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i adore these but are they too pricey? would you pay these prices...

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nailpolish · 12/09/2005 15:51


and this

OP posts:
Mum2girls · 12/09/2005 15:53

The wallhanging, probably, the headboard, only if I was completely re-vamping my bedroom.


Whizzz · 12/09/2005 15:54

Headboard lovely - price not too horrendous IMO

Wall hanging - not my cup of tea & wouldn't pay that much. I have a feeling I would get bored of it before too long & it is a bit dominating.
You could do your own - piece of canvas & pen on a string !

SoupDragon · 12/09/2005 15:55

Headboard nice, wall hanging hideous. IMHO anyway

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 15:56

hey thats a great idea to do my own - where would i get the stuff do it?

actually i thinks it maybe too big but i love it to death! just exactly what i want in my kitchen

OP posts:
Norash · 12/09/2005 15:56

I don't know about the head board, but I would for the wall hanging.

Fio2 · 12/09/2005 15:56

the wall hanging would be absolutely a peice of piss to make, HAVE A GO!

starlover · 12/09/2005 15:58

it isn't my kind of thing... but if it was something i reeeeeally loved then i would pay it

AuntyQuated · 12/09/2005 15:58

we have that headboard and i would say - 'don't get it'. had it since may and alraedy there is a 'grease mark' where dh's head must touch it and tbh he isn't particularly greasy.

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 15:58

this for my living room

OP posts:
nailpolish · 12/09/2005 15:59

aq do you have that specific headboard? are all headboards make of fake leather that easy to stain? or do you think its just that particular one?

OP posts:
AuntyQuated · 12/09/2005 16:03

it looks identical, but we got it from furnitureland . it was the same price too.
ours is a different colour... lighter. can email you pic if you want

Toothache · 12/09/2005 16:03

Not that pricy at all! I mean thats a big head board! And LOVE the artwork.

starlover · 12/09/2005 16:06

i wouldn't have thought that leather would stain that easily... suede/nubuck maybe...

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:06

its not real leather

OP posts:
AuntyQuated · 12/09/2005 16:07

no, ours is faux suade

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:07

b*gger it - im going to get the headboard

(and try and do the art myself and if its crap ill buy the wallhanging later)

OP posts:
namealtered · 12/09/2005 16:08

Don't buy the hangings - go to some art school dgree shows and find some real art!

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:08

ah right AQ, i wouldnt risk suede, im going to get the fake leather one

OP posts:
starlover · 12/09/2005 16:08

even so... i just would imagine it has quite a thickish, shiny-ish, wipe clean-ish surface!
whereas nubuck or suede would soak up sweat/grease and stain...

expatinscotland · 12/09/2005 16:08

I really like the headboard. Go for it!

bonym · 12/09/2005 16:09

Both gorgeous and not too pricey imo but if you're concerned about the price I would just go for the headboard.

Fio2 · 12/09/2005 16:09

sorry i am just giggling to myself about how you would get a grease stain on the headboard the possibilities are endless...

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:10

has anyone seen dh's credit card anywhere?

OP posts:
nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:10

bacon sarnies in bed fio? or worse...

OP posts:
AuntyQuated · 12/09/2005 16:13

fio, nothing strange, honestly, he just sleeps there!!

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