can try to get your DH to put fewer things in his pockets, that would help. (If anyone finds out how to do this, tell me! DH carries about 50 keys around at all times. And no, he's not a janitor.)

Hulababy · 28/12/2005 10:03

Always gets 2 pair of trousers too! And not much in his pockets. He is just a nightmare!!! LOL

Sorry MP - back to the advise for you...

foxinsocks · 28/12/2005 10:07

aah yes that's very true NQC, men and their pockets - dh crams the most amazing amount of stuff into his pockets (because he refuses to have a briefcase or any sort of case). It's like his whole life is in his suit pockets - definitely not a good idea in terms of wear on the trousers or the jacket.

Mp, if dh (or you) travel for work, you can get some lovely suits overseas that don't cost as much as they do here.

SilentBite · 28/12/2005 10:21

DH gets them made by some company in Hong Kong, they come over here, measure up and then deliver them 4 weeks later. If you have a suit you like they will copy it. They seem good quality, a lot of the blokes I work with get theirs done there too, am thinking of a couple for myself soon!

Here is the site They go to lots of places, click on the british flag and it will show you the dates

daisy1999 · 28/12/2005 10:21

my dh always buys two pairs of trousers too. The suit lasts much longer that way just remember to alternate wearing the trousers and get all 3 pieces dry cleaned at the same time so they wear at the same rate.

WickedWinterWitch · 28/12/2005 10:30

Dh doesn't have to wear a suit for work but bought a Paul Smith suit for our wedding which was absolutely gorgeous and slightly different.

SilentBite · 28/12/2005 10:31

yes can imagine that would suit him - my dh sadly looks like a naughty schoolboy in Paul Smith suits as they are made for the ... ahem... taller man!

He does look fab in Jasper Conran tho...

WickedWinterWitch · 28/12/2005 10:33

Of course, you've met him haven't you SB?! I did think he looked fab in it and yes, he's 6'4" so it totally suited him, the minute he put it on I said 'Oh, please let me get married to you in that one!'

SilentBite · 28/12/2005 10:34

which one is it?

pls email me your wedding piccies!!!

NomDePlumPudding · 28/12/2005 10:39

SB- What height/build is your DH ? I ask because my DH is just shy of 5'10" and he wears M&S and Next suits for work, but I like the idea of him trying something a bit different. Maybe JC would be a good range for him to try?

LIZS · 28/12/2005 10:39

dh is also usually wears a high street brand like M and S or in the past Principles for Men, or occasionally a designer one from Debenhams if on offer. They just never seem to last long enough to justify the expense of a "better" one - he's had YSL, Jeff Banks, Pierre Cardin etc in the past for occasions and to wear to work afterwards. They look great when new but are knackered within 6 months of wear even though he may have 2 or 3 on the go at once. Now he gets a high street one where he can fit jacket and trousers separately and usually buys an extra pair of trousers. Nothing more annoying than endless odd suit jackets with loads of wear left but no trousers to match.

Shoes are the same - he has wide feet so can't buy really cheap ones but leather soled Italian ones are just wasted on him as they don't last 5 minutes !

WickedWinterWitch · 28/12/2005 10:41

SB, before you'd even posted that I'd opened another window to email you and a load of other mnetters a couple of wedding pictures! Hang on!

BonyBethleheM · 28/12/2005 10:41

DH usually gets "Autograph" ones from M&S which are nicely cut and he always looks very smart. He also has a nice Jasper Conran one from Debenhams.

shepherdswatchedtheirflockets · 28/12/2005 10:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Chrismurfgirl · 28/12/2005 11:03

My DP has really nice Next suits, he goes through work trousers like there is no tomorrow so he gets dead cheap ones from ASDA and they actually look ok!

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