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Oh no surely not these again

33 replies

jenk1 · 01/11/2005 07:52

Guess what i saw when i went shopping on a large market on saturday?


hundreds of them, please dont say that these are making a comeback, i have to say im ashamed to admit that i once owned a pair of these

Please make me feel better by telling me that someone else did!

OP posts:
flamesparrow · 01/11/2005 07:54

I did.... and dn't want to remember it!!!

Why why why why why???? Leggings at all are evil, let alone those with stirrups.

NO legs look good in them - fat or thin.

spagblog · 01/11/2005 07:55

Yes, the shame...teamed with an oversized off the shoulder jumper and worn with ankle boots.

flamesparrow · 01/11/2005 07:58

Oooh, my jumper was pink and black stripes

Satanic · 01/11/2005 08:03

Yep, batwing jumpers are set to take over the high street this winter, so leggings with stirrups can't be far behind. Don't forget to wear the stirrups over your shoes, girls.

nailpolish · 01/11/2005 08:32

batwing jumpers are cool. hide a multitude of sins

as for leggings with stirrups, had a pair in every colour

thought the stirrup was great as i thought it would prevent baggy knee syndrome! (at the time)

lol at over the shoes..

stitch · 01/11/2005 08:36

yes, but they were oh so comfortable. and quite frankly, thats what counts.

harpsichordcarrier · 01/11/2005 08:37

the thing abaout the leggings is (according to my sister) is that it is too easy to get fatter and fatter and fatter without noticing because the leggings will still fit. No waistband to worry about.
this may well be true.
in which case leggings are responsible for the current epidemic of obesity.

puff · 01/11/2005 08:39

Agree harpsichord - they are a license to eat!

suzywong · 01/11/2005 08:40

it is 1985 again, as simple as that

I had an emerald green faux houndstooth check pair...Mmmm

harrogatemum · 01/11/2005 08:41

ahem, we called them ski pants where I come from, made you look like your legs look like an inverted triangle. Tucked into pixie boots you understand.

flamesparrow · 01/11/2005 08:58

Thankyou! I was thinking they had a proper name, but couldn't remember it - Ski Pants!

dyzzidi · 01/11/2005 09:01

pmsl they are making a comeback my MIL thinks they are great for pregnant women and offered to pick me a couple for pairs up Errm NO THANK YOU I would look a complete idiot in them

moondog · 01/11/2005 09:02

OMG. It'll be bodies next and pissed girls lurching out of pub toilets with the gusset swinging attaractively over the trousers.
(Or was that just me??)

Lonelymum · 01/11/2005 09:02

I used to love the ski pants, big jumper and ankle boots look! And I thought I looked good in them. I am tall, thin and have long legs. Are you sure no legs look good in them? Am I terminally ill?

moondog · 01/11/2005 09:03


Does she you???

moondog · 01/11/2005 09:04

OK if tall and slim lm but then anything goes then.

(My 'delete' key has seixed up hence bad speeling)en

flamesparrow · 01/11/2005 09:05

Positive I'm afraid - if your legs are long, then they look girraffe-like, short, and you just end up stumpy looking, fat ... fairly obvious, thin... all boney and breakable. Even "shapely" legs show up all knobbles where you don't want em.

Bet the dungarees for pregnancy aren't seeming so silly now

Miaou · 01/11/2005 09:05

leggings are teh scourge of teh nation. Very bad look that suits nobody. If you're on the plump side they make you look fatter, if you're skinny they make your legs look like twigs.

I had a black pair of ski pants that I wore with black suede ankle boots and a maroon batwing jumper in 1986

dyzzidi · 01/11/2005 09:07

My MIL just has no sense of style she thinks maternity jeans are a bad idea for some reason. Oh and Dungarees my DP thinks all pregnant women should wear them so I tried a pair on in Mothercare to prove a point and we both fell about laughing!

Lonelymum · 01/11/2005 09:07

I am prepared to accept that leggings are not a good look for anyone, bt I used to have some realy great ski pants made from quite thick material and in black and I felt really great in them. Not sure I would wear them now though as I suppose I am too old to.

LilacBump · 01/11/2005 09:08

arghhh my mum made me wear those as a kid!

Miaou · 01/11/2005 09:09

I never wore maternity dungarees - being very small I felt like a weeble in them!!

Miaou · 01/11/2005 09:10

lilacbump, that's not too bad - I was 15 at the time and in charge of my own wardrobe

Lonelymum · 01/11/2005 09:13

I had some maternity dungarees too I have to confess. (In fact, still have them and willing to sell to anyone!) I agree they looked dreadful but they were the most comfortable thing to wear in late pregnancy as there were no tight or clingy aspects to them, and I found most things unbearably tight or clingy in late pg.

puff · 01/11/2005 09:14

In the days when I wore them, I could eat what I wanted and not gain an ounce. Sigh.

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