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Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown

128 replies

LucyBMumsnet · 20/10/2020 08:56

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When you’re wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stains around the house seem to appear out of the blue and just thinking about how best to remove them can give you a headache. Crown’s easyclean matt emulsion paint is 200-times tougher and more washable than standard matt emulsion, so you can keep your home looking better for longer, and can easily be wiped clean without damaging the look of your finished paintwork. With this in mind, Crown would like to hear how you tackle removing stains around the house.

Here’s what Crown has to say: “We are delighted to have been awarded the Mumsnet Rated badge for our easyclean® range, and to have been given such great feedback from the Mumsnet community. We are extremely proud of easyclean®, which is our toughest and most washable paint range yet, and we are over the moon that the Mumsnet testers loved it as much as we do!”

Have the walls of your house fallen victim to the wrath of a felt tip pen, an overzealous spaghetti dinner or a lipstick makeover gone wrong? How did you remove these stains so that the walls look as good as new? Perhaps in a moment of desperation you’ve considered that repainting the wall would be easier than tackling the clean-up? Have you reluctantly poured white wine onto a red wine spill on your new cream carpet? What’s your top tip for removing stains that you would share with other parents?

Whether you’re the first to grab your go-to stain remover or you’re busy googling where to start, share your tips on this thread and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
OP posts:
matchingsocks · 29/10/2020 22:02

Worst stain we ever had was when toddler DS dropped a tin of gloss paint onto the carpet. DH and I spent all night scrubbing the floor with white spirit (nearly dissolving our lungs in the process).
I can confirm white spirit removes all stains and even paint itself. Grin

NewModelArmyMayhem18 · 30/10/2020 08:17

Actually, on the subject of very stubborn stains, does anyone know the best way to get turmeric stains out? DD got a stain on a Brandy Melville top the first time she wore it Hmm and I'm struggling to remove it completely.

Titterofwit · 30/10/2020 17:52

I use olive oil soap - brought back from Greece - as a stain remover for clothes.
No mess and the bar lasts ages. Great for all natural stains and will even take felt pen marks out.

VividImagination · 30/10/2020 20:46

We have three boys and have been known to repaint a whole wall. However there’s something quite endearing about finding a little stick an that your 18 year old drew when he was 3. We still have a few bits of graffiti that we haven’t covered up.

jitterbugintomybrain · 30/10/2020 21:59

Wipeable paint, baby wipes are great too.

Teaspoon74 · 31/10/2020 12:51

Magic baby wipes!! We tho ugh by we'd be done with them once our little one was out of nappies, but they are now a staple of life. And a scrub on the floor, wall, sofa, table etc can usually shift marks if done quickly enough!

Quietvoiceplease · 31/10/2020 17:11

How’s this for today’s gem? Slowly drying out hot chocolate found behind a chair in the kitchen ....
My approach is multi-faceted. Washable paint in heavy duty areas (all our house basically) and then sugar soap or washing up liquid to clean walls. Those white magic sponge thing work well.
I’m also trying to teach my DC to be more careful with food and drink - much less success with that!

Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
shartsi · 01/11/2020 12:07

I use nail polish remover to remove permanent marker stains on surfaces. It works very well!

Summergarden · 01/11/2020 20:09

Honestly, when I find a stain I find it easiest to quickly google for possible removers. That way you can pick from a choice of several, making use of whatever you have to hand at home.

I find carpet and upholstery cleaner to be pretty good for any fabric stain though.

ConquestEmpireHungerPlague · 01/11/2020 23:38

Oh god, I feel like a complete loser! I have no idea how to deal with stains! Isn't that the point about stains? That they're stubborn? I do know that to get blood out of clothing you can use saliva. But it has to be the saliva of the person whose blood it is. I reckon that's a genuinely useful and interesting factoid!

GruffaIo · 02/11/2020 07:17

I try and buy products that make stains less likely and from which they can be more easily removed, such as well-reviewed colouring pens and genuinely wipe-clean paint for walls.

If pen marks get on painted walls or leather upholstery, I find WD40 wipes work well.

LedaandtheSwan · 02/11/2020 07:57

I had a sicky baby. I found soaking vomit stained baby clothes in fairy liquid and hot water got rid of the stains efficiently.

Cif cream is excellent on tea and coffee stains in the sink.

Don't buy mould and mildew remover, a bowl of water with a bit of cheap bleach does the job just as well.

CLOCK1914 · 02/11/2020 19:28

Flash liquid in warm water with a cloth works a treat

ThistleTits · 02/11/2020 19:57

I'd reccomend using WD40, to remove stickers from furniture or painted areas.

loopy1906 · 02/11/2020 22:39

Asda 48p facial cleansing wipes. They are the bees knees for everything. Hard stains like grease, mud, spilt food. My favourite was when I impressed my husband as there was an old milkshake stain from McDonald’s that was old on his car seat. He tried everything so I grabbed my wipes and the stain was no more

SmileyShazza · 04/11/2020 16:41

Baby wipes are amazing at getting so many things clean. Plus I always keep a bottle of stain removal spray in my arsenal of cleaning products.

I personally find that its easier to plan ahead by using washable paints on woodwork and walls - and only ever allowing little hands to use pens which are washable too wherever possible, I learnt this after my DS drew me a lovely picture of the Very Hungry Caterpillar on the laminate floor in the lounge of our house in permenant marker. Luckily I managed to get it off with some elbow grease and Flash All Purpose spray!

Ashhead24 · 04/11/2020 18:25

Mostly if I can't get it with a baby wipe I just pretend it's not there. At some stage will do a full redecoration, just waiting for the DC to outgrow being gross.

CordeliaScott · 04/11/2020 22:18

Magic sponge. It's amazing!

flowersanam · 05/11/2020 01:33

Soap and water

Sid98 · 05/11/2020 02:25

i use baby wipes

willitbetonight · 05/11/2020 14:27

The sun.

KiansKuddles · 05/11/2020 15:15

Talcum powder is great for soaking up oily marks on walls or carpets and is usually available for under a pound so makes great value for money. Washable crayons are also a great investment if you have little picasso's in the house and so are good old trusty rugs! Failing that, using Crown Easyclean is probably the best bet as it can cover a multitude of sins!!

confusedpombear · 05/11/2020 22:16

First rule would be to never have cream carpets with young DC, learnt that the hard way

We have a carpet spray that is like a white foam that seems to get everything up. I think the trick really though is to get to every stain quickly and dab as much up from the carpet as possible.

And keep a spare roll of carpet in the garage in case someone projectile voms over their bedroom floor Grin

Kweenxo · 05/11/2020 22:56

I'm someone who doesn't know alot about stuff. And even after I've learned, sometimes I don't retain it. Most of the time it's just google for me if wipes don't work.

NowImmeagain · 06/11/2020 03:15

I use a "magic" sponge I bought in Wilkos, removes just about everything!

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