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Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown

128 replies

LucyBMumsnet · 20/10/2020 08:56

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When you’re wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stains around the house seem to appear out of the blue and just thinking about how best to remove them can give you a headache. Crown’s easyclean matt emulsion paint is 200-times tougher and more washable than standard matt emulsion, so you can keep your home looking better for longer, and can easily be wiped clean without damaging the look of your finished paintwork. With this in mind, Crown would like to hear how you tackle removing stains around the house.

Here’s what Crown has to say: “We are delighted to have been awarded the Mumsnet Rated badge for our easyclean® range, and to have been given such great feedback from the Mumsnet community. We are extremely proud of easyclean®, which is our toughest and most washable paint range yet, and we are over the moon that the Mumsnet testers loved it as much as we do!”

Have the walls of your house fallen victim to the wrath of a felt tip pen, an overzealous spaghetti dinner or a lipstick makeover gone wrong? How did you remove these stains so that the walls look as good as new? Perhaps in a moment of desperation you’ve considered that repainting the wall would be easier than tackling the clean-up? Have you reluctantly poured white wine onto a red wine spill on your new cream carpet? What’s your top tip for removing stains that you would share with other parents?

Whether you’re the first to grab your go-to stain remover or you’re busy googling where to start, share your tips on this thread and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
Mumsnet users share their tips for removing household stains with Crown
OP posts:
NewtoHolland · 25/10/2020 07:15

That green in the second picture is gorgeous!
I find vinegar and bicarbonate of soda is a fab stain remover for tough surfaces, love how it fizzes them away.

NewModelArmyMayhem18 · 25/10/2020 09:46

Blotting the stain and immediate action help considerably. Don't panic and check out on the internet what is the best remedy before you start trying to get rid of the stain!

1moreRep · 25/10/2020 16:09

Vinegar for mold, I too love the erasers but I am hoping to redecorate with more durable paint

NineteenForever · 25/10/2020 18:53

Magic erasers are fabulous and really clean painted surfaces.

DillieDoily · 25/10/2020 23:42

Wipeable paint is worth its weight in gold, and also magic sponges and Elbow Grease spray for really stubborn stains

KoalaRabbit · 26/10/2020 04:59

Dr Beckmann's is amazing for getting rid of carpet stains. Rug Doctor is really good too. For stains on walls use washable paint and a flash wipe.

alwaysataldi · 26/10/2020 11:47

A 50/50 mix of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar on the sides of my oven and the messy oven floor.

LongWinterNights · 26/10/2020 21:28

When we moved into our new build it had just been painted the cheap trade matt paint, so when our toddler got his finger prints all over it, wherever I wiped the paint came off too, right back to the plaster board! Needless to say, we now use wipeable paint in each room and recommend it to all over parents!!

caravandreamer · 27/10/2020 00:32

Washable paint is a must also salt for spillages and sugar for (bicycle) oil stains. I also use washing powder to clean my mops and dishcloths of stains.

mollysmammy · 27/10/2020 17:23

Not so much stain removal, but I always think prevention is better than cure, and that when choosing household goods, DIY materials and just about anything to make a busy single working Mum's life easier...

Be it wipe clean paint, a pleather couch, easy iron shorts, I'll do it. I. cannot be painting walls, washing couch covers or spending hours stood over an ironing board which takes away time from me and my Daughter having quality time together...

mummyuk86 · 27/10/2020 21:09

My top tip is Windolene and lots of scrubbing!
My son decided to draw on our landing wall with a yellow highlighter.
I scrubbed and scrubbed for 20minutes solid and thankfully it came off (Phew!)

Anj123 · 27/10/2020 21:14

Like a few others have found, magic sponges are very effective!

Sleepybumble · 27/10/2020 22:04

Wipeable paint but also for grease marks my grannie told me to rub with bread and it certainly seems to work for me.

Anniegb72 · 28/10/2020 01:45

Use magic sponge for stains. But we use washable wipable paint too

Cinders22 · 28/10/2020 11:43

A good quality wipeable paint is a must for me, it means I can just wipe over with a dish cloth with some soapy water to get most marks off. For the very worst marks I have got some magic sponges.

Charlotte52 · 28/10/2020 14:22

3tablespns white vinegar to a gallon of water. Mix in bucket and wipe walls down. Amazing results!

lowlandLucky · 28/10/2020 16:57

Ace bleach is a parents friend, gets every stain out of clothes.

caringcarer · 28/10/2020 18:58

Cold salt water get blood stains out of carpets and clothing too.

Washable paint a must especially with young children hand marks on walls.

Magic erasers good for scuff marks on tiles and walls.

White vinegar for window smears.

Giraffey1 · 29/10/2020 00:28

My mum always said that rubbing a stale crust of bread on any odd scuffs or marks on the wall would remove them. It doesn’t always work but it’s quite effective as removing the cat’s dirty paw prints where she has jumped off a window sill and used the wall as her escape route!

Giraffey1 · 29/10/2020 00:29

Oh, and hairspray is brilliant at getting rid of sticky marks on glass.

Dangermouse80 · 29/10/2020 06:42

I always buy washable paint! Easy to wipe down. For main areas such as the hall I like to wipe these regularly to remove sticky handprints! I also find that for doing messy activities the best idea is to cover the table with bin bags and then scoop all the mess up afterwards easily! Other best tips are to have a Hoover that can also work as a wet carpet cleaner - vital for dealing with juice spillages!

PashleyB · 29/10/2020 15:12

Salt on fresh blood stains to pull them out of the fabric which generally works ok. I managed to get red wine on a wooden floor and not act fast enough so that was a problem at the time

Baboutheocelot · 29/10/2020 15:58

My kids drew on a white cabin bed once. A magic eraser got rid of it. Pen, crayon and felt tip I think.

ItWasTheBestOfTimes · 29/10/2020 17:18

A dab of white tooth paste on a baby wipe has gotten rid of sharpie ink from my sofa and table, bath bomb stains in the tub that bleach wouldn’t touch, and a large black mark off a light blue painted wall just this week.

UnicornsForLife · 29/10/2020 20:20

We have wipe-able paint and wood floors. It keeps the house easy to keep clean.

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