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How often do you replace your e-fag?

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SaucyJack · 20/08/2016 19:27

Yet another one is dying on me.

I'm sure smoking was cheaper, and it was certainly less hassle to just pop to the sweetshop and buy a pouch of tobacco.

How many e-fags do you all get through? Even if you just re buy the same model each time?

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 20/08/2016 19:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaucyJack · 20/08/2016 19:45

The one that's just died is a Coolfire IV that doesn't seem to be charging.

I still have an iStick knocking about that charges, but doesn't recognise any tanks.

At it always has to happen when the fucking shops are shut, doesn't it (!)

OP posts:
unlucky83 · 20/08/2016 19:49

What juice do you use? I use coffee and it was a pale colour and my coils lasted ages. Then they started adding dark colouring to it -so it looked like coffee - it killed my coils - I was going through one a week - I started cleaning them, burning them off etc but still so fast that I started making new coils...
It did me a favour really cos when it had gone I switched to making my own - with no colour (so just Nicotine VG, PG and a few drops of pale coloured flavouring) - clearomisers are coming up for 2 years old faff needed.
Thats using EGO CE5s?
Battery wise - depends how you use it. I use a USB passthrough - just plugs into a USB socket (not the ones with a battery too) - cost about £7 from ebay. I have been through a few of those cos the wires come loose but the latest one I've had a few good months. I put duck tape around the end - so you are less likely to pull at/damage the wires by accident -hopefully it will make it last longer.
Out and about I use a battery - but they have lasted over a year. ..

PolterGoose · 20/08/2016 19:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaucyJack · 20/08/2016 20:40

I've only had it about three months. I bought it a few days after this (thanks for your help there too PG), and I'd only had the Nautilus/iStick since about Feb. I know I'm not the most careful of sorts, but I'd expect them to last a bit longer than this.

I don't let it run down, no. Should
I have?

Thanks for your advice too Unlucky, but it's the charging port on the battery I'm having trouble with, and I don't think that'd be affected by the liquid- sound advice as it was for anyone having trouble with their coil.

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 20/08/2016 20:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaucyJack · 20/08/2016 21:19

Yes, it's connecting. But it kind of starts normally, and then flashes off again. There's no oomph in the charge. It's a bit like watching my grandad trying to get up out of his chair ;-)

I've left it plugged in for now anyway. Maybe it can charge enough over time to power itself.

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 21/08/2016 08:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

exLtEveDallas · 21/08/2016 08:46

DH and I have Ego II batteries (2200 mah) and buy GS-H2 Clearomisers from Amazon.

We have 2 batteries each and I'd say they lasted about 8-10 months. Each battery lasts a good 24 hours before I charge again. I used to charge overnight but stopped when one shorted out.

Clearo's last me a 1-2 months but I only use clear menthol juice. They last DH 2-3 weeks as he uses Apple flavour.

Batteries are around £7 each from Amazon (Cobi or wolfteeth)
Clearo's are around £12 for 10 from greensound (although they haven't had any in stock for a couple of months)
Liquids are £1 for 10ml from

magimedi · 21/08/2016 08:58

I'm still with the eleaf Istick. I have 2 so one is charging & one is in use. I knackered one by dropping it from quite a height onto a concrete floor & my oldest one (18 months) eventually the thread wore down so I could no longer get the tank to stay in.

Guess I reckon on about a year for a battery & it's still a lot cheaper than stinkys - never mind all the other benefits.

Am I right in thinking you are in/near Brighton? Several vape shops open on Sundays from 11am onwards.

unlucky83 · 21/08/2016 10:11

Cheaper definitely - I have kept a record over the last 3 years of what I spend on cigarettes and vaping compared to what I would have spent on cigarettes only saying I smoked 15 a day - which was about average sometimes more and sometimes less.
I still now smoke on average 1 stinky a day - it is a psychological thing. But that has gradually gone done from when I started vaping from 10 ...6...over the 3 years the average now is 5. That includes holiday etc -I am only just getting organised enough to vape on holiday -also when the juice was killing my coils at times I went back to cigarettes some days .... and I have adjusted the price of the cigarettes over that time - including 600 duty free.
Taking all that into account over the 3 years I have spent £4,000 less than I would -and almost £2,000 of that was last year...and smoked 10,000+ fewer stinkies.
I am seeing basic ego kits everywhere now - in garages, local shops - even our chemist. I think I would buy one to have at home just in case 'better' ones let you down...

SaucyJack · 21/08/2016 20:20

Yes, near Brighton Magi.

Ignore me tho anyway. It had a good charge overnight and (touch wood) it seems to be working as normal.

I might still buy a spare when I can tho. Would be good to have a back-up on the go.

OP posts:
magimedi · 21/08/2016 22:26

I'd be so fucking twitchy if I didn't have a spare! Grin

SaucyJack · 22/08/2016 01:44

I do twitch when it starts to go wrong Magi.....

Are you still using the set-up you had at the Brighton meet?

OP posts:
magimedi · 22/08/2016 07:11

Yes - the mini nautilus & the eleaf I stick.

I use the mini nautilus that has a sort of filigree round the glass as it gives more protection if I knock it over.

I've got 2 tanks & two batteries (and some very old stick like kanga batteries & tanks that I keep for mega emergencies!!)

How often do you replace your e-fag?
muggins14 · 31/08/2016 13:36

I used itaste MVP2's for a long time, have had one that's been working for 3 years now - I just use it to measure the ohms of my re-built coils now though.

If you're finding the mod isn't working after just 3 months I'd go back to your supplier, isn't it still under guarantee?

I use a mod with 18650 replaceable batteries, that way the mod will live forever (this thing's built like a tank, a beauty). The batteries I get from Amazon are 3500mah (genuine Efest), last for 36 hours mid-level vaping. Obviously initial outlay seems a lot, but these batteries (only need 2 and a charger) last a long time. When the actual mod is the battery you have to replace the whole item, I realise how ridiculous that was now that I'm on this kit.

I also re-build my coils and re-wick using organic cotton, all so much cheaper.

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