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Mumsnetters share with Cancer Research UK the life admin that they never get around to doing, including updating or writing their Will

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LucyBMumsnet · 20/01/2020 10:30

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Often when we have children, it feels impossible to find the time to do anything that isn’t absolutely crucial…and before you know it, there are things on your to-do-list which have been on there for well over a year or decade. Those little jobs around the house, buying a gift for your OH, clearing out the wardrobe or – one you might not have thought of – sorting out your Will. With this in mind, Cancer Research UK would like to hear about the things you struggle to get around to doing.

Here’s what Cancer Research UK has to say: “We know that updating your Will or writing one from scratch can be a daunting prospect, and one of those things that you might feel just isn’t a priority right now. However, we think writing a Will is far too important to ignore; if you don’t, not only could you leave your loved ones with distressing admin, but it also means the law would decide how your estate is distributed – and this might not be in line with your wishes. Cancer Research UK offer a Free Will Service open to anyone over the age of 18 which guides you through the process step by step, and you can have your Will written within 30 minutes, and tick that job off your list.”

What are the odd-ends you never seem to get around to doing? What are the things that stand in the way of you sorting these out? Where does writing or updating your Will feature on your to-do list (if at all!)? Do you think Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service would help you?

All who share their thoughts and feelings on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where 3 lucky MNers will each win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck,

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*If you'd like to find out more about CRUK’s Free Will Service and legacy gifts please click here

Mumsnetters share with Cancer Research UK the life admin that they never get around to doing, including updating or writing their Will
OP posts:
maryandbuzz1 · 30/01/2020 12:29

We have just redone our wills as they were out of date and no longer relevant. We have also completed lasting power of attorney so everything is up to date. ....We can now concentrate on living!

kamaxtra · 30/01/2020 12:41

Never written a will, see no need at this point in time!

sammylea80 · 30/01/2020 12:46

I haven't got around to writing a will or listing my unwanted items on Ebay and I'm forever leaving my tax return to the last minute!

jandoc · 30/01/2020 12:46

Like a lot of people, I don't have a will yet

andywedge · 30/01/2020 12:52

I should make a will, but as I have sod all to leave behind it's not really top of my list

Helsbells68 · 30/01/2020 13:02

It took us years to get round to sorting our power of attorneys but we managed to update our wills within a year of moving house.

Annak789 · 30/01/2020 13:04

We haven’t got a will yet and we keep putting it off
It’s just one of those we’re dreading doing .

beckyinman · 30/01/2020 13:06

Sorting out my pension paperwork! I've moved house like 4 times and haven't updated the addresses

glennamy · 30/01/2020 13:15

I have a will... My life admin problem is sorting through paperwork, i.e. latest statements, car docs etc, I end up putting it on the pile and end up having to go through the whole thing trying to find the relevant thing needed! I need a filing cabinet for home!

jojo8208 · 30/01/2020 13:16

Pretty much everything I need to do is outstanding always. I'm so disorganised about everything - it's probably because I have 7 (soon to be 8) children. I keep meaning to sort out a will & life insurance but because I'm quite young I think I'm a little complacent.

Mitcholiver · 30/01/2020 13:17

One of the first things we done when I had my first child was have a will written up. The one thing I really want to arrange is that when we do die (hopefully not anytime soon!) Our solicitor sorts out all our house/personal Bill's so that our children do not have to be worrying about this.

Noxid · 30/01/2020 13:18

We finally got around to writing our wills last year and it was such an easy process.
As for clearing out of my wardrobe this is done regularly as I don’t like clutter but I own to many pairs of shoes

ComptimusPrime · 30/01/2020 13:23

As with a lot of people, I always just seem 'busy'. A will is not something I have ever thought of, but I can see how it would save a lot of stress for my loved ones if something were to happen unexpectedly. And, 30 minutes to save my family from endless hours of unnecessary trouble sounds pretty good to me.

BizziLiz · 30/01/2020 13:44

I have a will, but the task I ought to do but can't bring myself to do is sort out my Mum's photos and odd bits of paperwork.
She died twenty years ago but I just can't get started. I know I can take photos of photographs and of any paperwork so that I can dispose of the hard copies but it just seems to difficult to get on with.

Vkinsify · 30/01/2020 13:47

Definitely writing a will. Im only 30 years old... theres still time (hopefully)!!!!

socat · 30/01/2020 13:49

Never made will (feel too morbid)

Should check on best plans for bills more often and weed-out old paperwork.

prwilson · 30/01/2020 13:52

All of it.

youkiddingme · 30/01/2020 14:07

checking out interest rates on savings, not that there's a lot to choose from.

WhiteKnuckleRide · 30/01/2020 14:17

Currently putting off changing my address everywhere after moving house 6 weeks ago... it's easier to pick up the post from FIL where we used to live.

mooota1514 · 30/01/2020 14:18

Yes it is the wills we keep putting off its Ridiculous. I'm booking an appointment on the basis of this thread Thanks.

AuFinch · 30/01/2020 14:27

I have never got round to writing a will, i suppose its just the thought of thinking about "the end" and i know i should but i suppose i always think its someting to do on retirement!

RACHELSMITH45 · 30/01/2020 14:28

We still haven't done wills and cant come to a decision as to who would have the children if the worst happened. Need to set some time aside to do one.

emmav6 · 30/01/2020 14:45

i really need to get my will done! i looked into doing it with an online package as the expense is a hurdle at the moment. i just dont know if im brave enough to do it that way or how easy it is.

MAForster · 30/01/2020 14:49

We made wills some time ago but recently our solicitors gave us a nudge to review them and offered a substantial discount on fees. It has meant one less thing affecting our children to worry about!

lizd31 · 30/01/2020 14:50

I've made a will but I still need to arrange a power of attorney which I've downloaded & printed up but keep forgetting to get my family to sign it

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