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What do you think about Valentine’s Day?

69 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 01/02/2023 09:55

We know that Valentine’s Day tends to stir up mixed feelings and opinions, and we’d like to hear about yours. Whether you don’t give it a second thought or love a day about love, please share your thoughts on the thread below.

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Is that with a partner or are you celebrating platonic love instead? If you are celebrating, do you plan on exchanging gifts, or do you plan on focusing on quality time only? What would make it an ideal day for you? And if you don’t plan on celebrating, we’d like to hear a little about why… do you never celebrate the day, or is this year an exception?


OP posts:
Januaryisthelongestyear · 01/02/2023 10:54

Commercial bollocks pretty much sums it up.

Always4Brenner · 01/02/2023 12:19

Nice little meal for me at home I’ll be counting down to 11th March this is part of it. No cards flowers though I’m on my own now Mathew Modine on dvd.

2o23 · 01/02/2023 12:29

Once you have "grown up" you need to forget about Valentines day. Commercialised tat. Complete rubbish.

If you want to "express your love" don't do it on that day. Any other day will do.

EzzieM · 01/02/2023 12:52

Been with DH 20yrs. I would love to receive a Valentines card or a flower or a nice breakfast, something to remind me I’m a loved and appreciated. Like my Dad does for my Mum.

Unfortunately DH thinks is all bollocks and gets me a card about half the time. One year he even reused a card he’d given me previously and thought this was both witty and thrifty (he earns £200k+).

Every 5 years or so he suddenly produces a pair of uncomfy frilly knickers as a ‘gift’ which I assume means he thinks I’m getting lazy in bedroom attire.

So now as Valentines approaches, I find myself feeling rather depressed… Do I still give him a card when it’s so depressing not getting one back…

IntentionalError · 01/02/2023 12:54

Commercialised bullshit for people incapable of independent thought.

We ignore it.

Spanielsarepainless · 01/02/2023 13:00

We ignore it.

Shoxfordian · 01/02/2023 13:00

We’re going to a pub for a meal, and we always do presents and cards too

AutumnCrow · 01/02/2023 13:03

Commercial, plastic-producing, waste-creating, emotion-messing, history-twisting, sadness-making fucking bollocks.

gogohmm · 01/02/2023 13:04

Never been a big thing for me, I think of it as something for teenagers or young adults. Perhaps dp will leave me a card or some chocolates (he's on a business trip that day overnight and will be gone before I get up) but I won't be heartbroken if he doesn't. You don't need a special day each year once you are in a committed relationship

Baconand · 01/02/2023 13:05

Load of twaddle and a source of stress when you are single.
We might use it as an excuse to open some fizz and DH might pick me up some inexpensive flowers. Sometimes I’ll splash out and cook a steak. But very low key here (10 years together).

mydogisthebest · 01/02/2023 13:11

Well me and DH will be giving each other a card as we have done for the last 43 years.

We will also either go out for a meal or get a takeaway.

Some years we go away for the night (or couple of nights).

We both show love all year and often buy each other a present but we like doing something on Valentines Day.

My parents bought each other a card for the 68 years they were married which I think is lovely. They also were loving to each other all year round.

I get that not everyone wants to celebrate it but all the "it's tacky, it's rubbish, it's bullshit, it's crap" are not needed and are pretty sad.

BarrelOfOtters · 01/02/2023 13:12

Neither of us Like going out on Valentine’s Day, even together, too many couple who don’t look v happy. One of us will buy something nice for tea, usually dh, cards and I’ll usually get given flowers. Been together 15 years….or so.

BCBird · 01/02/2023 13:14

When I'm in a relationship I like to give and receive a card and little gift. Might treat myself to something nice.

AllTheWatersTurnedToClouds · 01/02/2023 13:27

it’s for teenagers
I’m going to the dentist 😀

ohdannyboy · 01/02/2023 13:29

Agree for the young and in-love it's great - but it's got out of hand. with being over commercialised

Comedycook · 01/02/2023 13:53

We ignore it. I find it overly commercial and cringe worthy

Appleass · 01/02/2023 14:01

AutumnCrow · 01/02/2023 13:03

Commercial, plastic-producing, waste-creating, emotion-messing, history-twisting, sadness-making fucking bollocks.

spot on !!!

mydogisthebest · 01/02/2023 14:12

AutumnCrow · 01/02/2023 13:03

Commercial, plastic-producing, waste-creating, emotion-messing, history-twisting, sadness-making fucking bollocks.

In YOUR view. Others like celebrating it. Me and DH often buy each other a present for Valentines (and plenty of other days of the year) but we don't buy plastic tat.

DH sometimes buys me flowers for Valentines but never roses and he is not stupid enough to buy flowers that are suddenly overpriced because of the day.

Zwicky · 01/02/2023 14:14

I think it can be quite cute but in my waitressing days I found it agonisingly awkward. It was always the least atmospheric and tense night of the year (in different restaurants- not just because I worked somewhere awful). I think it’s quite nice to get a thoughtful something for your Dp or cook something nice and it’s sometimes a reminder to do that, and sometimes a ltr needs a bit of a kick up the arse. There is a shedload of hideous cards and awful tatty, cringy gifts but the same can be said of Christmas, and to some extent, Easter. Also St George and St P hardly cover themselves in non-tacky glory. You don’t have to partake in the tatfest if you want to participate, you can just do something nice together.

RedDoughnut · 01/02/2023 14:18

Commercialised Tat Fest.

Best ignored.

Scarecrowrowboat · 01/02/2023 14:19

Tacky nonsense.

Megapint · 01/02/2023 14:29

I love it. After 30 + yrs together we still celebrate with cards & flowers. Take away & wine and some great sex. Just what we need in the middle of cold, drery February 💕

maddy68 · 01/02/2023 14:29

Americanised fake day.

Topseyt123 · 01/02/2023 14:31

Januaryisthelongestyear · 01/02/2023 10:54

Commercial bollocks pretty much sums it up.

Sums it up perfectly for me too.

hashbrownsandwich · 01/02/2023 14:39

I am happily married and my husband is a huge romantic, however, we both agree valentines is just one day of the year, love should be celebrated all year round. We will have a nice dinner and a glass of wine and totally not fall asleep on the sofa accidentally.

I used to work in hospitality and it always amused me how many couples would come to the pub all year round, have so many moans and fall outs, yet they would go the whole hog on valentines, then next day back to normality.

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