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Share your Boden A/W collection favourites for a chance to win £300

138 replies

SaraMumsnet · 05/11/2020 13:39

It’s no secret that Mumsnetters have loved Boden for years - and with the new A/W 2020 collection out now they have been snapping up the latest styles ready for the colder months (even if they’ll only be wearing them around the house).

Here are a few Mumsnetter favourites to look out for:

Amelie jersey dress, from £42
“I have this dress in about four prints. Love it. So flattering and wouldn't be difficult to dress up with heels and accessories”

Cashmere V-neck jumper, £110
"I got some really lovely cashmere jumpers from Boden last year - relaxed fit v-neck."

Knight coat, £180
“These are some of the thickest, cosiest coats ever!”

Boden are asking Mumsnet users to share their favourite items from the A/W collection and why they’d recommend them. Whether it’s a Fair Isle jumper, lockdown-friendly loungewear or some gorgeous festive outfits for your DC - we want to hear about it.

Everyone who posts will be entered into a prize draw and the winner will be sent a £300 Boden voucher.

ETA: We'll be picking a winner on Friday 13th November and will notify the winner by PM.

Mumsnet carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale (more details here).

OP posts:
FieldOverFence · 05/11/2020 13:42

Hambleden Scallop Jumper - Deep Forest

Perfect for WFH, cosy & warm and looks a little bit dressier than a hoody!

Mylittlesandwich · 05/11/2020 18:27

Just a heads up @SaraMumsnet these links are broken.

Cismyfatarse · 05/11/2020 18:50

This one. Or maybe 2 as I love the colours and the fit too. Good for work, warm, comfortable and such lovely colours.

Have I mentioned the colours?

SaraMumsnet · 05/11/2020 18:54

Hi @Mylittlesandwich

Thanks so much - should be ok now. If you have any more issues clicking through please let me know!

OP posts:
Splodgetastic · 05/11/2020 18:56

I love this one, which I just got. I’ve been waiting for a skater / a-line dress in a nice fabric for a while.

EvilHerbivore · 05/11/2020 19:17
ChoccyJules · 05/11/2020 19:27

I have a LOT of these Bretons and they always do festive ones too :-)

CanIHibernate · 05/11/2020 19:54
BristolMum96 · 05/11/2020 20:15

Love this jumper, so cheery to wear especially in darker times

NewModelArmyMayhem18 · 05/11/2020 20:16

The Orme Duffel Coat looks spot on for being out and about keeping healthy during lockdown (and hopefully for some socially distanced socialising after it ends in December)

Dangermouse80 · 05/11/2020 20:18

For me it is all about the lounge wear, lovely material and flattering colours;

Mummiepig · 05/11/2020 20:22
I bought this owl coat for myself, I just love it, so colourful and cosy!
Also bought it it plain navy too for when I want to be sensible!

jitterbugintomybrain · 05/11/2020 20:25
countingto10 · 05/11/2020 20:40

Love this dress seriously considering getting it in the navy as well.

LassoOfTruth · 05/11/2020 21:18

Coveting this cardigan - nicely on trend with the fair isle but also contemporary and quirky. And so cheerful!

confusedpombear · 05/11/2020 22:13

These cashmere gloves are beautiful and would be perfect for the cold walks to and from work. The speckled pattern is lovely too ❄️

wheresmymojo · 05/11/2020 22:40

I love the cashmere crew cardigan in leopard pop...beautiful soft cashmere in a great print which I can dress up or down

wheresmymojo · 05/11/2020 22:42

I think the Evangline blouse is perfect for the kind of relaxed, small Christmas gatherings I hope(!) to go to this year

Kweenxo · 05/11/2020 22:46

Love this dress. I'm a huge fan of form fitting knitted dresses.

TheySeeHerRowling · 05/11/2020 22:49

There aren't enough square necks these days, and the colour is gorgeous

BrowncoatWaffles · 05/11/2020 22:59

Grosvenor leather trousers. Warm for a cold, wet winter, classic and the right side of Olivia Newton John as Sandra Dee at the end of Grease!

OverTheRainbowLiesOz · 05/11/2020 23:07

I love this parka - looks so warm

Dunbar Parka - Navy

torthecatlady · 05/11/2020 23:35

The Boto Pink Christmas Jumper - because it's beautiful and looks really soft!

babba2014 · 05/11/2020 23:39

I have a list ready as every time I have saved a bit more I click the next link saved on my phone lol.

I really like this skirt. My daughter is increasingly asking me why her you get brother can find all these car/vehicle clothes. We even have a lovely glow in the dark moon t-shirt from Boden last year.
I was happy to see this skirt for girls. We don't see many girls planet clothes and it also has all the glam she likes too.

occa · 06/11/2020 02:10

I wear the Lola all the time for work in warmer weather, so the Layla dress is looking perfect for Winter.

My favourite and comfiest work dress by far.

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